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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (12/4/20)

Who will be great in round 8?




World Tag League enters the penultimate round!

It’s round 8 and World Tag League is almost through! But who pushes through to be leader of the block this close to the final?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • World Tag League 2020: Dangerous Tekkers VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens; Dangerous Tekkers win.
  • World Tag League 2020: YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto VS Evil & Yujiro Takahashi; Hashi & Goto win.
  • World Tag League 2020: FinJuice VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; FinJuice wins.
  • World Tag League 2020: The Empire VS Guerrillas of Destiny; Guerrillas of Destiny win.
  • World Tag League 2020: HenarACE VS SANADA & Shingo Takagi; Sanada & Takagi win.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 5-2
FinJuice: 4-3
Guerrillas of Destiny: 4-3
The Empire: 4-3
The Dangerous Tekkers: 4-3
SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 4-3
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 4-3
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 3-4
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 2-5 [ELIMINATED]


Dangerous Tekkers VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens!

The IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions are still on the outside of the finals but are going for a final push! The Rogue General and the Crown Jewel are completely out of the running, but will they be spoilers instead?

The moment the champions are in the ring, Bullet Club attacks! Owens clubs and stomps Taichi while Fale is after ZSJ! The bell rings to put this on record, ZSJ throws forearms back on Fale! Owens helps out Fale and they mug ZSJ! Owens goes back after Taichi while Fale keeps on ZSJ. Fale bounces ZSJ off the apron while Owens pushes Taichi around. Fale taunts and stares into the camera, but ZSJ whips Fale into railing! And Taichi POSTS Owens! Fans cheer as ZSJ gets back in the ring and Fale pursues. Fale CLUBS ZSJ but ZSJ European Uppercuts! ZSJ fires off more but Fale DECKS him with one! Cover, but Fale’s also choking ZSJ!

The ref sees that and reprimands. Fale stops, whips ZSJ hard into a corner, and watches ZSJ bounce off buckles. Fale glares at Taichi and then Fale stomps ZSJ. Fale puts ZSJ in the corner and chokes him! The ref counts, Fale stops at 3. ZSJ rolls away but Fale stays close. Fale drags ZSJ up and whips ZSJ back to the corner. ZSJ goes up, under and around to then duck and leap to get the guillotine! Fans cheer and Fale fights to stay up. Fale powers up but can’t throw ZSJ off! Fale RAMS ZSJ into a corner instead! ZSJ sputters, but he dodges Fale and tags in Taichi! Taichi chokes Fale! But Fale chokes Taichi back! Taichi uses both hands, but Fale pries free.

Fale grabs ZSJ, but the Tekkers break free, dodge, and fire off kicks and EuroUppers! Taichi wants to send this fast, but ZSJ can’t suplex Fale, he’s too big! So Taichi tries the Alabama lift but Fale is still too big! Fale CLUBS Taichi, tags in Owens, then throws Taichi out for Owens to whip into railing! Fale goes after ZSJ while Owens rains down rights and knees Taichi down! Owens stands on Taichi’s chest, but ZSJ has Fale’s arm! ZSJ wrenches the arm but Fale fights back. Owens bumps Taichi off the apron then pushes him in the ring. Owens drags Taichi up, whips him, and Fale returns to body shot. Owens knee lifts, Fale LARIATS! Cover, ZSJ breaks it!

Fale clubs ZSJ, throws him out, then goes out. ZSJ runs back to his corner while Owens runs at Taichi. Taichi dodges, ZSJ gets in to EuroUpper! Feed to the BUZZSAW! ZSJ dropkicks Fale while Taichi covers, TWO! Fans fire up with Taichi and off come the pants! Taichi aims as Owens rises, but Owens dodges the superkick! Taichi dodges the knee, but Owens denies Dangerous with elbows! Owens Jewel Triggers the Ax Bomber away, and spins Taichi for a neckbreaker! Owens calls for Fale and they get Taichi up. But ZSJ intercepts the Grenade with an IRON OCTOPUS!

Taichi elbows Owens away, Alabama lift, but Fale tips it over! Owens has Taichi tucked in but ZSJ tips the package driver over! Taichi Alabama lifts again, but Owens sunset flips! Taichi reaches out, Fale BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ finally lets Fale go but Owens forearms him! Fale grabs ZSJ, but ZSJ gets away and the SUPERKICK hits Fale! Taichi runs in, Owens moves and the AX BOMBER sends Fale out! Owens comes back to O’Conner roll, TWO!! Taichi barely escapes, JEWEL TRIGGER! Owens drags Taichi back up but ZSJ gets Owens in a sleeper hold! Feed to the sobat, EuroUpper and ROUNDHOUSE! ZSJ scoops, TENSHOU ZACK DRIVER! Cover, the champions win!

Winners: Dangerous Tekkers, by pinfall; now 5-3, Fale & Owens are now 2-6

When it rains, it pours for Bullet Club’s third stringers! Will this be a pivotal point for the Sliest Wrestler and the Submission Master?


YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto VS Evil & Yujiro Takahashi w/ Dick Togo!

Two teams holding on for dear life in the World Tag League are both hoping to #TurnItAllAround! But will Chaos’ Head Hunter and Fierce Warrior be able to #GetBackUp when Darkness Falls?

The Bullet Club Low Sweets, Evil mocks the clapping, and then the teams sort out. Evil starts with Hashi and the two slowly circle. Then Yujiro sneak attacks Hashi! Evil DECKS Goto, and helps Yujiro mug Hashi in the middle of the ring. Bullet Club whips Hashi corner to corner, Evil runs in but Hashi dodges to then elbow Yujiro down! Evil kicks, runs but gets run over! Fans cheer as Hashi stomps Evil to ropes. Hashi CHOPS Evil at the ropes, Evil calls for the ropebreak, but Hashi CHOPS him again! Hashi throws forearms, whips Evil, but Evil reverses and Dick takes a swipe! Evil whips Hashi, Hashi dodges and comes back, HEAD HUNTER!

Fans fire up as Hashi brings Evil over and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Goto and Chaos double whips. They double shoulder Evil, then hip toss senton! Goto drags Evil up and fans fire up as Chaos hammers away on Evil’s back. Yujiro runs in but he gets hammered, too! Goto glares at Dick and chases him around the way, and Hashi is there! They hammer Dick! Fans fire up for Chaos as they go back to the ring. Goto brings Evil up, clubs him, but Evil rakes eyes! The ref counts, Evil stops and whips Goto, surprise~! The buckles are bare! Goto hits steel, but Hashi gets in, only for Evil to whip him into the bare buckles!

The ref reprimands, but Yujiro drags Goto out and Evil kicks Hashi out. Yujiro rakes Goto’s eyes, Evil whips Hashi into railing, and the ref has his hands full with Bullet Club problems! Evil grabs the buckle pad to SMACK Hashi with! Yujiro stomps Goto, Evil bumps Hashi off buckles, and Dick just runs interference. Evil drags Hashi into the ring, stomps a leg, and Hashi goes rolling back out. Yujiro throws Goto into railing while Hashi hobbles. Evil puts Goto in, kicks him around, then tags in Yujiro. Yujiro stomps Goto but fans rally up. Yujiro snapmares Goto and drops a leg, an elbow and a headbutt! Cover, TWO! Yujiro argues the count but the ref says it was fair.

Yujiro drags Goto up and whips him to the bare corner! Goto hits steel, Evil tags in, and Evil wrenches Goto’s arm to reel him into the cobra twist! Bullet Club form the chain, Evil to Yujiro to Dick to railing! The ref spots that and reprimands! The ref counts, Dick and Yujiro let go at 4! Goto flops down but Evil looms over him. Evil stands on Goto’s head, fans rally up, but Evil brings Goto up. Goto CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Goto runs, Evil kicks back and rakes- No, Goto blocks that and kicks Evil in return! Goto DECKS Yujiro then grabs at Evil. Evil reverses the whip but Goto stops from hitting buckles to dodge and send Evil into buckles! Goto hits a BIG back suplex!

Fans fire up as both men are down, and Goto crawls to hot tag Hashi! Hashi rallies on Bullet Club, and makes sure to hotshot Dick, too! Evil runs in, Hashi CHOPS him! Hashi runs corner to corner to CHOP again! Evil reverses the whip but Hashi CHOPS, mule kicks and hangs Evil out to dry! Hashi runs to dropkick Evil down! And then basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Hashi as he drags Evil up and reels him in, but Evil resists the lift. Hashi clubs away, but Evil trips Hashi and gets the legs! Hashi holds off the Sharpshooter and hits Evil away! Evil kicks and whips but Hashi reverses to drag Evil down to the BUTTERFLY LOCK!

Fans fire up but Evil pulls at Hashi’s ears! Hashi gets up, the ref reprimands but Evil is free! Hashi kicks, but Evil gives that to the ref and mule kicks Hashi down! Tag to Yujiro and Yujiro drags Hashi up to put on the ropes. Yujiro runs to BOOT Hashi! Yujiro runs again but Hashi dodges to spin back kick! Hot tag to Goto! Yujiro is in a corner, Goto runs in to MURAMASA! And BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto drags Yujiro up, fireman’s carries, but Yujiro rakes Goto’s eyes! Yujiro blocks a kick, throws Goto down and basement boots! Yujiro whips Got to a corner and BOOTS him! Yujiro snapmares, runs, but Goto dodges and Hashi basement dropkicks!

Hashi DECKS Evil, drags Yujiro up, GOTO BUSTER! But Chaos isn’t done! Dragon sleeper and lift, but Yujiro fights out! Evil drags Hashi out and Yujiro hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER on Goto! Evil distracts the ref and Dick gets Yujiro his pimp cane! Yujiro aims as Goto rises, CANE SHOT! Cover, Hashi breaks it! Hashi stomps Yujiro but Evil still distracts the ref! Dick uses the SPOILER CHOKER on Hashi! Hashi fights it off! Hashi powers up and pulls the choker away to DECK Dick! Evil runs in but gets a SUPERKICK! Yujiro CLOBBERS Hashi and fires up! Goto flounders up, Yujiro reels him in for the INCOLLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Goto survives but Yujiro sits him up. Goto denies Pimp Juice and blocks the mule kick! Yujiro throws a forearm, fireman’s carries, but Goto slips off to dragon sleeper! Yujiro slips through to suplex but Goto slips out! Hashi SUPERKICKS Yujiro and Goto fireman’s carries! SUPERKICK USHIGOROSHI! Chaos DECKS Evil and Dick! They drag Yujiro back up, G Y W!! Cover, Chaos wins!!

