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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/28/20)

The LAST Raw of 2020!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Raw could be starting something as 2020 is ending!

2020 has been no less than awful, but it’s almost over! Will Raw bring the fireworks a few days early as Keith Lee will want answers out of Sheamus?


  • WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Keith Lee VS Sheamus; wins and will challenge Drew McIntyre for the title next week on Raw.
  • The Miz w/ John Morrison VS Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado; Metalik wins.
  • Dana Brooke w/ Mandy Rose VS Shayna Baszler; Baszler wins.
  • AJ Styles w/ Omos VS Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker; Styles wins.
  • Ricochet VS Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution; Ali wins.
  • Charlotte Flair w/ Asuka VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler; Charlotte wins, by disqualification.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS The New Day, Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle; The Hurt Business wins.
  • Randy Orton VS Alexa Bliss?


WWE and Raw mourn the loss of Jun Huber, aka Luke Harper.


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

The Scottish Warrior is feeling good, even though he knows his two friends, Keith Lee and Sheamus, are going to be battling tonight! McIntyre opens by saying, “It’s Monday, you know what that means. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s time for Monday Night Raw! The last Raw of 2020!” A crazy year for McIntyre. He started by winning the Royal Rumble, then beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, only to lose the title and regain it from Randy Orton. And McIntyre just wants to say thanks to all the fans for rallying behind him and motivating him. “There was a time in my career where I was the Chosen One of the powers at be.” But the fans were the ones who chose him and so he means it when he says thank you.

But now to the future! And it turns out, McIntyre will defend the World Championship on “Legend’s Raw” to start 2021. Legends like Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels are going to be here to watch McIntyre face either Sheamus or Keith Lee. And wouldn’t you know, here comes the Celtic Warrior! Sheamus joins McIntyre and apologizes for interrupting. McIntyre says it’s fine, people always interrupt. But he knows where Sheamus is going with this. Last week, McIntyre told Sheamus not to pull BS during the match. And he didn’t! He kept his word and didn’t do anything to Keith. 1-2-3, they won, and then it was fair game. McIntyre should’ve known better. Yes, he should have!

These two came up together, and are living the dreams together! Sheamus is a former world champion, McIntyre is the current. But we’re one week away from making a dream a reality! They’ve got goosebumps at the possible dream match between them. The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and they’ll make the rest of the roster uncomfortable watching the physicality. After Sheamus mows through Keith with another Brogue kick, they’ll be kicking off the new year the right way! But speaking of, here comes Keith Lee! Keith says “this is real cute. Two best friends, one a former WWE Champion, one current,” and McIntyre looks proud of his old friend.

Yes, Sheamus is a clever boy. He waited until after the match, and kicked Keith in the face. McIntyre vouched for Sheamus, “You can trust him!” But there is ZERO trust now. McIntyre’s word is no better than Sheamus’. McIntyre tries to reason with Keith but Keith tells Sheamus that “every fiber” in his being wants to beat Sheamus’ face in right now. But they have to wait until the bell rings, and then Keith will FORCE an apology out of the Fella. And McIntyre, as a friend, you should consider your friends better, because Sheamus might do the same to him. Oh is Keith wondering why Sheamus kicked his head off? It’s because of Keith’s mouth! Keith keeps thinking Sheamus is going to betray McIntyre!

McIntyre shouts over the shouting, and says Raw should start right. McIntyre understands both men, so why wait and just have the match now? But a message to them both: it doesn’t matter who it is, next week will be the same as always, with McIntyre STILL WWE Champion! Keith gets riled up but Sheamus gets another BROGUE in! McIntyre can’t believe The Fella would do that, but it’s too late to reprimand him! This heated contender’s match begins after the break!

WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Keith Lee VS Sheamus!

Raw returns and McIntyre has joined commentary for this match. Saying that was all tense is an understatement. The bell rings and Sheamus fires off but Keith pushes him away! Sheamus comes back with more but Keith shoves him down again. Keith clinches and throws big knees and a BIG clubbing forearm! Keith throws big body shots and forearms in the corner, then brings Sheamus up. Keith reels Sheamus in, Sheamus fights back with knees and forearms of his own! Sheamus clamps onto an arm, CLUBS Keith on the back, then goes after the arm. Sheamus also fish hooks Keith’s face, but stops as the ref reprimands.

Keith fights up and throws Sheamus off! Keith kicks Sheamus to a corner, throws more body shots, and Sheamus staggers away to another corner. Sheamus kicks back, CLUBS away more, then straddles the arm to pull on it. Keith endures as Sheamus goes after the fingers, and he throws Sheamus off again! Sheamus kicks from the mat and gets Keith in the face! Sheamus stomps Keith, stands on the arm he’s been after, and even digs his heel into Keith’s face! The ref reprimands, Sheamus steps off to get the arm for a keylock. Keith endures as Sheamus grinds the arm and leans on the shoulder. McIntyre says Sheamus hits hard, but not harder than McIntyre.

