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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/8/20)

Fyter Fest Night 2!



AEW Fyter Fest 2020

It’s the AEW Fyter Fest 2020 Finale!

Plans may have changed but AEW promises to bring the same level of action! Will Kenny Omega and Hangman Page still be world tag team champions after another defense so soon?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS Private Party w/ Matt Hardy; Omega & Hangman win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Joey Janela; Archer wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: FTR & The Young Bucks VS The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers; The Butcher, Blade & Lucha Brothers win.
  • 2v1 Handicap: Nyla Rose VS KiLynn King & Kenzie Page; Nyla wins.
  • Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Colt Cabana & The Dark Order; Cabana & The Dark Order win.
  • Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy; Jericho wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS Private Party w/ Matt Hardy!

The Cleaner and the Cowboy closed out last week, now they get to open this week! They defend against the up and coming Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, who already have a lot of shockers under their belts. Will Quen & Kassidy add these gold belts to the party? Or will Omega and Hangman handle their business with some #CowboyShit?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this big time tag match begins the finale!

Omega starts against Quen and the two circle. They shake hands to show there is respect and the crowd cheers for that. The two tie up, Omega wristlocks and wrenches but Quen rolls and wrenches back. Omega spins through, wrenches, but Quen cartwheels to headscissor! Omega nods respect to that as Quen dusts himself off. The two go again, tie up, Omega headlocks. Quen slips through to hammerlock then headlock, but Omega slips out to headlock back. Quen powers out, drop toeholds, then turns Omega for a standing moonsault, onto knees! Omega stomps Quen, kicks him around, stomps him more, then kicks again. Omega brings Quen up to bump off Hangman’s boot! Tag to Hangman, and Hangman takes Kassidy out for good measure.

Hangman CHOPS Quen, Omega CHOPS! Quen is in a CHOP cycle, covers up but Omega CHOPS him in the back! Hangman and Omega double CHOP Quen down! Hangman brings Quen up for a pump handle squat and FALL AWAY SLAM! Bridging cover, TWO! Hangman keeps on Quen, drags him to tag in Omega, and Omega stomps Quen more. Omega clubs Quen to the ropes, Hangman joins in to double whip. They double kick, kick and runs to club and KOTARO, but Quen handstands through! Quen dropkicks Hangman out then dropsaults Omega! The crowd is fired up as Quen brings Omega up and CHOPS him. Quen keeps on Omega, tags in Kassidy, and Hardy coaches them up. They double whip, but Omega holds ropes.

Omega dumps Quen to the apron, sidesteps Kassidy, but Private Party hits the Silly String DDT! But Hangman grabs Quen and POWERBOMBS HIM to the crowd! Griff Garrison, Suge D and others have to cushion Quen’s crash! Hangman goes back to the ring but Kassidy WRECKS him with a dropkick that sends him into the crowd, too! Hangman crawls his way back but Kassidy slingshots and springboards to SENTON Hangman back into the crowd! The crowd that’s left standing chants for “A E DUB!” as Kassidy flounders back up and to the corner. Kassidy climbs and aims at Omega, SWANTON onto knees! Omega knows how to counter aerial assaults. And he comes back with a SNAP DRAGON!

Quen runs in, breaks the full nelson and PELES! Hangman BOOTS Quen inside out! The teams regroup, Hangman clotheslines Private Party in the corner. Omega back elbows, then feeds Quen to the rolling elbow! Pop up GERMAN! Kassidy goes up and over Omega, Quen recovers, Omega runs into a DOUBLE SPANISH FLY! Not the cleanest but Kassidy covers, TWO!! Omega survives and Kassidy can’t believe it. Hardy keeps them focused, though, and Kassidy brings Omega up. Time for shots! Omega gives those forearms back, “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Omega eggs Kassidy on so Kassidy gives more. Now they throw haymakers! Back and forth, neither man backing down. Kassidy gets the edge! And fires off a strike fest! But he runs into a CHOP!

Omega runs, but into the #OnTheRocks slingblade backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Kassidy almost had Omega but there’s a reason Omega’s been champion all over the world. Quen tags in, he boots Hangman down, but Omega fights back with haymakers and chops! Omega CHOPS Quen, boots but Kassidy blocks to windmill enziguri! Omega staggers into Quen and Private Party coordinates. Kassidy whips, Omega reverses to fireman’s carry. “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Kassidy gets the rolling senton, Omega leaps at Quen and Hangman tags in just before the monkey flip! Quen crashes down onto Kassidy! Hangman gets in, drags Quen up, and POWERBOMBS Quen onto Kassidy! Cover, TWO!! Private Party survives!

Hangman drags Kassidy up to toss him out. Hangman goes back to Quen, drags him up, and CHOPS him to ropes. Hardy coaches, Hangman whips, Quen reverses but so does Hangman. Hangman scoops, Quen slips out and waistlocks, and sends him into Kassidy’s enziguri! Hangman staggers into Quen’s BOOT, Kassidy ROCKS Hangman, but Omega gets on the apron. Quen spins and PELES while Kassidy elbows Omega down. Hangman is in the drop zone and Kassidy hurries up top. Kassidy MOONSAULTS out to take down Omega! Quen goes up top and Hardy cheers him on, but the 450 is denied as Hangman moves. Hangman boots Quen away from the apron, slingshots, but Kassidy denies Buckshot! Kassidy grabs Hangman for a TORNADO COMPLETE SHOT to the ramp!

