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Mitchell’s WWE Tribute to the Troops 2020 Results & Report!

Tribute to the Troops returns to television!



WWE Tribute to the Troops 2020

WWE brings the 18th Annual Tribute to the Troops to Fox!

Fox and WWE proudly bring this patriotic tradition back to television! Join in the celebratory thanksgiving to America’s men and women in military!

NOTE: Apologies for not covering this on December 6th, but Fox has such stupid ways of scheduling things, so curse them out like I did all day Sunday.


  • 10 Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & The Street Profits VS Sami Zayn, Elias, King Corbin, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Bryan, Mysterio, Hardy & The Street Profits win.
  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS Bayley & Natalya; Banks & Belair win.
  • Drew McIntyre VS The Miz w/ John Morrison; McIntyre wins.


In 2003, a tradition was born.

“On behalf of my fellow Americans, we have come here to simply say, ‘Thank you.'” The WWE has led us on thanking our men and women of the US Armed Forces, “for all that you give, this is our way of giving back to you.” Welcome to the 18th Annual Tribute to the Troops!


10 Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & The Street Profits VS Sami Zayn, Elias, King Corbin, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

What a star-studded opening match to honor the stars and stripes! But who will get to celebrate more with a big win in this 5v5 one fall match?

The teams sort out and Rey starts with Ziggler. They circle, tie up, and the Show-Off gets a waistlock on the King of Lucha! Ziggler floats all over, headlocks, then facelocks. Ziggler turns Rey but he slips out of the neckbreaker, only for Ziggler to ROCK him with a right! Ziggler talks smack then whips, Rey reverses but Ziggler sunset flips. Rey slips out to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! Rey brings Ziggler up, Ziggler kicks a leg and dropkicks Rey down! Tag to Roode and the “Dirty Dawgs” mug Rey! Roode stomps Rey in a corner, whip shim corner to corner, but Rey stops himself. Rey drop toeholds Roode into buckles! Tag to the Charismatic Enigma, and Rey is Hardy’s step stool for POETRY IN MOTION!

Roode flounders, Hardy goes to jawbreaker but Roode knees him back! Roode runs into Hardy’s atomic drop! Leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick! And a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Roode up, wrenches, tags in Bryan and they mug Roode. Bryan brings Roode around to throw EuroUppers, then whips Roode corner to corner! Bryan runs in and dropkicks Roode down! Cover, TWO! Bryan keeps on Roode, wrenches and whips, but Roode reverses to CLOBBER Bryan! Tag to the Drifter and he stomps Bryan then bumps him off buckles. Elias CHOPS, CLUBS and whips Bryan. Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, dodges Elias and LEAPING LARIATS!

Elias wobbles into a Yes Kick! Bryan wrenches Elias, whips but Elias reverses. Elias runs in but Bryan boots him! Bryan goes up, leaps, but into a JUMPING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Elias sucker punches Hardy and a brawl breaks out! The ref tries to restore order but the ten men spill out of the ring! Rey seated sentons Sami Zayn! Bryan builds speed and DIVES to take Elias out into the desk! Montez Ford FLIES to wipe out everyone else!! The chaos finally settles down a bit as Tribute to the Troops goes to break!

WWE TTTT returns and Ziggler mule kicks Bryan down! Ziggler drags Bryan to a cover, TWO! Ziggler smirks as he drags Bryan up and whips him to the corner. Tag to Roode and Roode whips Ziggler for Ziggler to whip Roode for Roode to whip Ziggler and Ziggler SPLASHES Bryan! Ziggler feeds Bryan to Roode’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Roode drags Bryan up, CHOPS him to the corner, then throws haymakers! Roode mocks the Yes chants and hoists Bryan up top. Roode throws haymakers again, climbs up to join Bryan, mocks the Yes chant more, but Bryan resists the superplex! Bryan fights back, and headbutts Roode down! Bryan adjusts and leaps to missile dropkick Roode down!

Both men are down and the troops are fired up on their ThunderDome screens! Bryan and Roode crawl, hot tags to Rey and Corbin! Rey dodges Corbin and dropkicks legs out! Then speeds up to tilt-o-whirl headscissor Corbin to a corner! Rey rains down rights in the corner but Corbin puts him on the apron. Rey shoulder sin, enziguris back, then climbs up to leap! SEATED SENTON! Rey keeps going, wheelbarrow and BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Corbin gets up but Rey has him on the ropes! Rey runs but Corbin avoids the call! Choke grip, CHOKE BREAKER! Tag to Sami and Sami drags Rey up for a BLUE- No Rey slips out, ducks but Sami grabs a leg! Rey enziguris Sami away, hot tag to Angelo Dawkins!