Keith fights up, powers off the keylock and throws body shots as fans clap on their screens. Keith reels Sheamus in but Sheamus fights back with forearms! Keith staggers but he catches Sheamus to TOSS him up and out of the ring! Sheamus tumbles, gets up, but Keith pursues. Keith throws Sheamus into the LED apron! And then POSTS him! Keith stalks Sheamus near the announce desk, puts Sheamus in the ring at the count of 6, and gets in at 8. Sheamus kicks Keith between the ropes! Then bicycle KNEES Keith down! The ref reprimands as Keith tumbles down but Sheamus goes up! Sheamus LEAPS for a SUPER FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Keith is sent into the desk as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Sheamus cranks on Keith’s arm with a keylock! Sheamus throws knees to keep Keith down but Keith still fights up! Keith throws body shots, then knees of his own, and he lifts Sheamus with a gorilla press! But Sheamus slips off and ROCKS Keith back! Keith DECKS Sheamus! Sheamus goes to the apron, Keith stalks up behind him, and Keith drags Sheamus up by his head! Sheamus hotshots free, and gets Keith for the Bodhrain! Sheamus gives Keith about five beats then hotshots him again! Keith flounders, Sheamus climbs up and leaps again, into a POUNCE!! Keith clobbers Sheamus out of the air and McIntyre is enjoying this! “This is what Monday Night Raw is all about!”

Keith seethes as he runs Sheamus over! And again! Sheamus staggers, Keith splashes him in the corner! And then TOSSES him across the way! Sheamus staggers up into a ONE HAND SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Keith glares down at Sheamus as he drags him up by his beard. Keith reels Sheamus in, Sheamus fights out and shoves Keith. Sheamus throws big forearms and puts Keith in a corner. Sheamus whips, Keith reverses, and then Keith hits another corner splash! Keith runs and takes Sheamus down with an STO! Cover, TWO! Keith keeps his cool as he keeps on Sheamus. Keith reels Sheamus in, but Sheamus drops! Sheamus dropkicks the leg!

Sheamus runs to dropkick the legs out from behind! Keith falls, but he kicks Sheamus off the Cloverleaf! Sheamus comes back but Keith avoids the Brogue! CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus survives the “Cross Buick” but Keith is just seething again. Keith drags Sheamus back up, puts him in a corner and runs in, but Sheamus sends the splash into buckles! Sheamus manages to lift and hit WHITE NOISE! Cover, TWO!! Keith survives and Sheamus is losing his cool! Sheamus slaps Keith around, “Who do you think you are?!” Sheamus clamps Keith’s face but Keith powers out!

Keith brings Sheamus up but Sheamus throws headbutts! Keith just glares, headbutts and GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! POP-UP SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (NEW #1 contender to the WWE World Championship)

McIntyre has it right, that was one hell of a fight! Keith goes out to look his “friend” in the eye as he says he’s coming for the belt. McIntyre welcomes the challenge, but will he #BaskInHisGlory in the new year?


Elias warms up backstage.

Jaxson Ryker is there with him as there’s noise by the door. Elias says Ryker can just ignore that. Elias keeps playing, and Ryker chills out. Will the Drifter and his bodyguard be uninterrupted tonight?


The Miz w/ John Morrison VS Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado!

The Hollywood A-Lister still wants his Money in the Bank contract back, but perhaps he can earn a new opportunity in the meantime! Will Miz be ready for a Lucha House Party against the King of the Ropes?

Raw returns and LHP make their entrance. The bell rings and Metalik dodges Miz to roll him up! TWO, and Metalik tries an Oklahoma Roll! TWO, Victory Roll, TWO! Miz scrambles to the corner and Metalik says it was that close! Miz cools off, gives Metalik some applause, but then kicks low and throws haymakers! Miz brings Metalik up, whips him to ropes, but Metalik ranas in return! Miz flounders out of the ring, Metalik dropkicks him off the apron! Lince taunts Miz as Metalik goes up, and Metalik ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and down goes Miz! Metalik puts Miz in but Morrison lurks. Metalik is distracted, he springboards into a BOOT!

Miz seethes as he goes after Metalik with a rain of forearms! Miz drags Metalik up, puts him on the ropes and chokes him! The ref reprimands, Miz lets off at 3 to run and straddle attack! Miz still seethes as he argues with the ref. He shouts that he wants the MITB contract because he’s still Mr. MITB! Miz runs, and BOOTS Metalik down again! Miz keeps shouting “I AM Money in the Bank!” Miz goes after the mask, then wraps on a chinlock! Metalik endures, but Miz drags him into a deeper sleeper. Metalik fights out but Miz knees low! Miz back suplexes, Metalik lands on his feet and then boots back! SLING-DOG!

Lince fires up as Metalik runs up the corner and hits a missile dropkick! Metalik keeps moving, roll into the sunset flip! Cover, Metalik wins!!

Winner: Gran Metalik, by pinfall

The King of the Ropes pins Miz, a Grand Slam Champion! Does this mean Metalik is destined for something awesome in the new year?


Elias keeps jamming out.

Someone is pounding on the door! Ryker answer sit, and it’s Jordan Omogbehin! AJ Styles says they’re trying to listen to Mozart while Styles rights the wrong from TLC! They can’t hear nothing because Elias is playing whatever. Elias isn’t Johnny Cash, he’s Johnny TRASH! Omos laughs but Ryker gets riled up. And what’s Ryker gonna do about it? Elias keeps things from turning into a fight, and says they need to bring it down a bit. Ryker, thanks for standing up for Elias. But Styles is upset for good reason. He couldn’t get the job done at TLC. And at this point in Styles’ career, he doesn’t have many chances left.

Oh really? How about Elias fight Styles and Styles can end Elias’ career prematurely by breaking his fingers? Then no one will hear Elias’ stupid music ever again! BOOM! Styles and Omos head out, but will The Drifter accept that phenomenal challenge?


Dana Brooke w/ Mandy Rose VS Shayna Baszler!