Winners: Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, by pinfall; now 5-3, Evil & Yujiro are now 3-5

No, wait, now things are bad for Bullet Club, because the King of Darkness and his team are out of the running! And Goto and Hashi are at the doorstep of the finals! Will they get in and #TurnItAllAround?


FinJuice VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

Surely Juice Robinson and David Finlay looked like unlikely winners of the 2019 World Tag League, but they did it! And now they’re up against perhaps the most unlikely leaders of this year’s block! Will FinJuice knock the Producer and the Pitbull down a peg as the 2020 finals draw closer?

Yano sanitizes the ref and then gets impatient about the check. Juice finishes taking off his entrance attire and the teams sort out. Yano insists he start and fans cheer. Juice starts and the bell finally rings. Fans rally up as Juice and Yano circle. This rematch from G1 has a lot of trash talk already. Juice gets Yano’s wrist but tries to bring him to Finlay. Yano pulls back to reach for Ishii but Juice kicks and drags Yano. Tag to Finlay, Finlay goes up to drop ax handles! Juice scoops and slams Yano, then scoops and slams Finlay onto Yano! Cover, TWO! Finlay clamps onto Yano, brings him over and tags in Juice. Juice drops ax handles then snapmares Yano.

Finlay runs to basement uppercut, and Juice adds a splash! Cover, TWO! Juice keeps his eyes on Ishii as he brings Yano up. Fans rally as Juice wrenches Yano and tags in Finlay. Finlay goes up to drop ax handles on Yano’s arm again. Ishii runs in but FinJuice kick him to double BULLDOG! Yano has the buckle pad loose! He SMACKS Finlay and SMACKS Juice! The ref reprimands but Yano throws the pad away to complain about the double team. Ishii goes after Juice, Yano whips Finlay into bare buckles as Juice goes into railing! Yano stomps Finlay, drags Finlay up and bumps him off pad to tag Ishii. Ishii CHOPS Finlay, and CHOPS, and CHOPS!

Ishii kicks at Finlay and CHOPS, but Finlay CHOPS again! And again! Ishii doesn’t budge so the two go forehead to forehead. Finlay CHOPS, Ishii CHOPS! Ishii DECKS Juice, drags Finlay up and tags in Yano. Chaos mugs Finlay and Yano whips Finlay back to bare buckles! Fans cheer but Finlay writhes. Yano taunts Juice then stomps Finlay down, to whip him back into bare buckles! Tag to Ishii, and Ishii taunts Juice. Ishii clubs Finlay, reels Finlay into a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer and rally as Ishii kicks at Finlay. Ishii stands Finlay up to CHOP again, and again! Juice taunts Ishii then rallies the fans. Ishii throws forearms but Finlay grits his teeth!

Finlay forearms back then back suplexes, but Ishii fights that off with elbows! Ishii suplexes but Finlay slips out to back suplex up and over! Fans rally as both men are down. Finlay crawls, hot tag to Juice! Juice elbows Ishii down, then Yano, then Ishii! And Yano again! Juice drops a back senton on Yano! Ishii kicks Juice and runs, into the FULL NELSON SLAM! Fans fire up with Juice and Juice looks for Yano. Yano is not there so Juice whips Ishii to the bare corner! Ishii gets buckles, Juice runs in and clotheslines! Juice keeps moving, CANNONBALL! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Juice keeps his cool and pumps up. Fans clap, “Juice! Juice! Juice!” as he pumps up.

Ishii rises, Juice aims and JABS! JAB! And JAB! JAB! JAB! But Ishii ROCKS Juice back! Ishii whips, Juice reverses and BOOTS, but Ishii roars! Ishii forearms, runs, but they collide shoulders! Juice roars, ROCKS Ishii then fireman’s carries, but Ishii slips off. Ishii ducks Juice’s elbow, throws a forearm, then runs, but into Juice’s LEG LARIAT! But Ishii is right back up!? Ishii roars and gets Juice in the POWERSLAM! But Juice pops up! They ram shoulders, Ishii ducks the left hand to suplex Juice up and over! Both men are down, fans fire up, and Ishii tags in Yano! Yano brings Juice up, whips at the bare corner, but Juice goes up and over! Juice rolls, hot tag to Finlay!

Finlay fires off on Yano, Yano reverses the whip but Finlay flying uppercuts! Yano goes to the bare corner, Finlay hits a back body block! Finlay goes up, Yano ducks under and atomic drops! Yano and Ishii whip Finlay to the bare corner, but Finlay stops himself! Finlay dodges Yano to send him into buckles, and then uppercuts Ishii! Juice runs in to LEAPING LARIAT Ishii! Juice runs at Yano to corner clothesline! Finlay corner uppercuts, then FinJuice combine, backbreaker elbow drop! Cover, TWO!! Yano survives and fans fire up! Juice tags in, FinJuice drags Yano up. Finlay runs, SHOTGUN LEG SWEEP! Cover, but Ishii breaks it in time!

Finlay kicks Ishii out and fans fire up! Ishii gets back in but Juice clubs him. FinJuice double whip Ishii to DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Finlay tags back in, FinJuice drags Yano up to double whip. Yano holds ropes, dodges Juice and shoves Finlay into Juice. Finlay comes back, Juice hits LEFT HAND O’ GOD! JUMPING KNEE from Finlay, Juice chicken wings Yano, but Ishii attacks Juice first! Finlay leaps at Ishii but Ishii shoves away his stunner! Yano rolls Finlay up, TWO!! Ishii runs but Finlay forearms! Juice headbutts Ishii, but FinJuice sees Yano’s low blows coming! But then Ishii clobbers FinJuice from behind! Yano cradles Finlay while Ishii shoves Juice, but Juice still breaks the cover!

Ishii and Juice brawl, Ishii gets around the Left Hand to GERMAN Juice! Finlay gives Ishii the half nelson BACKBREAKER! Finlay runs but Yano sends him into bare buckles! Yano rolls Finlay, TWO! Finlay waistlocks but avoids the low blow! Yano waistlocks but Finlay uses that to roll Yano into GRANBY! Cover, FinJuice wins!!

Winners: FinJuice, by pinfall; now 5-3, Yano & Ishii are now 5-3

The 2019 World Tag League winners beat the team at the top, so now THEY are now on top! Does this mean Finlay and Juice are going back to back?


The Empire VS Guerrillas of Destiny!

Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb are just a step behind the block leaders, as are Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. But will the Dominator and the Hawaiian Hulk conquer even GOD to become World Tag League leaders?

As usual, the Empire does not budge as the other team enters the ring. They kinda photobomb GOD posing in that way. But GOD Low Sweets and the teams sort out. Cobb starts with Loa and fans rally up at the bell. Loa and Cobb circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. They break, stare down, and tie up again. Cobb manages to power Loa back but only a step, and the two break again. Fans cheer this showing of strength, and Loa huddles up with Tama for a moment. Loa comes back, circles with Cobb, and they tie up. Loa gets Cobb back but Cobb puts Loa in the corner, then they go around the ropes. And around to other corners, and then Cobb headlocks.

Loa powers out, things speed up, Loa hurdles and then they ram shoulders. They keep going, Cobb hurdles and they ram shoulders! Cobb rebounds to ram but so does Loa! They keep ramming again and again and again! Fans fire up as they keep going and going! Cobb eggs Loa on and now forearms fly! Fans rally as the brawling picks up speed! Loa gets the edge, but Cobb knees low! But Loa pokes eyes! Loa runs, slips out of the scoop and shoves Cobb to dropkick him down! Fans cheer as Loa tags Tama, but Cobb runs Tama over! Cobb drags Tama up, rocks him with a right and puts him in the corner. Cobb stomps away while Khan holds Tama in but Red Shoes reprimands.

The Empire lets off and Tama tries to fight back but they mug Tama and rake eyes! Tag to Khan, the Empire mugs Tama more, and then Khan judo throws Tama down! Khan arm-triangles Tama and squeezes tight! Tama flails and kicks to get the ropebreak! Khan leans on Tama even as he lets off at Red Shoes’ count. Khan stomps Tama, sucker punches Loa and growls. Tama hits back but Khan CLUBS him down! Khan drags Tama up, bumps him off buckles, tag to Cobb. Cobb headbutts Tama in the ribs, scoops him and carries him around. Cobb stares Loa down while giving knees to Tama’s ribs! Cobb hits a BACKBREAKER, then just TOSSES Tama aside! Cover, ONE!?

Cobb tries again with a forearm in Tama’s face but Red Shoes says that’s too much like a choke. Cobb lets off, tags Khan in, and the Empire mugs Tama in the corner. Khan stalks Tama, waistlocks and drags him up, and squeezes tight with a rear bearhug. Khan rams Tama into the corner, then climbs up to sit on Tama’s head! Loa runs in and knocks Khan down to the floor! Cobb goes after Loa and they brawl! Cobb throws Loa out and stalks Tama. Khan gets back in. Khan facelocks Tama and drags him up. Khan throws in knees, Cobb comes in and The Empire double whip. The Empire double shoulders Tama down then Cobb sucker punches Loa for good measure. But Loa gets back in and goes after Cobb!

Khan goes after Loa but Tama goes after Khan! Tama clubs Khan, clubs Cobb, but Cobb throws Tama out! Khan clubs Loa, Cobb throws Tama into railing and then headbutts him. Tama goes up the ramp while Loa headbutts Khan back! Cobb pursues Tama, Tama hits Cobb then hurries back to the ring. Loa whips Khan into railing! Tama headbutts Cobb, and throws him into railing, too! Red Shoes has his hands full now as he tries to get everyone back in the ring. But Tama whips Khan into Loa’s LARIAT! Fans cheer but the brawling continues as Cobb comes back to club Loa! Tama CLUBS Cobb to the ramp and a ring count starts. Tama rains down rights as the count climbs.