The crowd is thunderous as Private Party gets Hangman in. Quen climbs again to try again, SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, but Omega breaks it just in time!! The teams regroup again, Kassidy throws Omega out. Private Party focuses on Hangman as they put him up top. Kassidy tags in, Quen enziguris Hangman, then Kassidy gives Quen the boost! Hangman blocks the steiner! Omega V-TRIGGERS Kassidy! Hangman brings Quen up, SUPER SIT-OUT BOMB!! Omega brings Kassidy around, Hangman loads up, THE LAST CALL!! Cover, Omega and Page win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The Buckshot and V-Trigger combo does it again! With these two having put differences aside and gotten on the same golden wavelength, will anyone ever dethrone the Cleaner and the Cowboy?


Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Joey Janela!

The Murderhawk Monster wants to destroy everyone in his path, but the Bad Boy never says die! Will something drastically change as these two finally have it out in the ring?

But conspicuous by his absence is Sonny Kiss, Janela’s tag team partner and new friend. That’s because Archer already got to him first! Archer fireman’s carries Sonny out to the ring to toss him onto Janela! And then Archer stomps Janela down! The bell rings to get this on record and Janela bails out with Sonny. Archer goes after Janela and clubs him down! Archer throws Janela into barriers, then stands him up against them to CHOP! The crowd cheers Janela on but Archer says, “I told you everybody dies, and that includes everybody!” Archer puts Janela back in, but Janela forearms back! Janela runs and wrecks Archer with a dropkick! Janela then goes back in the ring, climbs up top, and LEAPS! HUGE crossbody takes Archer down and Janela is fired up!

Janela brings out a table from under the ring! Janela CHOPS Archer on the back before setting the table up. The ref starts the ring count, it reaches 5, but Janela CHPOS and ROCKS Archer until he’s on the table. Janela refreshes the ring count, looks under the ring and finds chairs! Janela brings the chair up with him but the ref tells him no. This isn’t an Unsanctioned match like Janela had last year, there are rules! Janela lets the chair go and Archer shoves Janela down! Archer runs to DERAIL Janela into ropes! Archer drags Janela up and puts him against the ropes to choke him! The ref counts, Archer lets up at 4, then runs to CLOBBER Janela down! Archer stomps away on Janela and digs a boot into the lower back. Archer lets up at 4 while laughing at Janela’s pain!

Janela gets to the corner but Archer stands him up to dig his forearms in. Archer CHOPS Janela, then whips him corner to corner hard! Janela bounces off buckles and hits the mat, and Jake the Snake loves it. Archer tells Sonny that Janela’s gonna scream, but Janela CHOPS instead. Archer eggs Janela on so Janela starts throwing SLAPS, too! Archer SLAPS Janela down! Archer drags Janela up to CLUB him down. The crowd rallies for Janela but Archer just looms over him to CLUB him down again. Archer drags Janela up again, clubs him to the ropes, and chokes him again as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Janela throws forearms, but Archer just eggs him on again. Janela throws haymakers and runs, but into a BIG forearm from Archer! Archer suplex TOSSES Janela across the way! Janela flounders up into a choke grip, but Sonny gets on the apron! Archer swipes at Sonny but he gets away, and Janela recovers to throw more haymakers! Archer starts to feel those, Janela dodges and spins for a rolling elbow! Archer staggers, Janela runs, the clothesline doesn’t topple Archer at all. Janela tries again, but it’s still not enough. Janela kicks away on the legs then runs again, but it’s still not enough. Janela just keeps going, again and again, but Archer powers him to the apron with one hand!

Archer runs into Janela’s shoulder, and Janela slingshots up and over, only to run into a tilt-o-whirl! Inverted crucifix, but Janela turns it into an elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO!! Archer lives and The Snake is furious. Janela runs corner to corner, BIG forearm! Janela runs again, Archer fireman’s carries but Janela slips off to SUPERKICK! Janela KNEES Archer down! The Snake gets on the apron as Janela goes to a corner. Janela climbs, leaps, SUPER BACK SENTON! Sonny takes advantage of the ref still busy with Jake the Snake, 450 SPLASH! Janela covers, TWO!! Archer survives and Jake the Snake is relieved. Janela goes back up top but Archer SWATS him! Archer goes to the outside, brings Janela around, and has the inverted crucifix out there!? SUPER BLACK OUT through the table!!

Archer dribbles Janela’s head off the wreckage! He drags Janela up and into the ring as the crowd loses its mind, cover, Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

The Bad Boy’s table comes back to haunt him, and Archer is proven right: #EverybodyDies. Archer stares into the camera to make sure everyone understands that. Will the champions of AEW have to take it the most serious?


AEW has a special treat for a fan!

Hot Ones contestant and aspiring pro-wrestler, Ronnie, is here for a rematch. But he has a special tag team partner in CODY RHODES! Cody does a hot sauce shot and survives, but can he and Ronnie conquer the challenge?


Darby Allin has another video message.