The #SexyMuscleFriends are getting back on track, but they could end up derailed all over again! Will Dana keep the Queen of Spades from making her #TapNapOrSnap?

Raw returns as Shayna makes her entrance. The bell rings and Dana circles with Shayna. Shayna gives testing kicks but Dana doesn’t shy away. Dana blocks the kick to SLAP Shayna on the face! Then Dana dodges, and runs Shayna over! Mandy taunts Shayna while Dana rams her into the corner! Dana rams in more, the ref counts, but Dana lets off at 4. Dana snapmares Shayna, runs and handspring splashes onto knees! Shayna storms over to Dana and has the arm! Mandy protests, Shayna stomps but misses! Dana tries to roll Shayna up but Shayna holds ropes to block! Shayna brings the arm to the apron and twists it from wrist to elbow, to then SLAM on the edge!

The ref reprimands, starts a ring count, but Shayna gets in. Shayna grabs Dana’s arm, hooks it with a leg to drop down, then covers, TWO! Dana shakes out the arm, but Shayna is after it again! Shayna has it in a torturous keylock, then shifts around to bend the wrist way back! Dana endures as Shayna shifts back to a keylock and leans on the hold. Shayna stares Mandy down to get in her head, but Mandy rallies for Dana. Dana endures, fights up, and jawbreakers free! Shayna runs into an elbow, then a boot! Dana runs and rallies on Shayna with the good arm! Then a scoop slam!

Shayna flounders out of the ring, Dana runs and slides, but the kick is caught! Shayna spins Dana for a Kirafuda Klutch! The ref counts as they’re in the ropes, Shayna drags Dana out and drops her at the ring count of 6! Dana sputters, Shayna refreshes the count to then throw Mandy aside! The count starts again, Shayna has Mandy’s arm! Shayna has it on the steps but Mandy gets away! Dana Electric Chair SLAMS Shayna on the apron! They get in at 8 of 10, fireman’s carry, but Shayna slips out! Dana turns the Kirafuda into a roll-up, TWO! RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Shayna shocks Dana!

Dana hurries up to the top rope, aims and leaps, but Shayna avoids the splash! Step-up KNEE! KIRAFUDA! Dana taps, Shayna wins!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission

The Queen of Spades could not be stopped! The Flex Appeal suffered, but now it’s Mandy’s turn! Shayna puts Mandy in the Kirafuda, Mandy taps but it doesn’t matter! Shayna lets go when she is satisfied! Is this a sign that it’s only a matter of time before Shayna and Nia Jax take the Women’s Tag Team Championships back?


Raw returns with Alexa’s Playground.

“Do you like my playground?” Alexa says “he” built this for her, and she can’t wait to show it to him when he gets back. But we haven’t seen him since the Inferno match, where things got a little heated. Maybe he’s waiting for Legend’s Night! He’d love to meet his hero, Hulk Hogan! Alexa says he’s been taking his vitamins and saying his prayers. But not even Alexa wants to know who or what he prays to. Or maybe he’s waiting for Orton to return to the playground! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s it! So Orton, come on down~! And the Viper makes his way to the ring.

Wait, why did the music cut out? Did Alexa do that wrong? Maybe Randy doesn’t want us to find “him.” That can’t be it! Alexa tries again! Randy Orton, come on down~! The music plays again, but still no Viper. Maybe Orton doesn’t want to play anymore. “I swear, you light someone on fire one time, and it goes straight to their head.” How rude of Randy. Wait, is that the Firefly Fun House? The door opens, and Randy’s there?! Orton “appreciates” the invite but he wanted to take advantage of how the Fun House would be empty, since Alexa’s in the ring and the Fiend was burnt to a crisp. So Orton wanted to see what was going on.

Oh hey, Huskis! BOOT! He’s a little heavier than he thought. Huskis needs to work on that diet. So on his way here, Orton thought about what Alexa said. She thinks The Fiend is coming back. Does she really think that? After what happened, does she really think? Orton doesn’t, but let’s say he does. Also Orton throws Mercy into Abby and they both fall down. Orton says IF The Fiend comes back, there will be nothing left but Alexa! So Orton will show us all how sick and demented he truly is, by making sure The Fiend has NOTHING to come back to.

Alexa is afraid as Orton takes Ramblin’ Rabbit and says before dealing with him, he did notice the fine piece of artwork on the wall. Orton makes sure the picture is nice and straight, before he rips Ramblin’s head off! Alexa begs Orton to stop! Orton laughs but Alexa challenges Orton to a match! Oh? Well okay. Is this where he is supposed to return, is that it? Challenge accepted! Does the Twisted Bliss know what she’s getting herself into?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair!

The Queen knows well how dangerous Nia Jax is, so is she ready for this 1v1? Six months ago, Nia injured Charlotte. But Charlotte returned, beat Nia and Shayna alongside Asuka. Is she ready? Absolutely. Is Nia to be feared? Absolutely. Is Nia a great competitor? Absolutely! But there is one person Charlotte always bets on, and it’s herself. Charlotte is ending 2020 as a champion, how is she going to start 2021? Any resolutions? The same one as every year: climb to the top, and stay there. Asuka joins in and says Nia is NOT ready for Charlotte! Happy new year! At least, will it be for the #QueensofTomorrow?


AJ Styles w/ Omos VS Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker!

The Phenomenal One and his enormous associate don’t want to #WalkWithElias, nor do they want to hear from Elias! Styles is still angry after The Miz cashed in and screwed him out of the world title, will he take it all out on Elias’ ten friends on his hands?