The count is 9 of 20 as Loa rakes Khan’s eyes. Tama goes in at 12 but Cobb drags him back out at 14! Cobb throws forearms, the count is 16! Cobb gets in, but Tama drags him out! The count resets and GOD clubs the Empire. Tama chokes Cobb against railing but Khan uppercuts Loa! Tama clobbers Khan down! Red Shoes goes out to reprimand all four but Loa bumps Cobb off the apron. Tama POSTS Khan and the count begins again. The count is 10 of 20 but Tama asks for a timeout. No such thing in wrestling, so Tama puts Khan in at 14. Fans cheer as this continues in the ring, and Loa tags in to slingshot senton! Tama slingshot sentons, Loa covers, TWO!

Loa keeps his cool as he brings Khan back up. Khan breaks free but Loa throws forearm after forearm! Khan roars and judo throws Loa down! Loa gets up but Khan tags in Cobb! Cobb and Loa ram shoulders again and again, then Cobb gets under Loa to bring him to a corner! Cobb rams Loa more, whips him out to whip him back in, then runs in for the leaping back elbow! Loa dodges to corner clothesline! Loa runs but Cobb scoops him! Pop-up to stalling suplex, but Loa fights out before the slam! Loa throws knees and an enziguri! Loa runs but Cobb reels him in! Loa fights off the waistlock, runs, but into a SUPERKICK!

Cobb keeps Loa up, runs, but Loa follows! Cobb bucks off the roll, runs at Loa and dodges, but Loa dodges, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES COLLIDE! Both men are down and crawling, and they hot tag to Khan and Tama! Tama throws forearms but Khan stays standing! Khan grabs Tama with the iron claw, but Tama fights free! Tama throws a strike fest, then runs, into a BOOT! Khan grits his teeth while fans fire up, and Khan clamps the claw back onto Tama’s head. Khan hits Mongolian Chops! And again! And again! Tama staggers into the Mongolian palm strike! Khan powers up the claw again, clamps back on, and drags Tama back up! But Jado distracts!

Khan throws Tama aside to glare at Jado. Khan gets Jado with the claw! Red Shoes counts but Tama brings Khan off Jado! Tama fights off the claw, Loa returns and the brothers throw hands on Khan! GOD dragon sleepers and lifts, TONGAN TWIST! Cover while Loa intercepts Cobb, TWO!! Khan survives but GOD regroups. Loa helps Tama up, and they coordinate. Loa drags Khan up, rams him into a corner, then Tama runs in. Khan dodges the splash to BOOT Loa, and Cobb returns to hit the leaping back elbow on Tama! Fans fire up as The Empire coordinate. Cobb gut wrench suplexes Tama, dodges Loa and clotheslines Loa and himself out of the ring!

Khan drags Tama up to gut wrench and suplex! Khan uses his claw to cover, TWO! Tama defies the cocky claw cover, but Khan powers up again. Khan clamps on the claw, drags Tama back up, ELI- Tama grabs at Red Shoes! Jado KENDO STICK SMACKS Khan!! GUN STUN!! Cover, GOD wins!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by pinfall; now 5-3, The Empire is now 4-4

There is still a team alive for Bullet Club! Can Tama and Loa take a top spot in the block before it’s too late?


HenarACE VS SANADA & Shingo Takagi!

Toa and Tanahashi are tragically the last place team in the 2020 World Tag League. But perhaps they can be a spoiler for Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Cold Skull and Dragon? Or will the bad hand they’ve been dealt only get worse?

Everyone has big entrance jackets to take off, and HenarACE show off the muscles. Fans cheer and Henare dares Takagi to step up to him. Takagi tells Henare to hold on a second, because he wants Tanahashi. But Henare says he’s chicken. Instead, it will be Tanahashi and Sanada to start, and fans rally at the bell. Tanahashi feels the claps are “Let’s Go Ace!” but they could easily be “L I J!” or “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada and Tanahashi circle, tie up, and Tanahashi waistlocks. Sanada switches, Tanahashi switches, then goes for a full nelson. Sanada breaks that, hammerlocks an arm, but Tanahashi drop toeholds!

Tanahashi shifts to a headlock, hits a takeover, but Sanada headscissors back. Tanahashi pops out, Sanada reverses the roles with this headlock takeover but Tanahashi headscissors. Sanada pops out but Tanahashi plays air guitar. Fans cheer and Tanahashi tosses the guitar to Henare, who puts it aside. Tanahashi and Sanada reset, circle, but Henare wants in to go after Takagi. Tanahashi tags him and Henare dares Takagi to do the same. Fans rally up for that idea, and Takagi talks with Sanada. Takagi lets Sanada give Henare a go, and those two circle. Henare and Sanada circle but Henare takes a swing at Takagi! Takagi stays back, Sanada clubs and whips Henare. Henare dodges to hit Takagi!

Takagi gets mad now and wants in! Sanada gives the tag, and Henare is right after Takagi! Fans fire up as Henare fires off forearms and knees! Henare whips corner to corner, Takagi reverses, blocks a boot and hits a clothesline! But Henare turns it around to fire off forearms! Takagi eggs him on so Henare throws forearms and body blows! Henare fires up, builds speed, but Takagi withstands the clothesline. Takagi gives forearms from all sides, runs and rams Henare but Henare rebounds to run Takagi over! Henare Tomahawks Sanada then Tanahashi gets in. HenarACE throw hands then double whip, to double elbow and Tomahawk Elbow combo! And flex!

HenarACE put Takagi in the Double Half Crab! Takagi endures but Red Shoes counts, so HenarACE lets him go. Henare stomps Takagi and taunts him. Takagi is stubborn so Henare keeps hitting him with those toying boots. Takagi eggs Henare on so Henare keeps hitting him. Fans rally up as Takagi blocks the kick to shoulder, JAB and LARIAT Henare down! Sanada gets in to DECK Tanahashi! LIJ throws HenarACE out and the brawling continues! Takagi whips Henare into railing, then whips him the other way into even more railing! Henare goes down, Sanada RAMS Tanahashi into railing, too, and Takagi stands on Henare’s head.

Takagi kicks at Henare now, and gives him a swift stomp to the back. Takagi puts Henare in and fans cheer that this continues in the ring. Takagi stands on Henare’s body, stomps a bit, but tops it off with a double stomp as Red Shoes counts. Tag to Sanada, fans rally up but LIJ keeps stomping Henare down. Red Shoes reprimands but LIJ double whip, elbow drop and elbow drop then drop a senton! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool as he drags Henare into a chinlock. Henare endures the knee in his back, Tanahashi rallies the fans back up. Henare fights up, fights back, and scoops, but Sanada blocks! Sanada throws elbows, scoops Henare and slams him down!

Tag to Takagi and Takagi taunts Henare as he looms over him. Takagi gives toying kicks, then he sucker punches Tanahashi! Takagi drags Henare up and suplexes high and hard! Takagi jumps to drop a knee on Henare’s chin! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer while Henare checks his jaw. Takagi drags Henare up into a seated stretch, and throws elbows into the shoulder. Takagi chinbars for a neck wrench then CLUBS Henare down! Takagi smirks as Tanahashi rallies the fans again. Takagi wrenches Henare, tags Sanada, and Sanada climbs up to drop ax handles on the arm. LIJ bring Henare back up, double whip, knee at the ropes, then snapmare for the basement dropkick!

Takagi DECKS Tanahashi while Sanada covers Henare, TWO! Fans cheer as Henare is still in this, but Sanada brings him back up. Henare throws forearms and CHOPS Sanada! Henare scoops, Sanada slips out to kick and whip! Henare catches the hurdle for a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up as both men are down! Sanada and Henare crawl, Tanahashi reaches out as far as he can, hot tag to the Ace! Tanahashi rallie son LIJ with forearms and elbows, then he dropkicks Sanada’s legs out! Tanahashi intercepts Takagi at the ropes to DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi blocks Sanada’s kick to DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he gets the legs for the CLOVERLEAF!

Sanada endures, crawls and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets go fast and stalks Sanada. Tanahashi brings Sanada up, scoop slams him to a drop zone, then goes to the second rope. SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Tanahashi again as he runs. Sanada fireman’s carries but Tanahashi fights free! Sanada elbows and whips, but Tanahashi reverses! Sanada goes out, springboards in and missile dropkicks Tanahashi down! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Takagi is back and Sanada heads over to tag him in! Takagi talks a little smack before he gives toying kicks to Tanahashi. Takagi steps on Tanahashi’s head, but Tanahashi gets mad.

Tanahashi fires off a forearm, but Takagi gives it back! The two are fast and furious already and fans are fired up! Tanahashi gets the edge, EuroUppers, but Takagi elbows! JABS! But Tanahashi SHOTEIS! Takagi holds off the Twist, throws body shots, and suplexes, but Tanahashi fights that to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Both men are down, fans rally up, and Henare is back! Hot tag to the Hammerhead! Henare throws forearms on Takagi, as well as knees! Henare whips corner to corner, runs in and corner clotheslines! Henare whips again, Takagi reverses but Henare blocks! Henare spins and SAMOAN DROPS! Fans fire up with Henare and Henare goes to a corner.

Henare climbs up top, aims, and leaps for a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Takagi grits his teeth and shakes his head but Henare brings him back up. Henare reels Takagi in, suplexes but Takagi blocks! Henare gets Takagi up but Takagi fights it off! Henare tries again, gets Takagi up but Takagi slips off! Takagi waistlocks, Henare throws elbows then switches. Takagi fires off elbows and gets Henare in a corner! Sanada runs in to elbow Henare, Takagi hits a clothesline! Then the calm-and-fury combo, BOOT to LARIAT to KICK to DROPKICK SAIDO! Cover and Sanada intercepts Tanahashi, TWO! Sanada throws Tanahashi into railing then regroups with Takagi.

Henare fights LIJ with forearms and CHOPS! Takagi eggs Henare on then LIJ double kick and whip! Henare tackles Sanada! Takagi kicks, but Henare suplexes! Fans fire up and Tanahashi gets back in. HenarACE coordinate on Takagi, SLING SWEEP! Cover, Sanada breaks it! Tanahashi drags Sanada up and out, stomps him down, and fans rally up! Henare aims at Takagi and fires up. Takagi stands, but he stops the rampage to knee and DDT! Tanahashi holds Sanada back but Takagi sits Henare up. SLIDING- NO! Henare dodges the lariat, but he swings into NOSHIGAMI! Tanahashi and Sanada keep fighting as Takagi fires up with “OI! OI! OI!”