“It’s been about a month since I’ve been out of the ring.” He hasn’t forgotten Brian Cage, the man who put him out. Darby finds no better way to practice for his in-ring return, and his Coffin Drop, than at Pastrana Land? Travis helps Darby with his biggest Coffin Drop EVER! Into the foam pit!


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

Fight for the Fallen will have the AEW World Championship on the line with Jon Moxley’s return. But tonight, Taz and Brian Cage head to the ring! Taz has something in his hand aside from his signature orange towel. He is glad Schiavone is here, because of his history of calling iconic moments in wrestling. This will be one of those moments. As we all know, what was supposed to happen was the AEW World Champion was supposed to fight against The Machine. Next week is when it happens, and The Machine will still become NEW AEW World Champion. That brings us to what is in Taz’s hands. This is something Taz created decades ago. This is something that basically is Taz’s full body of work. This is something created with Taz’s blood, sweat and tears. This is… the FTW World Championship belt!

No promotion has ever recognized this title, but fans worldwide recognize and respect the man who holds this belt! The man who holds this title is the baddest SOB in the business today! And that man will no longer be uncrowned! That man won’t go into the Fight for the Fallen without a title, because that man is Brian Cage! Taz formally crowns Cage the FTW World Champion! What we are looking at is renegade sh*t! Who better than The Machine Brian Cage to go into the Fight for the Fallen with momentum? Mox is DONE! Who better? Nobody! AEW technically adds this title to their roster, but will Cage truly prove he’s the baddest when he and Moxley finally fight it out?


8 Man Tag: FTR & The Young Bucks VS The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers!

Hopefully Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood and both Matt & Nick Jackson were watching AEW Dark the other night. Andy Williams, Braxton Sutter, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix were a formidable foursome that destroyed their opponents with ease. Will the carnage continue and bring down two of the best tag teams in the world today? Or will FTR and the Bucks be able to put it all aside #ForTheResults?

The tensions ride high but the quartets sort out, and we start with Pentagon and Nick Jackson. Nick and Pentagon circle as the crowd cheers. Nick avoids Pentagon’s lunge, but then Pentagon takes off the glove. Pentagon throws it in Dax’s face! Cash picks the glove up as Dax tags in. Dax and Pentagon circle, Cash tries to slip the glove into Pentagon’s pocket. That upsets Pentagon but he focuses on Dax. They tie up, Dax hammerlocks and cranks on the arm, but Pentagon gets around. Pentagon ripcords and SLAPS Dax! Dax DECKS Pentagon back! Dax throws forearms, Pentagon CHOPS, repeat! Dax kicks low, brings Pentagon around and whips him to ropes.

Dax runs him over with elbows then drops a leg. Tag to Cash, Cash goes up and says “SUCK IT!” before hitting a leaping knee into Pentagon’s arm! Cash CHOPS Pentagon with his own glove, then slaps him! Snapmare and tag to Dax, FTR combine to stomp away on Pentagon’s arm! Dax looms over Pentagon as Cash backs away. Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard are spotted scouting things out again. Dax whips Pentagon corner to corner but Pentagon goes up and over to CHOP Dax back! Pentagon kicks Dax, tags in Fenix, and Fenix fires off. Fenix whips, Dax reverses, Pentagon jumps over his brother to back kick Dax and feed him to Fenix’s enziguri! Pentagon forearms Dax in the back, Fenix enziguris Dax again, then Pentagon goes up to DOUBLE STOMP! Fenix springboard calf kicks! Cover, ONE!

Fenix keeps on Dax as the crowd already declares “This is Awesome!” Fenix CHOPS Dax, brings him up and suplexes, but Dax counters with his own suplex. Fenix fights free, runs and slides, but Dax catches him to bring him back up. Dax shoves Fenix and LARIATS him on the rebound! Dax drags Fenix up, tags in Cash, FTR whip and pop up POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Cash brings Fenix back up and Matt tags in. The Bucks finally get to do something, as Matt holds Fenix for Cash to run and forearm! Matt brings Fenix up to throw haymakers then whip. Fenix tiger feints, dodges and hot tags to Blade! Blade runs into an arm-drag! Nick tags in as Blade whips Mat. The Bucks bait Balder into the gutbuster, neckbreaker backbreaker combo!

Fenix runs into double dropkicks! Butcher runs in, The Bucks dodge him, FTR double haymaker Butcher away! And then double dropkicks! The crowd fires up as Nick runs at Blade., Blade dodges, BOOTS Nick and feeds him to Butcher’s gutbuster! Butcher fireman’s carries and tosses Nick to Blade’s gutbuster! Blade hits a gut wrench Doctor Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Nick narrowly survives but Blade tags in Pentagon. Pentagon whips, Nick reverses, Pentagon ducks and springboards to crossbody! Nick is right up, but runs into a gut wrench! Pentagon has Nick in position, Fenix clobbers Nick’s corner, then basement dropkicks Nick between Pentagon’s legs! Butcher helps out this next part, assisted swinging side slam! Pentagon comes back to cover, TWO!