Raw returns and Elias makes his entrance. The bell rings and Styles circles with Elias. They tie up, Elias powers Styles to ropes then headlocks. Elias hits a takeover, Styles headscissors back but Elias pops out. Styles victory rolls fast, TWO! Elias keeps his cool as he and Styles go again. They tie up, Styles headlocks and hits the takeover but Elias headscissors. Styles pops out but Elias knees low! Elias throws haymakers and body shots in the corner, the ref counts but Elias lets off at 4. Elias stomps Styles, drags him up and CHOPS him off his feet! Elias brings Styles up, whips and back drops Styles high and hard! Cover, ONE! Elias looms over Styles and kicks him in the back.

Elias drags Styles around, then hooks the arm to drop knees! Elias brings Styles up, wrenches, and rams shoulder to shoulder! Elias lifts Styles by that arm, then drops him down to dig a knee into the shoulder. Styles endures, fights up, but Elias pulls hair. The ref counts, Elias lifts Styles again but Styles sunset flips! TWO, and Styles drop toeholds Elias onto ropes! Elias goes to a corner, Styles fires off fast hands! The ref counts, Styles backs off but he bumps Elias off buckles. Styles whips, Elias reverses but Styles slips up and over to dropkick Elias away!

Elias bails out, Styles slingshots but Elias moves! Styles lands on the apron, Elias drags him into a fireman’s carry, and he gives Styles SNAKE EYES the apron! Elias POSTS Styles shoulder first! Styles writhes as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Styles fires off on Elias in a corner. Styles whips, Elias reverses but Styles goes up and over and rolls, but Elias KNEES him down! Cover, TWO! Styles survives being blindsided but Elias drags him back up. Elias bumps Styles off buckles, wrenches the arm and goes up the corner. Elias starts his cover of Old School, then hits the METEORA! Cover, TWO! Styles survives his Walk With Elias, but Elias just talks trash to him and Omos. Elias clamps on a chinlock and then shifts to a cobra clutch. Styles endures, fights his way up, throws elbows low and puts Elias on ropes. Elias ROCKS Styles with a right then throws Styles out!

Elias catches his breath, those elbows were very low. Ryker creeps over but Omos scares him off! The ref reprimands both bodyguards and they both stand down. Elias goes out to fetch Styles, but he is wary of Omos. Elias puts Styles in, keeps his eyes on Omos, then goes after Styles in the ring. Elias wrenches an arm, Styles throws big haymakers! Elias cranks on the wrist more but Styles throws more haymakers! Styles is free, he ducks a haymaker from Elias to give off the Phenomenal Blitz! SLIDING FOREARM! Omos rallies and Styles fires up! Styles has Elias in a corner and he hits a leaping clothesline! Styles fireman’s carries for USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!

Styles keeps his cool as Elias survives. Styles drags Elias up, reels him in, but Elias slips out of the Clash. Styles rocks Elias, runs but misses in the corner, only to boot back! Styles is on the outside, springboards, but Elias fireman’s carries! Styles slips off, Elias standing switches to hit DRIFT AWAY!! Cover, TWO!?! Omos rallies for Styles but Ryker says Elias has this! Elias goes up top, but Styles trips him up first! Styles gets space, runs back but into a boot! Styles hits back with a PELE! Elias tumbles down, Omos coaches Styles and Ryker grows worried for Elias. Elias and Styles slowly rise and Elias fireman’s carries for a TKO! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives again!

Elias tries to figure out what to do, and he grits his teeth as he drags Styles back up. “You are no longer Phenomenal!” Elias brings Styles up, but Styles slips out of the fisherman to kick, kick and enziguri! Elias staggers around to a corner, Styles runs in but is put on the apron! Styles forearms Elias away, adjusts and springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

Omos says, “That’s what I’m talking about!” Ryker helps Elias get out of the ring, will Elias learn to be more considerate?


Ricochet VS Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution!

The One and Only finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He will not give in and join Retribution, but he doesn’t want to be beaten down and stepped over anymore. Something has to give! Will Ricochet finally break through or break down?

Raw returns as Retribution makes their entrance, and their leader steps into the ring. The bell rings and Mustafa holds his arms open. But Ricochet throws haymakers, then tackles Ali for ground ‘n’ pound! Ali gets away but Ricochet runs at him to CHOP, throw punches then CHOP again! Ricochet throws EuroUppers, whips Ali corner to corner, then runs in to CHOP again! Ricochet scoops and slams Ali, then runs to drop an elbow! Cover, ONE! Ali crawls but Ricochet drags him up. Ali elbows free, runs but Ricochet dodges and handsprings to headscissor! And a dropkick! Cover, ONE!

Ricochet keeps on Ali by pulling some hair. The ref reprimands but Ali pulls Ricochet’s ears! Ali whips, Ricochet reverses and back drops Ali! Ricochet stalks Ali to a corner and Ali wants mercy. But Ali just tricks Ricochet into getting closer and he yanks Ricochet into buckles! Ali fires off haymakers and CHOPS as Retribution taunts Ricochet. Ali whips Ricochet corner to corner, Ricochet bounces off buckles into Ali’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ali keeps his cool as he watches Ricochet get to another corner. Ali runs in but is put on the apron! Ricochet elbows Ali back then slips out to grab at him. Ali ROCKS Ricochet back and climbs up the corner!