Takagi brings Henare up, wheelbarrows and Sanada gets in, WHEELBARROW CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Sanada intercepts Tanahashi, CLUBS him, then goes to Henare. Henare HEEL KICKS Sanada! Takagi CHOPS Henare! Henare CHOPS Takagi! Takagi likes the fire and he LARIATS! Henare withstands point-blank Pumping, and gives a LARIAT back! Takagi stays up, the two go forehead to forehead, then run, DOUBLE LARIATS! Neither falls but Takagi throws forearms from all sides! Takagi gets over 10 shots in! Over 15! Henare ROCKS Takagi with big palm strikes! Takagi stays up to elbow, HEADBUTT, but Henare HAMMERHEADBUTTS!!

Both men wobble, fans fire up and Henare gets a second wind! Henare runs, into a clothesline at ropes! Takagi runs, Henare dodges, SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Henare fires himself up again! “AOH! AOH! AOH!” Takagi slowly rises, Henare runs in, but PUMPING BOMBER hits!! But Henare gets up!? And he catches Takagi to TOA- NO! Pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN!!! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Sanada grabs Tanahashi, throws him out, and then PLANCHAS! Direct hit and down goes Tanahashi! Takagi focuses on Henare as he rises. Takagi runs, PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Henare survives and shocks LIJ!

Fans are thunderous again and Takagi drags Henare up. Takagi gets Henare up to pump handle and fireman’s carry, LAST OF THE DRAGONS! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Sanada & Shingo Takagi, by pinfall; now 5-3, HenarACE is now 1-7

What a powerful battle! But in the end, the Dragon could not be slayed, and Cold Skull did not melt! But Takagi seems to be telling Henare he did great, only to then also literally kick him out of the ring. Mixed message, don’t you think? Fans cheer as Takagi gets the mic. “Osu, osu. It’s been about a year since we’ve been here, and of course me and Sanada had to win.” And Takagi will say this about Henare: he’s gotten pretty tough! But Takagi is still a little tougher. But during the next three days, it’s Beppu, Kagoshima then Fukuoka. And there’s only one team on all three shows! Who is that? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you. It’s them! Takagi and Sanada!

Do you know why they’d do that? They talked about it and it’s real simple: “Because we love the hell out of Kyushu!” So they can’t come back to Kyushu empty handed. Takagi vows to still be NEVER Openweight Champion then, but maybe he and Sanada come back as the tag team champions! That’s all for Takagi, he thinks Kyushu should hear from Sanada. Fans clap for that idea. Sanada tells Takagi that it needs to be louder, so the fans get louder! They clap, “SA-NA-DA! TA-KA-GI!” Takagi will let Sanada handle the rest, so that Takagi can rest! The fans cheer as Sanada takes up the mic.

“Our first events in Kyushu all year, shall we do the thing?” It takes a moment, but the lights do go down. The fans become the stars with their phone lights, and Sanada tells us, “I’ve got something to tell you guys. Me and TKG are cover stars of Weekly Pro-Wrestling.” And they’re gonna win World Tag League 2020! “Oi, Beppu! See you next time!” Will LIJ be on that cover again when they have the World Tag League Trophies and a shot at the titles?


Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

The Dangerous Tekkers: 5-3
SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 5-3
FinJuice: 5-3
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 5-3
Guerrillas of Destiny: 5-3
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 5-3
The Empire: 4-4
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 3-5 [ELIMINATED]
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 2-6 [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

What a wild round! SIX teams at 5-3!!! The ninth round is going to be amazing because of the possibilities! Obviously a 6-3 team is in but there could be just one or even three, and it’s going to come down to tiebreaker wins. I can’t wait.

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 1.19.2021

So Hard to Kill definitely put a few things to bed while setting up an insinuation that this AEW angle is far from over. Does Moose go right after Rich? Do more AEW stars invade? Who framed Roger Rabbit…erhm…Larry D?



So Hard to Kill definitely put a few things to bed while setting up an insinuation that this AEW angle is far from over. Does Moose go right after Rich? Do more AEW stars invade? Who framed Roger Rabbit…erhm…Larry D?

Aside from those question, now we just get to sit back and see how Impact will start building the next few months of stories. Remember, we’ve got Rebellion in April; so that means we’ve go three months to fill!

Apparently the show gets kicked off with an answer to one of my questions! Moose and Rich are definitely not friends.


  • Eric Young w/Deaner & Joe Doering vs Rhino w/Cousin Jake: EY wins via Spinning Toe Hold – **
  • Kimber Lee &Susan w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz: Susan wins via Rollup – ** ½
  • Brian Myers vs Fallah Bahh: Myers wins via Charging Lariat – **
  • Private Party w/Big Money Matt Hardy vs Beer Guns (James Storm & Chris Sabin): Private Party win via Gin & Juice – *** ½


Eric Young w/Deaner & Joe Doering vs Rhino w/Cousin Jake

EY starts with a head of steam, but Rhino side steps and takes control of the match. As he whips EY in the corner, EY does the Flair up and over, runs to the other turnbuckle, gets on the top and Rhino catches him. EY goes after the eyes, then nearly bumps referee Brian Hebner, forcing him to cower in the corner, and EY hits the back kick low blow.

From there on, Rhino is picked apart, the cronies of Violent By Design interfere, grab a leg, add some punishment, and it’s all but over. Young slaps on the Spinning Toe Hold, and makes Rhino tap out.

The Good Brothers come out, mostly tooting their own horns about being the biggest draws and Biz Cliz references. A Magic Killer, a 1,2,3 and a just Too…oh thank Christ it’s Chris Sabin! Sabin points out that the Motor City Machine Guns should be number one contenders, Good Brothers say he has a point but he has no partner. Cue the James Storm music. Time to run back Beer Guns!

James Storm is about to hit the catch phrase…and wait, Big Money Matt Hardy’s music hits with Private Party? Ohh…we’re getting more AEW cross over. Hardy goes for a Hardy Math moment, and it’s mediocre.  He does make plenty of references to old Impact gimmicks, moments and it’s decent enough as the greedy heel manager.

Matt Cardona interview in typical older Zack Ryder style of just trying to prove himself. I’m anticipating a Myers v Cardona match soon since he made not so veiled shots at Myers’ new persona.

Kimber Lee &Susan w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Jordynne and Jazz really do beat down on Kimber and Susan for the better portion of the match. Susan showed a lot of personality being the Karen/Cornette whatever you want to call her. She makes Kimber hold the tag rope, she holds the rope and just gets smarmy and sarcastic in her mannerisms. Susan really shined getting over this character and Kimber was mostly there for the match.

The finish came with Susan begging, Jazz getting cocky and then Susan shoving her into Deonna with the Knockouts title while the referee was distracted. Susan gets the Rollup win!

This was a clever way to write off Taya with her setting up Larry D to kill Bravo, and the little reference Tommy makes were amusing, and the Rosemary moment was honestly a little touching. I’m just happy they didn’t kill another person.

Khan is still cringe to watch do whatever he thinks acting is, but my main takeaway is apparently it only costs 100 dollars for ad time during Impact? I SMELL an Opportunity!

Rich calls out Moose, for the inevitable “let’s do it now” talk. Moose tells him it’s on his time and not on Rich Swann’s time. Rich acts calm, and then snaps. We get a small scuffle, which ends with Moose missing the Spear into Rich hitting a Phoenix Splash to look good at the end of the segment.

Brian Myers vs Fallah Bahh

Myers had his issues getting anything going against Fallah, but Fallah stood his ground, built up momentum knocked Myers head off and went to go for his signature “No No No”. Since Myers Always Uses His Head, Myers moved into the finger and acted like he was poked in the eye. The referee was distracted, Myers shoved him off, Punt to the little Bahhs, Charging Lariat, and Myers gets the win.

Interview segment with Ace Austin and Fulton, they mock Josh Alexander and Matt Cardona. Ace reuses his tweet of Always Ready for Catering, and just play the cocky/jaded heel who deserved better. Josh Alexander gets sick of hearing it and trades words before Fulton and Ace attack him. Cardona makes the save and we look have set up Cardona & Alexander versus Fulton & Ace for next week, most likely.

Private Party w/Big Money Matt Hardy vs Beer Guns (James Storm & Chris Sabin)

Fast paced as expected, but early on we see Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn walk out to sit at ringside and watch the match. Storm didn’t slow down too much, which is surprising since aside from his brief stint back in Impact at the end of 2020, we saw him tagging with Eli Drake in much slower, less workrate dependent matches.

Private Party were their usual high flying, fun having, break dance inspired flourishes to some offense we’ve seen for years. Beer Guns had a cool tandem move with Sabin Sunset Flipping from outside in, Quen rolled right into the Backstabber from James Storm. Lots of signature spam, a few dives, highlighted by a nice Fosbury Flop from Quen.

Sabin looked to be setting up for the finish, when Jerry Lynn hops the familiar guardrail, grabs Sabin’s foot while Matt Hardy distracted the ref; and Private Party hit Gin & Juice for the heel tactic upset! Interestingly, Private Party still comes off as great babyface kids who are being swindled by scummy adults. So they aren’t playing heel, but everyone around them is doing it for them.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

For only having four matches, the highlights from Hard to Kill segued nicely into current segments, and the show felt very full and active. We managed to squeeze in most of the roster, a few AEW guest appearances, and writing off a character without murder or sci fi fantasy shenanigans for the first time since Austin Aries just walked off after a loss.

Susan is going to be a bigger joy to watch than Susie, I’m nearly positive. Matt Hardy and Jerry Lynn toying with their old Impact/TNA ties and coming in to purposely try and destroy Impact has something artistic about it. I still hate everything about Tony Khan, and yes I know the gimmick seems to be the smarmy smug rich kid who thinks he’s a nice guy but is just a toolbox. But I just don’t enjoy his portrayal, he’s trying far too hard and being too over the top, so it’s a cringe induced hatred not a character hatred.