Pentagon drags Nick up, tags in Fenix, Fenix throws body shots. Fenix wrenches but Nick counter knuckle locks and kicks back. Fenix trips Nick but Nick keeps Fenix off him to then go up. Fenix goes up, too, but it’s NICK with the SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Nick wobbles around and Cash tags in. Cash drags Fenix up, Electric Chairs and Nick goes up. Fenix slips out and shoves Cash but Nick leaps over. Cash full nelsons Fenix and Nick comes back, SUPERKICK DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Pentagon breaks it! Blade hits Nick then the corner, and Butcher joins in! They go after Cash at the ropes with choking boots! AEW goes picture in picture as the chaos continues, #FTRYBLUCHASBB.

Butcher stomps Cash and Pentagon rakes Matt’s face! Butcher bites fingers then puts Cash in for a leg drop! Cash flails and fights back but Butcher stomps and CHOPS him to a corner. Butcher tags Blade and they double headbutt Cash again and again. Blade digs his knee into Cash, the ref counts but Blade lets up. Blade taunts Dax and distracts the ref so that Butcher can choke Cash more! Blade eggs Cash on but brings him up to elbow him down. Cash CHOPS back! Blade rakes the eyes! The ref counts, Fenix tags in and he throws hands on Cash! Butcher taunts Cash, Fenix runs corner to corner for a swinging… JAB! Fenix poses for the cameras, cheese~! Fenix tags Blade and they club Cash down. Blade whips Cash to a corner hard and Cash bounces off buckles.

Blade elbows Cash down more, brings him up and throws him out. Fenix goes over to Cash and throws more body shots. Dax hurries over but Butcher blindsides him! Cash gets back in the ring but Blade is on him with a cover, TWO! Blade drags Cash around in a chinlock, Cash endures and the crowd rallies up. AEW returns to single picture, Blade grinds Cash down and adds as much weight as he can. The crowd cheers for FTR and Cash fights back. Blade shoves and kitchen sink knees Cash down! Blade hits the Bucks for good measure but Cash back drops Blade! Both men are down, head for their corners, hot tags to Matt and Pentagon! Pentagon tags in Fenix but Matt crossbodies them both! Matt fires off on whoever is near, but Fenix CHOPS.

The Lucha Bros whip Matt, Matt dodges and double clotheslines them down! Matt aims and wrecks Blade and Butcher with a dropkick! Matt skins the cat, grabs Pentagon and hits Sliced Bread! Fenix is up, but Matt scoop slams him down! Matt drags Fenix to a drop zone, heads up top as the crowd rallies, and LEAPS onto everyone else! Matt hurries back to the corner and the top rope, to MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Matt doesn’t lose focus, he drags Fenix up. Fenix CHOPS back but Matt throws a haymaker. Matt whips, Fenix tiger feints to HEEL KICK! Tag to Blade, Blade gets around and lifts, but Dax tags in before the atomic drop hits! Dax walks into Blade’s elbow, Blade whips Matt but Matt goes up and over. Matt ducks Blade, fakes him out, and Dax DDT’s Blade down!

Matt and Dax almost shake hands but Butcher goes after them both! Butcher runs, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Dax superkick’d?! Fenix missile dropkicks them both down! Fenix runs, but into a GOODNIGHT EXPRESS from Cash and Nick! Even they’re surprised they pulled that off! FTR regroups to properly bring Blade up, but Butcher attacks Cash! Cash DDT’s Butcher to the apron! Nick adds himself to the MIND BREAKER!! Dax crawls to a cover, but Pentagon drags him out! Dax waistlocks and POSTS Pentagon! Then tosses him to the crowd! There are fewer people over there so the Librarians, Peter Avalon and Leva Bates, are the only ones breaking Pentagon’s fall.

Dax goes back to the ring, drags Blade up and suplexes him to the top. Matt tags in, then he tags in Cash. Cash tags in Nick, and then Matt and Dax climb to join Blade. DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! Cash is up top, FROG SPLASH! Nick is up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Fenix flies in to barrel the Bucks over!! This match is still going and “This is Awesome!” Blade tags Pentagon in and Matt is back up. These familiar foes stare down, Pentagon cleans Matt’s hair up, and then CHOPS him! Matt throws a haymaker! Pentagon wobbles but comes back to KICK the leg! Matt throws haymakers but Pentagon blocks! CERO- Scoop and gut wrench! Nick is in position but Fenix tightrope KICKS him away! Pentagon throws Matt out and builds speed, but into Nick’s forearm! Pentagon enziguris but Nick enziguris back!

Fenix runs and uses his brother as a step, for a SUPER DESTROYER onto everyone else!! Fenix bowls a strike and the crowd loses their minds! The Lucha Brothers have Matt, CERO MIEDO! But Cash takes Fenix down! Penta hits Cash, Dax creeps up, but Pentagon dodges and the SUPERKICK hits Dax! Pentagon reels Matt in, Fenix adds on, #LB PILEDRIVER! Cover, The Butcher, Blade & Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Butcher, Blade & Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

One minor misstep and the two best teams go down! What does this mean for the AEW tag team rankings? As for FTR and the Bucks, they seem to understand it was all a mistake and no hard feelings. Will these two teams circle back around to try again?


AEW checks back in with the special Hot Ones challenge.

Cody and Ronnie play a bit of Password, $100 per clue. But first, take a bit of the hot wings! First clue: A wrestler in AEW, female, big… SWOLE! Boom! Bite, clue #2. A cocktail, not rose but… Ronnie misses out on Frose because he runs out of time. So far they’re 1-1, can Cody and Ronnie still get the other 3?