Ali drags Ricochet up, Ricochet ROCKS Ali back! Ricochet goes up top but Slapjack distracts! As does Reckoning! T-Bar and Mace TOSS Ricochet off the top and onto barriers! Ricochet crashes down, Ali adjusts, SUPER SPLASH!! Ricochet sputters and gasps as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Ali is after Ricochet in a corner. Ricochet throws punches back and backs Ali down! Ricochet whips, Ali reverses and blocks boots to spin him around, for a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Ali glares at Ricochet as he stomps him down. Ali wraps on a chinlock but Ricochet endures. Retribution tells Ricochet to give up but fans clap on their screens to rally behind him. Ricochet fights up, throws body shots but Ali knees low. Ali drags Ricochet up to scoop slam and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Ali wraps on the chinlock again and leans on Ricochet. Ricochet still endures, even as Ali says he stands no chance!

Ricochet fights up again, throws more body shots but Ali CLUBS him down! Ali brings Ricochet up and around to suplex, but Ricochet slips out to shove Ali into buckles! Ricochet catches his breath before running in but Ali goes up and over. Ali turns around into an elbow and mule kick, then Ricochet flips up and over to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down and Retribution is freaking out! Ali and Ricochet stir, slowly rise, and they start throwing hands. Ricochet gets the edge and DISCUS LARIATS Ali down! Ricochet fires himself up, drags Ali up and fireman’s carries. The back gives out and Ali gets away.

Ali comes back but Ricochet fireman’s carries again, for the KICK BACK! The falling kick hits, Ricochet covers, but Mace drags Ali out of the ring! The ref reprimands, but now Retribution flanks the ring! Ricochet doesn’t care that he’s surrounded, he goes to the corner, and triangle jumps to get T-Bar with an APRON DDT!! Slapjack comes around into a dropkick! Mace runs in, Ricochet dodges and sees Ali! Ricochet goes out to the apron to SHOTGUN DROPKICK Ali into a post! Ricochet avoids Mace again to roll back and TORNADO DDT Mace to the floor! Ricochet is the One and Only One Man Wrecking Crew!

The ring count is 8, Ricochet puts Ali in and is back up top! SHOOTING STAR onto knees!! KOJI KLUTCH!! #LightsOut! Ricochet IS out, Ali wins!!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by submission

The King of Flight has been grounded! Retribution wins again with another stacked deck, but Ali gets the mic to tell Ricochet, “When are you gonna learn that you have no chance?!” Ali gives Ricochet one last chance to erase all his regrets and have a new outlook! It will be a new beginning. “Join Retribution. What is your decision?” Ali holds the mic out to Ricochet, who takes it from him. “Ali, I’ve made a decision. I will… NOT join Retribution!” RECOIL!! Ricochet bails out and leaves Retribution alone with their rage! The One and Only will be defiant until the end! But how will this end for Ricochet and Ali?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax!

With Shayna Baszler by her side, Nia says she heard what Charlotte said. Charlotte is smart to be afraid, and that fear warms Nia’s heart. Nia does have a few New Year’s Resolutions, though. One: end Charlotte’s rise to the top before even making to the first rung. Two: get the tag team titles back. And three: enter the Women’s Royal Rumble, throw everyone else out, and when Nia wins, face the Raw Women’s Champion, whoever that might be. Shayna likes that idea. Will the Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades look to win big in 2021?


Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre!

The Scottish Warrior knows he is facing Keith Lee for the title, does he have anything to say about that? McIntyre is just excited all the way. It will be Legend’s Night, and McIntyre wants to give them a match that’s legendary. Keith may not like what has happened the last few weeks, but McIntyre sees the spark Keith needs to be on top. They’re going to beat the hell out of each other, and McIntyre is happy for Keith. Keith can prove to the world he can do it. Keith can beat just about anyone in the WWE, except for McIntyre. Will that legendary battle end the way McIntyre thinks it will?


Charlotte Flair w/ Asuka VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler!

This 1v1 match has been a long time coming! The Queen owes Nia a receipt for that arm injury half a year ago! Will Charlotte ruin Nia’s new year before it’s even begun?

Raw returns and Nia makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two stare down. They slowly approach, then quickly tie up! They’re in a deadlock but Nia powers Charlotte back, only for Charlotte to put her on the ropes. The ref counts, the break is honored, and Nia taunts Charlotte, “How’s the arm?” They tie up again, Nia gets around but Charlotte is after Nia’s arm. Charlotte pulls but Nia clubs Charlotte away. Charlotte and Nia reset, go again, and Charlotte gets around to headlock. Nia tries to power out but Charlotte holds tight! Asuka cheers as Charlotte grinds the headlock, but Nia powers her to a corner. Nia rams into Charlotte but the ref counts and Nia stops at 4.

Nia reels Charlotte in to ram shoulders again and again, and Charlotte drops to a knee. Nia taunts the Queen, wrenches and wrings the arm out! Charlotte holds the shoulder but Nia drags her up again. Nia whips Charlotte to a corner, but Charlotte tumbles out to the apron to shoulder and boot back in! Charlotte BOOTS again and Nia falls to her knees! Charlotte dropkicks Nia out of the ring! Nia is on her feet again but Charlotte eggs her on. Nia takes a moment to cool off, gets back on the apron, and Charlotte lets her get in. Then Charlotte spins past the ref to fire off forearms!