Fire and Flava Fest next week should be great! Brian Myers starting an angle with Eddie Edwards will be quality wrestling. Oh and yes, if it involves Josh Alexander, I’m all for it; so the Ace Austin story should be great. I’m a sucker for good technical wrestling badasses *waves at Minoru Suzuki*.

All in all, damn good show with a little bit of everything. Great way to follow a PPV.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/19/21)

Dark has CERO! MIEDO!



AEW Dark 2

The Lucha Brothers come to AEW Dark!

Another hefty helping of AEW Dark has a big tag team match of Chaos Project VS Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo! Will Luther and Serpentico fail to put fear in Death Triangle’s hearts?


  • Brandon Cutler VS Luchasaurus w/ Jurassic Express; Luchasaurus wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS El Australiano; Guevara wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Nick Comoroto; Scorpio wins.
  • Shanna VS Marti Daniels; Shanna wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Mike Verna & Baron Black; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Ryzin, Adam Priest & Vary Morales; Gunn Club wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Jon Cruz & Danny Limelight; Proud ‘n’ Powerful win.
  • Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow; Private Party wins.
  • Big Swole VS Alex Gracia; Swole wins.
  • Sonny Kiss VS Zack Clayton; Kiss wins.
  • Top Flight VS KC Navarro & A.J. Kirsch; Top Flight wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Tesha Price & Katalina Perez; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • The Acclaimed VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol; The Acclaimed wins.
  • Lucha Brothers w/ PAC VS Chaos Project; The Lucha Brothers win.


Brandon Cutler VS Luchasaurus w/ Jurassic Express!

The Dungeon Master’s still on a win streak, but will it go extinct against the wrestling dinosaur? Luchasaurus gets a mic and says, “Boys, I’m gonna address the elephant in the room. Er, the wooly mammoth.” Or rather, the dragon? There are no talking dragons in AEW, and why should you believe the talking dinosaur? Because he has a Masters Degree. We all know it’s just Brandon Cutler, so let’s have the match already. Cutler makes his entrance, and he stands face to face with Luchasaurus. Cutler of course takes the dragon mask, and the match begins!

Cutler sneaks up on Luchasaurus as he talks to the boys and rolls him up! TWO and Cutler hurries to the apron. Cutler slides under, avoids a stomp and then kicks Luchasaurus away! Cutler hurries up to slingshot and kick! Luchasaurus just gets mad! Cutler blocks the chop, gives a CHOP, but Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch! Cutler CHOPS, goes up and up but the arm-drag is blocked! Luchasaurus throws Cutler up top, Cutler boots him away but Luchasaurus BOOTS him down! The ref reprimands Luchasaurus but he just growls.

Luchasaurus goes out to fetch Cutler, and CHOPS him against the railing! And CHOPS him again! Luchasaurus brings Cutler around to CHOP him down! Luchasaurus refreshes the count and Marko Stunt hopes Cutler doesn’t take this personally. Cutler crawls but Luchasaurus reels him into a wheelbarrow, to swing him into railing! Luchasaurus continues to stalk Cutler, drags him back up, but Cutler CHOPS! Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch, and he boots Cutler into more railing, then BOOTS him over the railing! Cutler flounders up and Luchasaurus TOSSES him back to the ring! The ref counts but Luchasaurus puts Cutler in at 3.

Luchasaurus gets on the apron, Cutler ROUNDHOUSES! Luchasaurus stays up, grabs at Cutler, but Cutler hotshots him down! Cutler builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and they hit railing! Luchasaurus gets into the ring but Cutler slingshots for the senton! Cutler keeps moving, LONG DISTANCE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus growls, Cutler fires off hands but Luchasaurus just gets angrier. Luchasaurus blocks, KNEES, boots and HEADBUTTS! Cutler staggers up, Luchasaurus puts him in a corner for fast hands! The uppercut sends Cutler to the apron! Luchasaurus TOSSES Cutler back in! And then CLOBBERS him!

Fans fire up as Luchasaurus choke grips Cutler, but Cutler slips out of the choke slam! Cutler dumps Luchasaurus out, slingshots and PLANCHAS both men are down! Cutler puts Luchasaurus in, aims from an apron, springboard for the FROGGY BOW! Luchasaurus sits up before Cutler could cover! Cutler runs to BASEMENT METEORA! Cutler springboards again, FROGGY BOW! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus still lives and Cutler can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Cutler heads to a corner and climbs, but Luchasaurus has him first with a choke grip!

Cutler clubs him away, leaps over but Luchasaurus ducks under to TAIL WHIP! AND CHOKE SLAM! Cutler ends up folded on his head!! Cover, TWO!?! Cutler lives and Luchasaurus can’t believe it! Luchasaurus aims as Cutler gets up, then spins, for the BUZZSAW! Cover, Luchasaurus wins!

Winner: Luchasaurus, by pinfall

The win streak is extinct, but Jungle Boy and Stunt jokingly resuscitate Cutler. Will Jurassic Express get back on track in the AEW Tag Division? Can Cutler recover to start a new win streak?


Sammy Guevara VS El Australiano!

The Best Ever, the Spanish God, and one half of the Inner Circle’s primary tag team? Well, Sammy will team with Jake Hager for Dynamite to take on the other teams formed within the faction, but will The Australian ruin his tune-up?

The bell rings and fans rally as Sammy and Australiano circle. They tie up, Sammy waistlocks and slams Australiano to then spin and float and pose. Sammy backs off to lounge on the ropes, then circles with Australiano again. They approach but Australiano has Sammy stop. Australiano wants to see Sammy’s moves, then starts dancing around. Sammy swings on Australiano, Australiano ducks and uppercuts! Sammy keeps coming with fast hands, Australiano blocks and blocks and HELL STAB uppercuts! Australiano dances, blocks Sammy’s kick and ducks the enziguri to hit the corkscrew senton!

Australiano jumps the sweep, handsprings and goes around and around to headscissor Sammy to a corner! Australiano does his dance, goes after Sammy in the corner, but Sammy turns it around to CHOP! Australiano returns the CHOP, then whips corner to corner. Sammy reverses, Australiano goes up and over and Sammy hits buckles! Corner 619! Australiano heads up top, TORNILLO BODY ATTACK! A direct hit but a rough one for both men! Sammy rolls out of the ring and walks it off, but Australiano gets to a corner and up top again, for another TORNILLO! Another rough landing but Australiano gets up! Fans rally as Australiano and Sammy stand.

Australiano puts Sammy in and goes to the corner, DRAGON RANA! Cover, TWO!! Sammy bails out and Australiano is beside himself! Australiano hurries as Sammy slowly stands, and he goes to the apron for a Penalty Kick. Sammy ducks it, Australiano SHOOTING STARS, into a SUPERKICK! Sammy takes Australiano out of the air and brings him up to whip into railing! Sammy swaggers, drags Australiano up and snap suplexes! Sammy puts Australiano in the ring, back suplex to a DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Australiano survives and Sammy is surprised. Sammy drags Australiano to a drop zone, climbs up top, and fans rally up as Sammy SHOOTING STAR FLOPS!

Australiano drags Sammy to the drop zone, climbs back up top, and SIDEWAYS MOONSAULTS! Direct hit but Australiano bounces off the cover! Australiano crawls back and covers, ROPEBREAK! Sammy saves himself and Australiano can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Australiano drags Sammy up to a fireman’s carry but Sammy elbows free. Sammy shoves Australiano to the corner, Australiano hops up and trust falls back, but Sammy catches him into the torture rack! GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Sammy applauds Australiano’s efforts, but obviously Australiano’s best wasn’t better than the Best Ever! Sammy gets the mic to say, “I’m gonna make this quick. I know Taz has after parties to get to.” So Sammy makes sure we zoom in on the shoulder. Do you see that? No, you probably can’t. But he feels it. He feels when the weight gets heavier every single day, week, month. It’s a chip on his shoulder! There will be gold on these shoulders one day. Not only is Sammy carrying Dark, but he’s carrying Dynamite and every PPV he’s on because he’s the best worker in AEW!

Oh, is he just Jericho’s sidekick? That’s the only reason he’s here? We all know Jericho brought Sammy here, but here’s a secret: “I wasn’t some friendly favor of Chris Jericho.” Jericho is a father figure, a mentor, and the scout who saw Sammy busting his ass, and Jericho was the one saying AEW needs Sammy! Clap for the GOAT! But Sammy sets the record straight: he’s here because of work, and that work will get him every single championship AEW has! Whoever it is, update the rankings, because whether it’s Darby Allin or Kenny Omega, Sammy’s coming for everyone. Will Sammy’s pursuit of gold begin when he and Hager become THE tag team in the Inner Circle?


Scorpio Sky VS Nick Comoroto!

While The Addiction of SoCal Uncensored are on a tag team quest that’s titles or bust, the Closer wants to climb up the ranks in his own right! Will he be able to #ReachForTheSky against the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball?

The bell rings and Scorpio circles with Comoroto. Scorpio headlocks but Comoroto shoves him right off. They circle again, Scorpio gets around then gets the headlock, but Comoroto blocks the takeover! Comoroto shoves, Scorpio rams him with a shoulder but bounces off! Comoroto and Scorpio circle, test of strength, but Scorpio dropkicks him to a corner! Scorpio fires off with forearms and uppercuts, but Comoroto tosses Scorpio into the corner! Scorpio gets away, throws a forearm and runs, Scorpio dodges the clothesline but Comoroto blocks the drop toehold! Scorpio goes to a corner, boots Comoroto away and goes up the corner, FLYING RANA! Cover, ONE!!

Scorpio drops elbows on Comoroto and whips but Comoroto blocks! Comoroto whips, Scorpio holds ropes and elbows back. Scorpio goes to the apron, Comoroto grabs a leg but Scorpio clubs away on his back. Comoroto dodges the next forearm to hotshot Scorpio’s back! Comoroto drags Scorpio back into the ring, and stomps away on the back! Fans boo as Comoroto scowls and paces. Comoroto drags Scorpio up into the corner to throw forearms on the back, then RAM his shoulder in! Comoroto whips corner to corner hard and Scorpio falls to the mat! Fans rally, Comoroto stomps Scorpio then digs his knee into Scorpio’s back.