Big Swole arrives to find Alex Marvez and security waiting.

What is this about? Well not to be the bearer of bad news, but Marvez informs Swole she is not being allowed inside for Fyter Fest’s finale. What? Security informs Swole that the company takes her conduct very seriously, so she’s been served. Served? A suspension? For what she did to “that trick,” Britt Baker? That’s fine. But they could’ve called her! Faxed! Snail mail, even! Three and a half HOURS, Swole drives down here, for nothing! Will Swole only escalate things the next chance she gets?


2v1 Handicap: Nyla Rose VS KiLynn King & Kenzie Page!

The Native Beast is still the #1 ranked contender, but she’s hungry for competition! She’ll get to feast on the Queen of Crazy and the #RealMeanGirl tonight, but will it earn her a rematch for the AEW Women’s Championship?

The bell rings and King starts for her team. But then she thinks better of it and tags Kenzie in. Kenzie runs at Nyla but gets run over! Nyla glares at KiLynn and she backs off. Nyla drags Kenzie up and headbutts her! Then scoops and slams her, then drops a leg! Nyla drags Kenzie up and bumps her off buckles! Then rams her shoulder in over and over! The ref counts and Nyla backs off, to then TOSS Kenzie back to her corner! Kenzie tags out to King and King reluctantly steps back in. King gets around, clubs away on Nyla, then hops on for a sleeper! Nyla stays up, and RAMS King into buckles! Kenzie runs in but is sent into King! Then Nyla GERMAN SUPLEXES King away! Nyla SPEARS King right down!

Nyla roars, Kenzie leaps but into her arms! Nyla swings Kenzie into King, then FALL AWAY SLAMS Kenzie at King! Nyla drags the two around, and BEAST BOMBS Kenzie onto King! Double cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Dominant to say the least, but Nyla has her eyes on Hikaru Shida in the crowd. Nyla gets a mic to give us the promised announcement. “Everyone is wondering what I have to say. I firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. I think my actions here tonight spoke for themselves.” Nyla looks around and sees all these great wrestlers with managers. So she has taken it upon herself to hire a manager, too! She won’t say who, so shut up! But Nyla promises us one thing: All the others with managers have something in common. Cody has Arn, and is a champion. Taz shows up, Brian Cage has a championship. So Nyla’s manager will ensure that she once again becomes AEW Women’s Champion! Who will it be that leads the Native Beast to gold?


AEW Media checks in with Colt Cabana.

Boom Boom, OW! Colt is in the trainer’s room with a nasty looking bruise on his side. This is what happens when you crash into railing. The medical staff feels comfortable that Colt can still wrestle with this. Mr. Brodie Lee thanks the staff for that. As for Colt, no one is sure who or what did this to Colt. But with Brodie watching his back, these “accidents” won’t happen anymore. They still have their Six Man Tag, so Brodie wants Colt to get ready. Brodie helps Colt sit up, and Colt says, “You got it, Mr. Brodie.” Is Colt going to even last the walk out there?

Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Colt Cabana & The Dark Order!

Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels have all been on a roll, but it seems they left their old friend behind. The Exalted One is already helping Colt get back on track, but is it for Colt’s benefit or his own?

Cabana wants to talk with his old friends but Brodie won’t let him. The trios sort out and Brodie starts against Daniels. This has been a long time coming, but Brodie tags out to Stu Grayson. Grayson and Daniels circle, tie up, and Grayson headlocks. Daniels powers out but Grayson runs him over. Things speed up, Daniels arm-drags Grayson to an armlock! Grayson gets up but gets thrown again, back to the lock. Grayson powers up, powers out but Daniels waistlocks. Grayson bucks the O’Conner roll off and runs Daniels over! Evil Uno applauds as he stands on stage with the Numbers. Grayson brings Daniels up to CHOP but Daniels headlocks. Grayson powers out, hurdles and drops down to dropkick Daniels! Cover, ONE!

Grayson looms over Daniels, throws European Uppercuts, then whips. Daniels reverses, tilt-o-whirls Grayson for a backbreaker! Tag to Kaz, and The Addiction bring Grayson down to kick, clobber and stomp! Brodie doesn’t seem worried as Kaz brings Grayson up. Grayson hits back, whips Kaz but Kaz holds ropes. Kaz drop toeholds Grayson, Scorpio kicks him away and then Kaz German Suplexes Grayson across the ring! Cover, TWO! Kaz brings Grayson back up, wrenches, and yanks on the arm. Tag to Scorpio, SCU double whips and runs Grayson over with shoulders! Scorpio sets Grayson down to scrape his soles off his face! Cover, TWO! Scorpio keeps on Grayson with a suplex, but Grayson slips out, goes Matrix and PELES!