Nia is on the ropes but Charlotte pushes her against them! The ref counts, Nia shoves Charlotte away. Charlotte comes back and dropkicks Nia again! And then Charlotte hits a wrecking ball dropkick to send Nia into the announce desk! The ring count starts, Shayna creeps over but Asuka is there to BACK HAND Shayna down! Nia runs at Charlotte but is sent into steel steps! Charlotte puts Nia back in, drags Nia by a leg, and spins through, but Nia throws Charlotte into buckles! Charlotte clutches her head and Nia glares as she runs in, CORNER SPLASH! Charlotte flops down, Nia covers, TWO! The Queen is still in this as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Nia has Charlotte down in a cobra clutch! Charlotte endures, fights her way up and elbows free! Charlotte kicks low, gets around and hits a neckbreaker! Nia staggers into CHOPS! Charlotte CHOPS Nia to a corner, CHOPS more, and blocks a boot to SLAP Nia! Charlotte puts the leg on ropes but Nia avoids the knee drop! Nia scoops, Charlotte slips out and throws Nia down! Charlotte drags Nia to a drop zone, climbs up the corner, but Nia gets up to trip Charlotte up! Fireman’s carry but Charlotte sunset flips to high stack, TWO! Charlotte runs, into a pop-up POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Asuka rallies behind Charlotte but Nia drags Charlotte around. Nia runs but misses the leg drop! Charlotte gets up and staggers, but she gets the legs to trip Nia, steps through, but Nia boots her away! Shayna distracts, Asuka runs in but is sent OVER the desk! Charlotte BOOTS Shayna, avoids Nia and rolls Nia up! TWO, but Charlotte gets the legs! Figure Four! Nia fights and Shayna gets in to KIRAFUDA!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by disqualification

The Queen is caught by the Queen of Spades, and Nia stomps Charlotte’s leg! Asuka runs back in to run off Nia and Shayna, and the winner is STILL Charlotte! Nothing was settled between Nia and Charlotte, will it take the tag team championships to do that?


The Hurt Business arrives.

MVP says it was a championship Christmas for them, and they’ve got big plans for 2021. But they ask someone on his phone to move out of the way. When he looks up, he’s startled by who he’s surrounded by, and falls right over! MVP, Lashley, Alexander and Benjamin are ready to rule the new year, but will their battle with old foes ruin those plans?


Angel Garza walks around backstage.

He finds a poster with the newspaper headline, “GREAT GARZA.” This is of course in reference to Matt Garza, the MLB baseball player. But then Charly Caruso comes by to interview Garza and asks how he feels his first year on Raw was. “Just like everyone else, my year had ups, downs. I’ve loved, swiped left, right, and met you.” But this new year is almost here, and with it comes new beginnings. Who knows? Maybe Garza will introduce himself into one of the legendary female superstars next week. Yes, he surely will. But Charly is curious who this rose is for. A gentleman never tells, but R-Truth runs into Garza! The 24/7 Championship chase runs through and Garza has no idea what that was about. But sadly, the rose has been trampled. He gives it to Charly and says, “It’s the thought that counts.”


The New Day and Hardy Bros talk backstage.

Riddle and Hardy tell Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to congratulate Big E on their behalf for becoming the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion! It’s about damn time! And please believe that once the New Day get their titles back, they will take a triple champion picture together, and gently touch their tips together for the IG. Riddle says that is dope indeed. But they have a huge task ahead. They need a sweet new name of the quadro! And Riddle is thinking that they’re all bros and stallions, so what about The Little Bronies? No, that’s technically taken, copyright issues and all.

Okay, what about… The Positively Hard Bros? Umm… Well the match is next so we’ll talk about it later. Wait, what about the pancakes? Wait! RAIN-BROS! Yes!! But nicknames aside, will this quartet be a hit in the huge 4v4 after the break?

8 Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS The New Day, Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle!

Raw returns as Riddle makes his entrance and joins his RainBros in the ring. Then the Hurt Business makes their entrance, and MVP has a mic. “Before we destroy what’s left of the New Day, Jeff Hardy and Riddle, the Chief Hurt Officer, the United States Champion, the All Mighty, would like to make an exclusive business forecast for our 2021 operations.” Pay close attention. Lashley declares for the Men’s Royal Rumble match, meaning he will main event this year’s WrestleMania! It’s official. Done deal. With that news, will the Rocky Mountain Machine roll into the Rumble with massive momentum?

The teams sort out, and Riddle starts with “Prime” Alexander. Alexander knees low and clubs away on Riddle but Riddle forearms back! Riddle spins Alexander but Alexander bocks the Pele to roll Riddle for a dropkick! Alexander is fired up, but Riddle gets him for a gut wrench suplex! Alexander scrambles away to Lashley! Lashley and Riddle circle, tie up, and Riddle headlocks. Lashley powers out then runs him over! Lashley runs, catches Riddle’s leap, but Riddle goes for a guillotine! Only for Lashley power out and suplex SLAM Riddle down! Lashley puts Riddle in the corner, stomps him, then tags in MVP. MVP fires off forearms and stomps of his own!

The ref backs MVP off, the Hurt Business get some shots in, and MVP stomps Riddle more. Tag to Shelton Benjamin and they mug Riddle, to then snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Benjamin keeps Riddle from the corner and rams him into an open corner. Benjamin rams his shoulder in more, lets off at the ref’s count of 4, then brings Riddle back up. Riddle hits back with body shots but Benjamin throws forearms. Benjamin ROCKS Riddle, scoops but Riddle slips out. Riddle shoves Benjamin at the corner and KICKS him down! Tag to Hardy, BROETRY in Motion! Tag to Woods and Woods stomps away on Benjamin! Tag to Kofi and the stomping stampede begins!