Comoroto drags Scorpio to a corner and bends him back against the post! The ref counts, Comoroto stops at 4, then stalks Scorpio to a corner. Scorpio throws haymakers and elbows, then goes up to leap, into Comoroto’s arms! BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives but Comoroto digs his forearm into Scorpio’s face. Comoroto drags Scorpio up, scoops him and hits another BACKBREAKER! Comoroto makes it a backbreaker bend but lets off to loom over Scorpio. Comoroto straddle attacks Scorpio, then looms over him as he slowly gets up. Comoroto jumps again, Scorpio turns over, but Comoroto anticipates the knees! Comoroto grabs the legs, turns Scorpio over and has a HALF CRAB!

Scorpio endures, fans rally up, and Scorpio fights up towards the ropes for the ropebreak! Comoroto lets go quickly but he drags Scorpio from ropes. Scorpio kicks Comoroto away, Comoroto comes back but Scorpio dumps him out! Comoroto hurries back in but Scorpio clotheslines Comoroto and himself out! Scorpio hurries back in as Comoroto gets up, and Scorpio PLANCHAS to take Comoroto back down! Fans fire up as Scorpio gets up and hobbles. Scorpio puts Comoroto back in, climbs up top, and leaps for the missile dropkick! Scorpio fires up and he back kicks to then run and DUMDUM STOMP!

Comoroto staggers up, Scorpio fireman’s carries but the back gives up! Comoroto fireman’s carries Scorpio for an USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Comoroto is furious and he rains down rights! Comoroto roars, drags Scorpio back up and scoops him, but Scorpio slips off to BOOT! Comoroto just roars, so Scorpio BOOTS him again! Scorpio manages the fireman’s carry for the T K O! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

That was definitely a big challenge, but Scorpio overcame it! Will he rise up in the rankings to go after gold in the near future?


Shanna VS Marti Daniels!

So far, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’s return has been perfect! She’s on a young win streak, but will that change against one of AEW’s newest additions?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Shanna pushes Marti but Marti pushes Shanna away. Shanna ducks the boot, dropkicks a leg out and then runs to blindside elbow! Roll into the ghost pin, TWO! Shanna clubs away on Marti, then snapmares her to a running elbow drop! And then a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps cool and brings Marti up with chicken wings, but Marti breaks free to pull Shanna’s hair. The ref reprimands, Marti whips Shanna and BOOTS her down! Marti stomps Shanna, soaks up the heat from the fans, then drags Shanna up to whip again. Marti elbows Shanna down hard and taunts the booing fans.

Fans rally for Shanna as Marti brings her up and tosses her by her hair! Marti stomps Shanna around, Shanna gets to the ropes and Marti drags her up. Marti talks trash but Shanna fires back with elbows and forearms! Shanna kicks, Marti blocks but Shanna enziguris! Marti ends up in a corner, fans fire up and Shanna runs in to elbow! Shanna keeps going, forearm smash! Shanna runs for a SUPER FOREARM! Marti rushes in, but Shanna slips around for a STUNNER! Shanna powers up, runs and hits a basement dropkick at the ropes! She drags Marti up with chicken wings, for the TIGER SUPLEX!

The bridging cover falls apart so Shanna drags Marti up again, for ANOTHER TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Shanna wins!

Winner: Shanna, by pinfall

Shanna continues to build her power level in the AEW Women’s Division! But will she be able to go Super Shanna and become a contender to the championship?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Mike Verna & Baron Black!

Eddie Kingston’s family still has a lot of beef with the Lucha Brothers but they’ll hash that out soon enough. Will the Real Man of Steel and EmpBruh be ground beef after tonight?

The teams sort out, Blade starts with Verna and they tie up. They go around, Blade puts Verna in a corner but they go around on the ropes. Verna puts Blade in the corner, Blade turns it around and the ref counts. Blade and Verna let off at 4, and then stare down before tying up again. Blade headlocks, wrenches, hammerlocks, and slaps Verna around, to the delight of Bunny Allie. Verna elbows out, runs and runs Blade over! Verna runs, Blade drops then hurdles but Verna leaps over to go up and huricanrana! Verna is on Blade at the ropes, CHOPS him, then CHOPS him again! Verna CHOPS Blade again, whips him to ropes, but Blade reverses.

Verna ducks and dodges to leap, into a POWERBOMB! Baron tags in and stares Blade down. Blade tags Butcher and Butcher circles with Baron. They approach, Baron slips around, headlocks, but Butcher powers out. Butcher blocks a whip and reverses it, but Baron hurdles over to waistlock. Butcher bucks the roll-up, Baron gets around to uppercut and CHOP and spinning CHOP! Butcher reels Baron in for a BACKBREAKER! Butcher snap suplexes Baron away from the corner, tags in Blade, and Blade chokes Baron on the ropes! The ref counts but Blade lets off at 4. Bunny Allie talks trash and chokes Baron herself!

Blade throws hands on Baron in the corner, digs his knees in, but stops as the ref counts. Tag to Butcher, Butcher CHOPS Baron, CHOPS him again, and bumps Baron off buckles. Butcher stomps Baron, brings Baron up to dig into the ropes, then whips him into the corner. Tag to Blade, they mug Baron, double wrench and double CHOP him down! Blade drags Baron up, fans rally as Blade whips, but Baron rolls up off the kitchen sink, TWO! HALF CRAB! Butcher gets in but the ref stops him, Bunny CLAWS Baron’s face! Blade ROCKS Baron in the corner, bumps him off buckles and tags in Butcher. Butcher throws hands on Baron, stomps him, then ROCKS him with a right of his own!

Butcher hauls Baron up, tags in Blade, and then atomic drop to Blade’s NECKBREAKER! Blade kicks Baron around, kicks him out of the ring, and argues with the ref. Bunny rains down fists on Baron, then gets away with her obnoxious laugh. Butcher puts Baron in for Blade and Blade drags Baron up. Tag to Butcher, they double suplex but Baron fights out! Baron elbows Blade, BOOTS Butcher, then ducks the double clothesline to tag in Verna! Verna rallies with forearms and CHOPS! Verna kicks Butcher but he blocks, only to enziguri! SPINNING POWERSLAM for Blade! Verna says hey yo to Bunny then runs in to forearm Butcher at the corner!

Verna climbs up, leaps and missile dropkicks Butcher away! Verna kicks Blade, DECKS Butcher, then fireman’s carries Blade! Bunny distracts, Blade rakes Verna’s eyes and shoves him to a corner. Butcher clotheslines, Blade CHOPS, then a feed to the BODY CHECK! Baron gets in but he gets the back suplex choke slam combo! Blade and Butcher drag Verna up, suplex to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Verna was on the chopping block and got cut down! Will the Mad King’s knights conquer the AEW Tag Division soon enough?


Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Ryzin, Adam Priest & Vary Morales!

AEW keeps setting them up, Billy and his boys, Austin and Colten, keep knocking ’em down! Will that streak continue the deeper we go into the new year?

The trios sort out, and after rock-paper-scissors, Billy starts with Morales. Billy and Morales circle, tie up, and Billy barely budges as Morales tries his hardest. Billy shoves Morales away, Morales tags in Priest, and Priest ties up with Billy. Billy shoves Priest away with ease, but Ryzin tags in. Ryzin flexes and circles with Billy, to kick low and throw haymakers! Ryzin has BIlly in a corner, punches the headband off, but Billy reverses the rip to then scoop and sidewalk slam! Fans rally while Ryzin writhes, and Billy drags Ryzin up to tag Austin in. Austin tags Colten in, Billy whips Ryzin for Austin to body shot and Colten to dropkick! Colten covers, TWO!

Colten keeps on Ryzin’s arm, drags him over and tags in Austin. The Gunn brothers hand off, wrench but Ryzin powers out. Austin dodges the clothesline but not the SUPERKICK! Ryzin tags in Morales, things speed up, Austin hurdles but Morales shoves. Austin comes back to dodge and trip Morales up! Then the THROWBACK! Fans are fired up and Austin brings Morales up for haymakers. Austin hip tosses but Morales flips through to kick low! Morales runs, Priest tags in, Morales slips out of the back drop and Priest CLOBBERS Austin! Priest stomps Austin into the ocrner, tags in Ryzin, and they mug Austin with more stomps.

Ryzin digs his boots in, the ref counts and Ryzin lets off. Ryzin KICKS Austin then tags in Morales. They mug Austin, Morales drags Austin up to whip him to a corner, and hits a HIGH Bronco Buster! Morales snapmares and runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, ONE!! Morales drags Austin up, wrenches the arm and drags him over to tag in Ryzin. Ryzin throws haymakers, then taunts the Gunns with “SUCK IT!” But Austin boots back! AUstin fights back in enemy territory but Ryzin ROCKS him with a right! Ryzin brings Austin out but Austin suplexes Ryzin first! Hot tags to Colten and Morales! Colten rallies with big rights, Priest runs in to get some rights, too!

Colten hits a corner splash on Priest, then a corner splash on Morales! Tilt-o-whirl SLAM for Priest, and a running POWRESLAM for Morales! Cover, Ryzin breaks it! Billy goes after Ryzin and clotheslines him out! The brothers coordinate, double hip, back drop to neckbreaker! The 3:10 to Yuma! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

And the Gunn Club keeps on rolling! Will they be aiming for titles in the new year?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Jon Cruz & Danny Limelight!

Much like Sammy Guevara earlier tonight, Santana and Ortiz want to be THE tag team within the Inner Circle! Will they finally get to do what they came to AEW to do? Or will this tune-up turn into a speed bump to that journey?

The teams sort out and Limelight starts with Santana. Limelight fires off on Santana but Santana gets around for a waistlock and HARD slam! Santana drags Limelight up but Limelight arm-drags then dropkicks him! Limelight kips up, kicks away on Santana at the ropes, then runs. Santana drops, gets around and shotgun boots Limelight down! Santana puts Limelight in the corner, tags in Ortiz, then fireman’s carries for the DEATH VALLEY NECKBREAKER! Cruz leaps in but into a SUPERKICK! PNP fire off hands on Cruz, then coordinate for a wheelbarrow cutter! Cruz flounders out and Ortiz focuses on Limelight.