Grayson tags in Cabana and he brings Scorpio up to whip. Scorpio reverses, Cabana goes up and under to then waistlock. Scorpio standing switches but Cabana shouts in pain from the bruised hip! Cabana gets the ropebreak, Scorpio lets off, and Brodie can’t believe Cabana gave up like that. Cabana circles with Scorpio while keeping the bad hip away. Cabana wrenches Scoprio, Scorpio whips but Cabana ducks and dodges, only to run into a kick! Scorpio has Cabana in a corner and brings him out to whip. Cabana reverses and Grayson gets a cheap shot in! Daniels and Kaz go after him but Brodie also jumps in and it’s a brawl! The Numbers approach but the ref keeps them out. Kaz LEAPS onto the Beaver Boys! But this allows Brodie to get away with giving Scorpio a HALF ‘N’ HALF!

Things calm down, Cabana realizes he has a chance, and he covers. TWO, but Cabana keeps on Scorpio as AEW goes picture in picture, #FyterSCUDO.

Brodie tags in and throws big body shots and uppercuts on Scorpio. Brodie CHOPS Scorpio in the corner then rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands and Brodie puts Scorpio between ropes. ROPE GUILLOTINE! Brodie tags Cabana in and Cabana stays between Scorpio and SCU. Brodie tells Cabana to keep on Scorpio so Cabana throws haymakers. Cabana stomps Scorpio over and over, then tags Grayson. Grayson and Cabana mug Scorpio together. Grayson taunts Scorpio, and Scorpio SLAPS back! Grayson jumps on Scorpio to rain down rights, then drags him back up. Scorpio fights back with body shots, runs, but into a BIG forearm from Grayson! Grayson puts Scorpio on the apron, for the slingshot senton! Grayson puts Scorpio in, covers, TWO!

Grayson stays on Scorpio as he brings him up. He RAMS Scorpio into buckles then tags in Brodie. Brodie uppercuts Scorpio off his feet! Grayson is upset with Cabana, he was expecting Cabana to do something. Brodie snapmares Scorpio and rams forearms into his back! And again! Brodie tags Cabana in and they mug Scorpio. But Brodie wants Cabana to keep hitting Scorpio, so he does. Cabana looms over his friend before stomping him back down. AEW returns to single picture, Cabana tags Brodie and Brodie tags Grayson. Cabana whips Scorpio corner to corner, runs in for the Flying Apple! He feeds Scorpio to Brodie’s SCOOP SLAM, Grayson hits a springboard FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Brodie steps on Scorpio as he heads back to the corner. Cabana tags in and he helps Grayson double whip Scorpio. Grayson whips Cabana for Cabana to whip Grayson, but Scorpio throws Grayson out! Scorpio back kicks the bad hip! Cabana hobbles but Scorpio gets around to neckbreaker! Both men are down as Cabana writhes. They both crawl, hot tags to Brodie and Kaz! Kaz punches Brodie and fires off more hands! Kaz runs, ducks and dropkicks Brodie! Brodie rebounds, Kaz dodges, springboard tornado DDT! Cover, ONE!! Kaz gets Grayson with a guillotine leg drop! Brodie mule kicks Kaz right down! Brodie whips Kaz corner to corner, Kaz goes up and leaps, into Brodie’s arms! Daniels leaps to missile dropkick Brodie down! Kaz covers, ONE!!

Kaz cranks on Brodie and tags in Daniels. The Addiction double whip but Brodie breaks the line to BOOT Daniels and SUPERKICK Kaz! Scorpio returns as Grayson tags in. Brodie elbows Scorpio, Scorpio dodges to dropkick back! Grayson gets Scorpio the TKO! Kaz puts Grayson on the apron, slingshot CUTTER! Brodie SCRAPBUSTERS Kaz! Daniels dumps Brodie out hard! Daniels DIVES and takes Brodie down! The crowd is fired up but Grayson runs at Daniels. Daniels shoulders in, slingshots and schoolboys, but dodges the boot, URENAGE! Daniels goes to the corner, MOONSAULT! Cover, but Cabana breaks it! Cabana couldn’t just let his friend win, but Daniels DECKS him all the same! Brodie DISCUS LARIATS Daniels down! Grayson tags in Cabana, and they let him cover! Cabana and the Dark Order win!

Winners: Colt Cabana & The Dark Order

Boom Boom, a win is a win! Is Cabana officially going to #JoinDarkOrder? Are they going to head to the top together?


AEW sets up big things for Fight for the Fallen!

The TNT Championship and its Open Challenge will return! Who steps up to test the American Nightmare’s workhorse schedule? After the 8 Man Tag, things split off into simpler 2v2 as FTR takes on the Lucha Brothers! Will Cash and Dax rebound from the chaotic loss tonight? The Elite reforms as Omega and the Bucks take on Jurassic Express in a great Six Man Tag! And of course, Moxley VS Cage for the AEW World Championship! Will Cage end up a two belt Machine by the end of the night?


Someone goes after Britt Baker and her Role’s Royce!

A hood, a hat and a mask, but we can all tell it’s Big Swole! She was served her suspension, but Swole isn’t going to care what happens next. Swole balls up the suspension notice, throws it right at Rebel’s face, and that causes Rebel’s hand to fly up and SMACK Britt in her face! Britt freaks out and that freaks Rebel out! Britt freaks out over her nose, but it doesn’t look to be bleeding. Will Swole do far worse once they can finally face each other?


AEW returns to the Hot Ones challenge!