Tag to Riddle, he gets to be a stallion in the stampede! Tag to Hardy and he adds on! Hardy hits the HARDYAC dropkick! Riddle intercepts MVP, Kofi intercepts Alexander, and Woods mule kicks Lashley! Kofi kicks, Riddle dropkicks and Hardy clotheslines Lashley out! Lashley is furious, because he went up and over the top rope a la the Rumble! MVP cools Lashley off but that’s hard to do in itself, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Riddle is fighting MVP off, but MVP throws Riddle’s foot down on the mat! Then MVP STOMPS the foot! Alexander taunts Riddle that this is why they wear boots! MVP covers, ONE, but he throws forearms to put Riddle in the corner. MVP rams his shoulder in, Lashley tags in and Lashley runs to RAM into Riddle! Lashley drags Riddle up, clinches, and hits a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Riddle survives but Lashley glares at Hardy and the New Day. Tag to Benjamin, he and Lashley mug Riddle, and stomp his bare feet again! Riddle throws body shots, Benjamin throws haymakers, then Benjamin drags Riddle away.

Benjamin kicks the leg, then drags Riddle around into a Half Crab! Riddle endures but Benjamin sits deep! Riddle crawls, gets the ropebreak, and Benjamin lets go fast. Benjamin drags Riddle up, Riddle throws hands but Benjamin throws Riddle out! MVP goes out to mockingly ask how Riddle feels. The ref counts, MVP backs off and the count is to 6. Benjamin is on Riddle, Alexander tags in before Lashley can, which confuses MVP a bit. Alexander hits a back suplex, covers, TWO! Alexander keeps Riddle down with a knee in the back and a chinlock on tight. Riddle endures, fights up and the fans clap on their screens.

Riddle fights back, Alexander elbows him down and tags in Benjamin. They mug Riddle, Benjamin puts Riddle on ropes then tags in Lashley. Lashley throws crossface forearms while he has Riddle on the ropes! Tag to Alexander and Alexander brings Riddle up. Riddle throws body shots, then a ROUNDHOUSE! Alexander is dazed, hot tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards and ax handles Alexander! Kofi hits the Hurt Business, chops Alexander down then dropkicks! Kofi keeps moving, leaping lariat! Kofi runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi claps it up but Benjamin grabs at him! Kofi DECKS Benjamin but MVP distracts, Alexander attacks!

Alexander back suplex, Kofi slips out and Woods tags in! Kofi DIVES onto Benjamin and Lashley! Alexander runs but Woods trips him up! Woods slingshots to elbow drop! MVP runs in to throw Woods but Woods throws MVP! Alexander runs into a drop toehold onto ropes! Woods runs to slide Alexander and wreck MVP! Woods gives Alexander a rope GUILLOTINE! Hardy is up top and he LEAPS out onto MVP! Woods powers up for a DISCUS! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH~! Tag to Hardy, he goes back up, SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, but Lashley breaks it! Lashley throws Woods into a corner, but runs in to POST himself!

Woods sees MVP and MVP CLOBBERS him! Kofi leaps but MVP dodges to BOOT Kofi down! Riddle ROUNDHOUSES MVP down, Benjamin throws Riddle. Riddle is on the apron, Benjamin KNEES him down! Hardy gives Benjamin a TWIST OF FATE! Lashley tags in, but he runs into a kick! And the spinning mule kick! Lashley still charges, but into a clinch. But the jawbreaker is turned into a HURT LOCK!! Hardy flails, but he taps! The Hurt Business wins!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by submission

Despite the hard fight Hardy and friends put up, the US Champion is too mighty! And then the rest of the Hurt Business goes after New Day! But Woods shoves Alexander into the apron, Kofi slips off Benjamin’s scoop to mule kick him down! Riddle sneaks up on Lashley to spin him around, FINAL FLASH!! The Hurt Business is left behind, and are no longer in a good mood after that win! Will Lashley look to make Riddle a ragdoll in the new year?


Miz and Morrison sulk backstage.

Morrison tells Miz that they can get past this. John Cena lost that one match to Kevin Federline, right? Kevin Feder…?! MIZ IS MR. MITB!! Well, was. Adam Pearce finds them and says they look as miserable as the Cleveland Browns did. Pearce has the briefcase? Going to throw that in his face now? As much as Pearce would love to throw it in his face literally, and very hard, no. Pearce is here to return it to Miz. What? Well, the loophole was correct, and Miz is the only one who can officially cash this in. Morrison did it at TLC but he’s not Mr. MITB. So once again, this briefcase is back in Miz’s “grubby little hands.” Happy holidays.

Miz and Morrison are PUMPED! And they dance all up and down the stairs rather awkwardly… Will they use this second chance to properly cash-in and take the world title?


Alexa Bliss heads back to the ring!

But she’s not dressed to compete. She made a challenge to Randy Orton, but apparently she didn’t mean a match. Plus, WWE doesn’t usually do co-ed competition. Even so, Alexa still dares Orton to come out, and Orton walks out to join her. Orton has a mic and says, “Where is he?” Alexa says this is not about him. This is about her! Alexa walks out of the ring, goes over to the timekeeper’s area, and grabs… a present? She brings the gift box back to the ring and tears away the wrapping paper. There is a very normal cardboard box inside, and she opens that up… to bring out a gas can and matches?!