Ortiz brings Limelight around, up, Santana tags in, and Ortiz POWERBOMBS to swing Limelight into the PENALTY KICK! High stack, PNP wins!!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Santana and Ortiz put this one away fast! That is definitely a message sent to their Inner Circle brothers that they need to bring even better than their A Game’s to Dynamite! Will it be as it was always meant to be for Santana and Ortiz? Will they finally be the ones hunting down the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


“Pretty” Peter Avalon is here!

#PPAAllDay goes to the ring with a mic to say, “Oh, AEW, it’s time for me to grace you all with my presence, and baby, you’re welcome.” Avalon gives his proper introductions as the biggest man in pro-wrestling, the most handsome man in AEW, and the premier attraction on AEW Dark. For those who already know him, you know he’s on a winning streak, beating the most handsome men in wrestling. But it is time to take things to the next level. There are career defining matches and moments, and it is time Avalon had one of those! Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation presents: The Walk Off.

Lee Johnson is a handsome young man and Avalon was checking him out. Avalon gave Johnson an 8 x 10, which Johnson accepted. That meant Johnson also accepted his challenge for “The Walk Off.” But what is The Walk Off? Here are the rules! There will be three “pretty” judges as each man is allowed one outfit. They will each take 10 steps forward, a pose, and then a turn to walk back. Anyone can win at wrestling, but it takes a REAL MAN to win such a cosmetic contest! Avalon tells Johnson that next week on Dark, he will prove to “each and every one of these goofs” that it is #PPAAllDay. Who wins the inaugural AEW Walk Off?


Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy vented about how this new money hungry Hardy is hogging a lot of their revenue. Hardy says his cut won’t matter when the checks get bigger and bigger. But will Big Shotty and The Extra Talented ruin the fun and earn that winner’s purse instead?

The teams sort out and Quen starts against Solow. They circle, tie up, Solow gets the arm but Quen floats over to get a facelock. Solow wrenches out to a wristlock, Quen rolls and wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock. Solow powers out, Quen runs him over, and Quen fakes out Solow’s drop down for a STANDING SHOOTING STAR to his back! Fans cheer and Quen takes a bow. Hardy tells Quen to keep on Solow and Quen runs in, but Solow elbows Quen away! Hardy trips Solow while the ref is busy with Quen, and Quen knows it. Quen lets it slide, he wants to shake Solow’s hand and Solow takes it, to get the headlock! Quen powers out but Solow dropkicks him down!

Solow drags Quen up, tags Johnson, and they double whip Quen for double elbows! Cover, ONE, and Quen tags in Kassidy. Johnson hurdles but Kassidy headscissors! Johnson bails out, Kassidy builds speed, but Hardy is too close. Kassidy has Hardy give them space but Hardy says he needs to take care of business. Hardy throws off his suit jacket in frustration as Kassidy gets a dropkick from Johnson! Hardy and Private Party argue a bit, he wants to see his boys get fired up! “By any means necessary!” Kassidy gets in, kicks Johnson and throws forearms and CHOPS! Kassidy wrenches, elbow breakers but Johnson headlocks. Kassidy throws body shots, powers out and Quen tags in.

Kassidy ducks the clothesline, Quen atomic drops and Kassidy throws Johnson down! Kassidy runs and DECKS Solow while Quen catapults Johnson into the corner! Kassidy comes back, Quen is the step for the PARTY in Motion! Quen dropkicks Solow out and Hardy is liking what he’s seeing! Quen drops knees on Johnson, fans rally up and Quen CHOPS Johnson down! Tag to Kassidy, Quen scoops Johnson for the slam, but Hardy wants Kassidy to finish this. Kassidy ditches the slingshot but his elbow drop still misses! Johnson back drops Quen and hits BLUE THUNDER BOMB on Kassidy! Hardy is frustrated as Solow tags in.

Solow brings Kassidy up for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Solow drags Kassidy up and Hardy says this is embarrassing! Kassidy powers his way towards the corner, throws body shots, then slips out to jawbreaker! Quen tags in, they double whip Solow, and use a unique leap frog to trip Solow up for the dropkick! Cover, TWO! Quen keeps on Solow with stomp after stomp, then brings Solow up to whip. Solow kicks the back drop away, tags in Johnson, and they coordinate for a back suplex neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Johnson keeps his cool as he drags Quen up and fans rally. Solow tags back in, he and Johnson double suplex but Quen fights out and DOUBLE RANAS!

Tag to Kassidy, Kassidy rallies with big clotheslines on Solow! Kassidy back kicks Solow to the corner, whips him corner to corner but Solow reverses, only for Kassidy to triangle STUNNER Johnson off the apron! Solow runs in but into a boot! Kassidy runs but Solow gets a waistlock. Kassidy standing switches, Quen tags in before the O’Conner roll, but Solow slips out. Kassidy hip tosses Solow down, Quen springboards to SPLASH! Cover, but Johnson breaks it! Kassidy dropkicks Johnson down but might’ve hurt his own leg. Quen drags Solow up, scoops, but Solow slips off. O’Conner roll, TWO!

Hardy ROCKS Solow as the ref is busy with Quen! Tag to Kassidy, Private Party drags Solow up, DOUBLE ENZIGURI SANDWICH! Cover, Private Party wins!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Quen and Kassidy win to get that winner’s paycheck, but Kassidy is clutching his leg! Did doing things Hardy’s way cost Private Party more than they know?


Big Swole VS Alex Gracia!

The championship chase is never done, and Big Swole still stands as #1 contender! But will the dream of gold be ruined by the Pink Dream?

The bell rings and fans rally up as Swole circles with Gracia. They tie up, go around, and Swole wrenches to a wristlock. Gracia rolls, wrenches back, but Swole slips around to a hammerlock then headlock. Gracia pries free, wrenches to get her own headlock and she grinds on the hold. Swole powers out, follows then runs Gracia over! Swole keeps moving, Gracia drops but swings only to miss. Swole then shoves and clobbers Gracia with an elbow! Gracia goes to the apron, Swole drags her up, but Gracia throws a forearm back! Gracia throws more forearms, gets in and drop toeholds Swole to ropes! Gracia runs, 619! Cover, ONE!!

Gracia keeps on Swole and clamps onto the arm to then throw it down. Gracia stands on the arm, and drops a leg on it! Gracia gets the other arm and drops an elbow on it! Gracia wristlocks but fans rally up as Swole fights back. Swole whips, Gracia reverses but Swole goes up and over and rolls. Swole runs back in but only gets buckles! Gracia hits a back elbow, then runs in to KICK Swole down! Cover, TWO! Gracia drags Swole up, Swole throws body shots and forearms! Swole goes to run, Gracia reels her in but Swole elbows away! Swole denies the neckbreaker to BOOT Gracia down!

Fans fire up with Swole as she aims at Gracia, and Swole rallies with big shoulders and cross chops! Swole fires off forearms, Gracia ducks a kick, jumps the sweep, but the HEADBUTT hits! Swole reels Gracia in, ripcords and takes her DIRTY DANCING! Cover, Swole wins!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

Swole may be balancing her style with technique, but all she needed was one swift strike! Will Swole be poised for a title match with Hikaru Shida soon enough?


Sonny Kiss VS Zack Clayton!

The Concrete Rose once again rolls solo with the Bad Boy still out after what Kenny Omega did to him. Will Kiss be able to stay strong without Joey Janela?

The bell rings and Kiss circles with Clayton. They tie up, Kiss waistlocks but Clayton pries at the hold. Kiss hooks a leg, trips Clayton up and floats to a facelock. Clayton powers up and tosses Kiss to a corner! Clayton runs in, Kiss goes up and over, and then Kiss ROUNDHOUSES Clayton! Kiss runs corner to corner and handsprings but Clayton dodges. Clayton runs back in into an ax kick, and then Kiss RANAS him to ropes! Kiss hurries up to SCREW HIGH KICK! Fans fire up with Kiss and Kiss runs, but into Clayton’s LARIAT! Clayton checks his face, drags Kiss back up with a facelock and suplexes. Clayton holds Kiss up for a count of 10 before SLAMMING him down!

Clayton runs for a LEAPING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO! Clayton keeps cool and wraps Kiss up with a chinlock. Kiss breaks free to ROCK Clayton, then counter punch! Kiss dodges to ROCK Clayton with a forearm! Clayton and Kiss go to opposite corners, they run at each other and Kiss slides under to then dropkick Clayton to the corner! Kiss runs in to ENZIGURI! Clayton staggers, Kiss whips but Clayton reverses. Kiss tumbles to the apron, ROUNDHOUSES again and Clayton is down! Kiss steps up and slingshots to SPLIT LEG DROP! Fans fire up, Kiss dodges Clayton and ROLLING ELBOWS! Kiss spins to mule kick, front kick and LEAPING COMPLETE SHOTS!

Kiss goes to a corner, takes aim and FLYING SPLIT LEG DROPS! Cover, Kiss wins!

Winner: Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The aggression was turned up to 11 for Kiss! Will this be the spark he needs to get up and after some gold?


Top Flight VS KC Navarro & A.J. Kirsch!

Darius & Dante Martin are the coldest tag team in the game but are also getting pretty hot in the AEW Tag Division. Will they keep that ice in their veins and continue to blaze a trail against The Truly Blessed and the Best of the West?

Teams sort out and Darius starts with Kirsch. They circle, Navarro talks some smack, but Darius ties up with Kirsch. Kirsch headlocks, Darius powers out but Kirsch gets around to headlock again. Darius rolls Kirsch off the headlock but Kirsch runs him over! Things speed up, Kirsch blocks Darius’ hip toss but Darius blocks one in return. Darius slips around to arm-drag Kirsch away, then he wrenches the arm and tags in Dante. The brothers hand-off, Darius decks Navarro and Dante wrings Kirsch out for Darius to basement dropkick! Navarro gets in, kicks both brothers then runs, but into double CHOPS!

Top Flight feeds Navarro to a spin around and ankle pick, roll through with the arm, and double KICKS! Kirsch kicks Top Flight back, drags Dante up but Dante gets away! Navarrow tags in but Dante arm-drags him down! Navarro headscissors, Dante pops out, things speed up and Navarro rolls off Dante’s back to CHOP him! Navarro fires up and whips but Dante reverses. Dante hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks, only to miss! Navarro smirks and pats Dante on the head, but he runs into a SOMERSAULT SHOTGUN! Dante drags Navarro up but Navarro SAIDOS out hard! Navarro is furious, he throws forearms and tags in Kirsch.