Cody and Ronnie take bites of hot wings to start round 3! You’re on Tinder, what you do? Swipe Right! BOOM! Another correct answer bumps Ronnie up from $100 to $200! Bite number 4, round 4. The kid who didn’t go to public or private school was instead… Homeschooled! BOOM! $300! And lastly, bite 5, round 5. When you get them abs going, you lie flat in that position. Planking! BOOM! $400 for Ronnie right there! Go to YouTube for more, and prepare for the return of Hot Ones The Game Show this Tuesday!


Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy!

Le Champion tried to destroy Freshly Squeezed for simply walking into an Inner Circle interview. But now, Jericho has awoken The Sloth, and Cassidy has promised… HE’S GONNA TRY! Will Cassidy also succeed in exacting his revenge on Jericho?

To more or less send a message to Cassidy, Proud ‘n’ Powerful accompany Jericho out, shaking up jugs of orange juice. MJF sure is pumped about that. The bell rings and Jericho talks trash as Cassidy slowly circles with him. They step to each other, Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. And then he headbutts Jericho! Jericho shoves, Cassidy ducks and dodges to then hurdle and dropkick Jericho down! Jericho bails out, Cassidy no-hands kips up! And then DIVES! Direct hit and Jericho hits barriers! Cassidy throws haymakers and keeps on Jericho as he goes around the way. Cassidy whips Jericho into the railings and hard! The crowd cheers as Cassidy brings Jericho up and into the ring. Cassidy climbs the corner, leaps and crossbodies Jericho down!

Things speed up again, Cassidy tilt-o-whirls but Jericho dumps Cassidy down! Jericho has the legs, WALLS OF JERICHO! Cassidy endures the Lion Tamer, but it isn’t a Sloth Tamer! Cassidy crawls as PNP taunt him, ROPEBREAK! Jericho lets go and argues with Aubrey Edwards as usual. But Ortiz gets away with the Mad Ball hit! Cassidy writhes and Jericho holds up a fist victoriously. Jericho covers, ONE, and Jericho slaps him around. Jericho drags Cassidy up for a back suplex! Cassidy writhes more and Jericho grins and poses. Jericho mocks Cassidy putting on sunglasses and putting his hands in his pockets. Cassidy throws body shots, Jericho kicks and slaps Cassidy around more. Jericho scoops Cassidy for a backbreaker! The crowd boos but Jericho just shouts back.

Jericho drags Cassidy up, CHOPS him to a corner, then CHOPS him again! Jericho whips Cassidy corner to corner hard and Cassidy bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Jericho drags Cassidy up to whip hard the other way! Cassidy flops down and PNP laugh at his pain. Jericho soaks up the heat as he drags Cassidy back up. Jericho whips Cassidy, Cassidy tumbles up and out to slingshot back in. Cassidy rolls Jericho, TWO! Jericho runs into a backslide to then a cradle, TWO! Cassidy keeps moving, arm-drag to cradle, TWO! Jericho kicks low then whips Cassidy, only for Cassidy to duck the corner splash! Cassidy powers up, but his Superman Punch misses! Cassidy crashes and burns to the outside! Jericho runs to wreck him with a dropkick! PNP mock Cassidy’s pain again as AEW goes picture in picture, #OrangeLeChampion.

Jericho fetches Cassidy with a smirk on his face. He snake eyes Cassidy onto barriers! PNP continues to mock Cassidy’s pain while Jericho borrows one of Leva Bates’ books. And SMACKS Cassidy with it! The ref reprimands Jericho but he goes back to the ring. PNP taunt Cassidy with the orange juice jugs while Jericho catches his breath. Jericho soaks up the heat from the crowd while Cassidy stirs on the outside. Cassidy stands, gets to the ring, and Jericho drags him up. Jericho clubs away on Cassidy’s back before he suplexes and holds Cassidy up! At the count of 10, Jericho drops Cassidy down. Cover, TWO! Cassidy stays in this so Jericho wraps him up in a chinlock. Cassidy gets the ropebreak, Jericho lets go at 4.

Jericho and Aubrey again argue but Jericho goes back to Cassidy. Cassidy throws body shots and CHOPS! Forearm after forearm, then Cassidy runs, into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Jericho grows annoyed with Cassidy and gives him toying kicks. Cassidy flounders up but Jericho brings him up for a high and hard back suplex! Jericho talks trash to Cassidy then drags him up again. Jericho scoops Cassidy for a backbreaker and bends him in the rack! Cassidy endures, Jericho clubs him down. AEW returns to single picture as Jericho shouts, “See what happens, Orange?!” Jericho drags Cassidy up but Cassidy throws body shots! Cassidy runs, but into a cobra twist!

Cassidy endures as Jericho stretches him, and Jericho uses the ropes for leverage! The ref sees that and has him stop, but Jericho just does it again! Again the ref reprimands Jericho, but he just keeps doing it. So she kicks his arm away! Cassidy hip tosses Jericho down! The crowd rallies for Cassidy but Jericho throws a forearm. Cassidy gives it back, and we have a brawl! Cassidy gets the edge, runs, but is dumped out to the apron. Jericho runs, Cassidy stands but gets BLASTED to barriers! Jericho catches his breath while PNP mock Cassidy’s pain again. Jericho goes out to fetch Cassidy and bumps him off barriers! And CHOPS him, too! Jericho puts Cassidy in and takes his time returning. Cocky cover, TWO! Jericho throws hands right into the head and bad ear of Cassidy!