Alexa carries the gas can and matches over to Orton, and sets them down at his feet. She then takes a few steps back, kicks the box out of the ring, and challenges Orton to do to her what she did to The Fiend!?! She wants to be set on fire?!? Alexa lies down and waits, but Orton doesn’t take her seriously. Alexa gets up, walks back over to him, takes the gas can back, then pours some gas out from the center and back to Orton. Then she stands on the puddle of gas and dares him. “I just did the job for you. So go ahead. Light the match and do to me what you did to him!” Alexa lies down on the puddle, and shouts for Orton to do it!

Orton still isn’t so sure, and she gets even more upset. Alexa storms back over, takes the gas can back a second time, and brings it back over to make an even bigger puddle of gas! A ring of it, actually. Is he not going to do it? Maybe he doesn’t have the guts! Just look at him. Orton says he’s sick, twisted, demented. But he’s not. Because if he was, he’d light the match! But he’s nothing! “Nothing but a little bitch!!” Alexa DRENCHES herself with the gasoline!! She glares at Orton through her soaked hair, and Orton looks down at the matches.

Orton says, “You think that I won’t do it?” Orton bends down to pick up the matches, keeping his eyes on her just in case. “You think that I’m not capable? I want to do it. But I know that it’s what you want me to do, so right now I’m trying to process the whole thing.” Orton knows he enjoys watches pain and suffering, and that is what he wants to do here, but this is what she wants, too! Do you think Fiend went to hell and you want to join him? FINE! Maybe Orton will set her on fire! Or, maybe he won’t. But then the lights start going down. Orton may have been right all along.

But wait. Instead of the Fiend’s lights, the MATCH is lit! Orton drops the match, but then the rest of the lights go out!! What happens?! Does he set Alexa on fire or not?!? We won’t know until the new year!!!

My Thoughts:

Well that was a wild Raw to end the year on. That cliffhanger just now did not work the way they’d hoped, as far as I’m concerned. Obviously no one was really getting set on fire, but couldn’t they have hinted at it by showing the match touch gasoline and just some fire erupting before cutting away? But up until that moment, Orton and Alexa were going an amazing job tonight. Alexa recycled a bit of her lines from the previous playground promo, but Orton returning the mind games by finding and vandalizing the Fun House was a good touch. This all still has to lead to a Firefly Fun House match, but Orton should’ve either left to leave Alexa frustrated, or the Fiend should’ve returned to debut whatever new form he’ll be taking. Anything more than a cliffhanger that falls flat.

Opening with the world championship story was a good move, to give Keith VS Sheamus time to breathe. It was a great set-up to the match, a great match, and a great result. McIntyre VS Keith for “Legend’s Night” is fine, but I would think McIntyre retains. His story with Sheamus still has a lot to it, and I think this means Sheamus is the one to challenge at the Royal Rumble. Of course, and perhaps rather disappointingly, Miz gets the MITB contract back without any real struggle, and though the victory dance he and Morrison was hilarious, this just seems too soon and too dumb. And yet the detail is so specific, it is clear they were going to do this right from the moment on TLC. Metalik got a big win off Miz, but it means very little now because Miz gets what he wants anyway.

Poor #SexyMuscleFriends. They looked to have a triumphant moment where they’d finally get even with Shayna, but nope, Shayna solos them. Charlotte and Nia have a great match, even with Shayna “ruining” the end, but at least Asuka was there to save Charlotte. Clearly on the Raw end of things, Nia and Shayna are going to be in line for a rematch before the Rumble. And it has to be before because Nia, and clearly Shayna, will be in the Women’s Rumble match. Asuka VS Charlotte is going to be built simply by Charlotte again bringing up how she said she returned as a favor, and so Asuka will return the favor by giving Charlotte a match. Win or lose, the Queens of Tomorrow will surely stick together for their tag title run, but it could be used to create dysfunction.

I actually liked how Styles VS Elias was set up through Styles and Omos being upset about the noise, aka Elias’ music. Styles VS Elias was a really good match, but naturally Styles wins. It wasn’t quite full Heel VS Heel, and I’m thinking Styles and Omos turn Face through this. To be fair, it works because Styles is great no matter what, and Omos is definitely showing enough personality now to be a Face. Ricochet VS Ali was a really good match, too, especially with Ricochet fighting off the henchmen by himself. Ricochet loses to mostly set up that swerve on his decision, but I still feel like he needs to find allies of his own to finally fight back.

Garza continues to have cringey segments, but I like that his attempts at being suave were ruined by the 24/7 Championship chase. And I almost feel like Garza should get involved with that so it can be used to comically ruin more of his attempts. The 8 Man Tag was a great main-event match, and Riddle’s promo beforehand felt a bit more like himself rather than what WWE was writing him to be like last week. The Hurt Business still wins because they deserve to be a very strong unit, and Lashley VS Riddle is still being built. That title match should certainly happen on the way to the Rumble, or even on the Rumble PPV, and it should be on the same level as what we got out of Keith VS Sheamus tonight.

One thing I also need to add is that with this being the first wrestling program since Jon Huber, aka Luke Harper, aka Brodie Lee, sadly passed away, I loved every little thing the superstars did to pay tribute to him. McIntyre opened the show with the phrase Huber loved to use on social media, “It’s [day of the week], you know what that means.” And a few times, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” was said, which Huber as Harper did very often during his matches. Plus, the use of the discus lariat, especially when Woods did it with the little hand gesture Harper would do before, was such a great way of showing how much Huber meant to everyone he worked with here in WWE. Needless to say, Huber will be missed by so many.

My Score: 8.3/10

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