Kirsch rams into Dante, talks trash, but Dante shoves him away to ROCK him! Dante DECKS Navarro, boots Kirsch, then hops up, but Navarro shoves Dante off into Kirsch’s atomic drop! Kirsch trips Dante, drops an elbow and then digs forearms into Dante’s face to talk some trash. Kirsch CLUBS Dante, whips him to the corner, then runs in to clothesline! Kirsch reels Dante into a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Dante fights back but Kirsch CLUBS him! Navarro tags in, he and Kirsch mug Dante, then Navarro chokes Dante on the ropes! The ref counts, Navarro lets off, but Kirsch hotshots Dante down! Navarro drags Dante into a roll up, TWO!

Navarro drags Dante back up, has the leg and flips Dante but Dante lands on his feet! Darius tags in, Dante holds off Navarro’s powerbomb and Darius CROSSBODIES! Darius DECKS Kirsch, BOOTS Navarro, then jumps up, over, handsprings and whips to STANDING SPANISH FLY! Cover, but Kirsch breaks it in time! Kirsch whips Darius but Darius throws him out! Dante hurries over, and goes off the corner to MOONSAULT Kirsch down! Darius has Navarro, tilt-o-whirl and roll to the rolling cradle! Top Flight wins!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

If you blinked, you probably missed it, so it’s a good thing it’s on YouTube! Will Top Flight be at the top of the division in the blink of an eye?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Tesha Price & Katalina Perez!

La Sicaria & The Cuban Diamond are back in the ring together again, still looking to show everyone why they’re worthy of the AEW Women’s Tag Cup medals! Will Tesha and the Queenpin pay the price of disagreeing with that?

The teams sort out and Diamante starts with Price. They talk some trash as they circle, then they tie up and Diamante gets around to CLUB Price. Price comes back to throw forearms then whip, but Diamante blocks the hip toss. Price knees low, flips up and around but Diamante blocks the arm-drag. Price kicks from below, gets the arm-drag then arm-drags again. Diamante ends up in the corner, Price tags Perez and they double snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Perez hip tosses Diamante and basement dropkicks, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Perez stakls Diamante but misses th edropkick this time! Diamante gets the legs, catapults Perez into buckles and Ivelisse tags in.

Ivelisse KICKS Perez in the back, dragon lsepers for the reverse DDT! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse thrashes Perez around, the ref reprimands and Ivelisse lets off. Ivelisse brings Perez up to club her and snap suplex! Ivelisse rolls back into the guillotine! Perez endures, fights her way up but Ivelisse wrangles her back down. Perez pushes to a cover, TWO! Ivelisse kicks Perez and then DECKS her! Ivelisse bumps Perez off buckles, tags Diamante then CHOPS Perez! Diamante runs in to clothesline, Ivelisse RAMS in, and Diamante ROCKS Perez with a forearm! Diamante snapmares Perez, chinlocks with the armlock, but fans rally up for Perez.

Perez fights up, throws elbows but Diamante CLUBS her! Diamante fires off forearms, Perez back kicks and runs, to BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Both women are down and fans rally up. Diamante and Perez crawl, hot tags to Ivelisse and Price! Price rallies with forearms and uppercuts, and she sees Diamante coming to DECK her! Price handsprings and ROUNDHOUSES Ivelisse at the corner! Ivelisse staggers, Price runs to BULLDOG her down! Cover, TWO! Price keeps on Ivelisse but Ivelisse headbutts low! Ivelisse shoves Price to the corner but Price elbows Diamante down to then dropkick Ivelisse!

Price tags in Perez, they bring Ivelisse around but Ivelisse fights out of the suplex. Price enziguris, Perez hits a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, but Diamante breaks it! Diamante throws Price out and goes after her with haymakers, Ivelises rolls and ENZIGURIS Perez down! Cover, Ivelisse & Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall

And the Women’s Tag Cup winners keep on winning! Will this prove they’re deserving of more gold in the Women’s Division?


The Acclaimed VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol!

Platinum Max Caster and the 5 Tool Player, Anthony Bowens, are back again! “We gonna pour the water on Fuego. He only wear a mask cuz he couldn’t draw a peso. Standing on my payload, you still three feet! My last rap got me heat, but they can’t see me! Shawn Dean comin’ back but it’s just a repeat. You could call me daddy, you’re about to be beat, yo! Your only talent is gettin’ no dough, you’d get voted off of the Go Big Show, real quick. REAL quick.” Will the Acclaimed go big or go home after firing up The Captain and the Fire of the Sun?

The teams sort out and Caster starts with Fuego. They circle, tie up, and Caster wrenches to a wristlock. Fuego uses the ropes to flip through, wristlocks back but Caster wrenches to knee low! Bowens cheers but the fans boo as Caster suplexes. Fuego knees free but Caster shoves him away from the DDT! Caster wants Fuego to cool off, and Dean tags in. Caster and the Captain circle, approach, and Caster BOOTS Dean in the face! Caster headlocks, Dean powers out but Caster runs him over. Caster blows a kiss, scuffs Dean, then things speed up. Dean hurdles, leaps, but Caster catches him! Dean slips off the scoop, O’Conner roll, TWO!

Dean ends up on the apron but he slingshots in to roll Caster! Dean can’t hold the cover but Caster is still stuck upside-down for a second. Caster hurries to his feet, Dean gets around his haymaker, and then Dean rams his shoulder low into Caster’s stomach. Dean goes up, boots Caster away, then leaps for a BIG crossbody! Fans fire up as Dean watches Caster get up, and then CLOBBERS him! Cover, ONE but Dean is back on Caster. Dean reaches to tag Fuego but Caster rakes eyes and jawbreakers! Caster brings Dean around to whip but Dean reverses. Bowens tags in, Caster sunset flips but Dean stays up, to get the NECKBREAKER TO KNEES! Bowens covers, TWO!

Bowens drags Dean away to throw forearms, then CHOPS Dean in the corner! And CHOPS again! And again! Bowens tags Caster, The Acclaimed double back suplex but Dean lands on his feet! Dean dodges and The Acclaimed collide, tag to Fuego! Fuego springboards to double missile dropkick! Fuego hits a back body block on Bowens, tilt-o-whirls Caster into Bowens and The Acclaimed go down! Fuego cravats Caster, uses Bowens for the boost to SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO! Caster survives but Fuego stays fired up! Fuego runs and tilt-o-whirls but the DDT is blocked to a BRAIN BUSTER!

Tag to Bowens, Caster BOOTS Dean down and Bowens brings Fuego up. The Acclaimed coordinate, SIDE EFFECT and MACHO ELBOW! Bowens covers off Critically Acclaimed, The Acclaimed wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

Dropping bars and racking up wins, Caster and Bowens are still running hot! Will they find their way back to a tag team championship match as the new year rolls on?


Lucha Brothers w/ PAC VS Chaos Project!

Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo still have a score to settle with Eddie Kingston & The Fam, but they’ll settle for the Original Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN. Will two-thirds of Death Triangle stay sharp at the expense of Luther and Serpentico?

The teams sort out and Penta starts with Luther. Fans rally as the two circle and stare down. Luther tries poking at Penta’s third eye, but Penta tells him to listen. CERO! MIEDO! Serpentico gets in but Fenix jumps in, too! The ref tries to keep this from turning into a brawl, and Serpentico and Fenix both back off. Penta mule kicks Luther and headlocks but Luther powers out and BOOTS! Luther whips Penta to the corner, runs in to fire off haymakers, then whips Penta out, only for Penta to reverse and send him back in! Serpentico tags in and crossbodies! Serpentico dodges Penta but Fenix tags in and jumps in ahead of Serpentico!

Fenix shoves Serpentico, Serpentico fixes his head and shoves back. Serpentico runs, wheelbarrows but Fenix blocks the arm-drag. Fenix spina around, Serpentico blocks the whip but Fenix bucks the roll up. Fenix again blocks the wheelbarrow but Serpentico pushes off the ropes to sunset flip! TWO, they both go for headlocks but both slip away and fans cheer. Fenix offers a handshake, but Serpentico hesitates and Fenix CHOPS! Fenix SUPERKICKS Serpentico, tags Penta and then the brothers double whip. Serpentico holds ropes and BOOTS back! Luther ROCKS Penta, Serpentico rolls Penta to basement DDT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up, Serpentico drags Penta up and tags in Luther. Serpentico snapmares and kicks Penta, then Luther stomps Penta. Luther makes Serpentico a weapon, assisted atomic leg drop! Cover, TWO! Luther argues the count but the ref lets him vent. Luther stomps Penta, drags him up and tags Serpentico in. Chaos Project mugs Penta, Luther scoop slams Penta then again uses Serpentico. Serpentico lands out of the lift and stomps Penta. Luther runs and still uses Serpentico in the BULLDOG SPLASH! Luther dribbles Serpentico off of Penta! Cover, ONE!! Serpentico drags Penta and tags in Luther. Chaos Project mug Penta then Luther CLUBS Penta down.

Tag to Serpentico, Chaos Project mugs Penta then double whip him to a corner. Serpentico runs in, Penta puts him on the top rope and CHOPS. Penta mule kicks Luther then sends him into Serpentico’s trouser snake! Penta runs and SLINGBLADES Luther down! Fans fire up with Penta, he heads to the corner and tags in Fenix! Fenix slingshots and dropkicks Luther down! Fenix BOOTS Serpentico, brings him around, and Gory Especial, GORY BOMB AND LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Fenix runs corner to corner but Serpentico SUPERKICKS! Penta enziguris Serpentico, Fenix tags him in, POWERBOMB and WAZZAP! Cover, but Luther breaks it!

Fenix SUPERKICKS Luther down! Penta drags Serpentico up, Fenix is up top, CERO! MIEDO! But Luther trips Fenix up! Serpentico slips out of the driver to run, roll and go up, but Penta SUPERKICKS him! Fenix runs the tightrope to KICK Luther away, then coordinates with Penta again, for the L B DRIVER!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Death Triangle celebrates in the ring, Penta and Fenix are rolling! Will they settle things with The Butcher & The Blade while also going for the gold?

My Thoughts:


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