Jericho looms over a dazed Cassidy and brings him up. Cassidy hits back but Jericho slaps him! Cassidy fires off more forearms! He backs Jericho down and gives palm strikes, too! BIG forearm, and Cassidy runs in for another! Cassidy whips corner to corner, Jericho reverses but Cassidy boots back! Hops up and flying huricanranas! Jericho wobbles up, Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Shin kicks! Sweet Shin SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy won’t lose his cool just yet, he goes up to the corner. The crowd is thunderous but Jericho CHOPS Cassidy back. Jericho climbs up, clubs away, but Cassidy resists the superplex. The two brawl but Jericho still gets Cassidy up. Cassidy fights more, and dumps Jericho down! Cassidy adjusts, SUPER SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Both Jericho and Cassidy are down, the crowd is loving “A E DUB!” Jericho stands first but Cassidy runs at him. Jericho puts Cassidy on the apron, but Cassidy dodges the triangle leap! Now Jericho crashes and burns to the floor! PNP hurry to help Jericho up, but Cassidy SPRINGBOARD SENTONS onto them all!! Cassidy drags Jericho up and into the ring then goes to a corner. Cassidy is up top, Jericho stands, FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Both men are down, but the crowd has not given up! Cassidy and Jericho slowly stir, and Cassidy takes off the armband! Cassidy is getting real serious, but he leaps into another takedown to the WALLS! Jericho sits deep, but Cassidy endures, crawls, and reaches, only for Jericho to drag him away! Cassidy refuses to give up, rolls in and cradles Jericho again! TWO!!

Cassidy gets up and DECKS Jericho! But he falls over, too! Cassidy drags himself up with the ropes, but gets a bunch of ORANGE JUICE in the face! The ref sees it plain as day but Best Friends appear to attack! They toss Santana and Ortiz over the railing and brawl with them! But Jericho uses FLOYD THE BAT!! And a CODE BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Jericho can’t believe Cassidy still lives! Jericho clubs away on Cassidy but Cassidy kicks low and throws forearms. Cassidy runs, into a back elbow! LIONSAULT FLOPS! Cassidy scoops for a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho and Cassidy have given so much already but it’s not over. They brawl on their knees back and forth. Cassidy gets the edge, runs, and rallies with clotheslines! But Jericho knees low, suplexes, only to get STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE!

Cassidy watches Jericho rise, runs, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO?!?! Jericho survives but barely! Cassidy gets up, brings Jericho into an Alabama lift but Jericho clubs down. Jericho swings, Cassidy dodges and comes back, JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

An incredible fight, but finished in a blink of an eye! Cassidy put in the biggest fight of his career, will he be able to swallow this bitter defeat?

My Thoughts:

Incredible stuff from AEW again, and definitely a great Fyter Fest finale. Of course, there’s just as much great stuff planned for Fight for the Fallen on top of the AEW World Championship. Cody returning to defend his TNT Championship is definitely an intriguing part. Just about anyone could challenge him, maybe it’s someone who won tonight. Opening with the tag team championships was great, gave that match a lot of time to work with. Omega and Hangman obviously retain but Private Party sure looked great once again. Archer and Janela had a great match but it makes a lot of sense for Archer to win. He’s been on such a powerful roll, he’s definitely coming for a title by the time we get to All Out. Speaking of titles, it was a rather surprising but great move for Taz to give Brian Cage the FTW World Championship, though don’t expect AEW to make next week #WinnerTakesAll. That’d just be copying WWE.

Nyla obviously wins against two AEW Dark jobbers, but I was surprised to hear her announcement. I’m not sure who she could get to manage her. She has a point that Cody has Arn and is champion, but Taz literally gave Cage a title. Tully is helping Spears but Spears hasn’t gotten a title shot yet. Nyla probably could’ve kept going on her own, but it seems this is to keep the character aspects fresh, and perhaps an ace in the hole much like Tully does for Spears. Swole and Britt have a great segment, it so far hasn’t gotten stale. The 8 Man Tag was incredible, PPV worthy even! And what a twist for Blade, Buther and Lucha Brothers to win. I should’ve given AEW more credit, but I thought AEW Dark was going to affect the math tonight.

The Cabana story with the Dark Order is definitely taking some interesting twists. That bruise on Cabana’s side looked nasty, I wonder how legit it was. The match with SCU was really good, especially with the story elements. As such, it made a lot of sense for Cabana and the Dark Order to win. Cabana hasn’t gone full Heel, and that adds some dimension to this. There has to be a point where SCU confronts Cabana more directly and that pushes the issue of Cabana being good or bad. And then the main event, Jericho VS Cassidy, that was also PPV worthy. Great stuff from start to finish, though I guess splashing orange juice isn’t a disqualification. I would hope the story continues between Inner Circle and Best Friends, maybe they also get a Six Man Tag for Fight for the Fallen. Still hoping on AEW Trios Championships honestly, and at this point, Cassidy & Best Friends are on par with Jurassic Express for how much fans love them. That’d be a hard tournament to call.

My Score: 9.6/10

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