Dawkins rallies on the Intercontinental Champion! And then hits a flying back elbow! Dawkins runs in to CYCLONE SPLASH, then keeps moving to BULLDOG! Cover, Elias breaks it! Hardy kicks Elias for a TWIST OF FATE! Ziggler SUPERKICKS Hardy, Bryan RUNNING KNEES Ziggler! Roode hits a GLORIOUS SPINEBUSTER! But Rey puts Roode on ropes and dials it up, 619! Rey springboards, but Corbin BLASTS him! Dawkins clobbers Corbin, Sami rolls Dawkins! TWO, and Dawkins kicks Sami back, for the BUTTERFLY ANARCHY! Tag to Ford and he’s up top, FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, Ford and team win!!

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & The Street Profits, by pinfall

Montez Ford being former military himself, this was a great honor for him to win in front of his brothers and sisters in uniform! Were these fireworks of sorts just the beginning of the festivities tonight?


Lacey Evans is at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar!

She welcomes us back and she also has Jay Glazer for Fox here with her! As a former Marine, she has some “hard chargers” ready to have a push-up contest! We have Corporal Charlie, Lance Corporal Johnathan and Lance Corporal Dominic! Why not add a fourth and have Lacey get in on this? She’ll gladly kick these boys’ butts! She throws off her jacket and everyone gets down and gives us their best! All four make it to the end of the countdown, and we hear the numbers! Charlie got 63, Johnathan got 58 and Dominic got 57. Lacey says she had 75, but we’ll let Charlie be the winner! Semper Fi!


Award-winning country singer, Hardy, is here!

He goes with his newest song, Give Heaven Some Hell, for his first-ever ThunderDome performance!


This year, WWE Superstars had a virtual meet ‘n’ greet with the troops.

The ongoing global pandemic kept this from being the traditional in-person meetings, but they still got to share their thanks and praise with the men and women sacrificing their time and energy for our safety.


Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS Bayley & Natalya!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion teams with The EST against the Role Model and #BOAT, Best of All Time! But will The Boss and Bianca prove who is #LEGIT against the former SmackDown Women’s Champion and the Queen of Harts?

WWE TTTT returns as Natty makes her entrance, followed by Bayley’s. The teams sort out, Bayley insists she start and she goes against former friend, Sasha Banks. These two circle, approach, and tie up! The go around and Sasha gets the arm, but Bayley moves around to avoid a wrench. Sasha waistlocks, gets a leg and gets Bayley down to a headlock. Bayley keeps her shoulders up but Sasha traps an arm. Sasha gets up, wrenches and yanks on the arm, then tags Bianca. Bayley hits them both with forearms, but Bianca blocks the drop toehold! Bianca picks Bayley up, Bayley fights out with furious elbows, and then Bayley waistlocks to put Bianca in the corner.

Tag to Natty, she facelocks Bianca but Bianca wrenches out to headlock in return. Natty powers out but Bianca runs her over! Things speed up, Bianca handsprings and dares Natty to come at her. Things speed up again, Natty returns the taunting, only for Bianca to run her over again! Bianca runs and handsprings to splash! Cover, TWO! Bianca brings Natty up, fireman’s carries and flexes on Bayley. Bayley gets in to help Natty down, but Bianca DECKS each of them in turn! Tag to Sasha and Sasha goes up for Bianca to trophy lift her! Bianca TOSSES Sasha at Natty and Bayley for a crossbody! The Boss and the EST are all fired up as WWE TTTT goes to break!

WWE TTTT returns and Bayley has Bianca down with a chinlock. Bianca endures and fights up but Bayley brings her around to bump off buckles. Tag to Natty, they mug Bianca then double whip Bianca into buckles! Natty drags Bianca up, but Bianca blocks the snap suplex to get a cradle, TWO! Bianca reaches but Natty clobbers her before she can tag! Natty drags Bianca by her legs but Bianca kicks her away! Hot tag to Sasha! Sasha dodges Natty to DECK Bayley, then she tilt-o-whirl headscissors Natty! Sasha runs in but is put on the apron, to KNEE back! Sasha swings and METEORAS! Sasha snapmares Natty, goes up and leaps, FLYING METEORA! Cover, Bayley breaks it!

Bianca kicks but gets a KNEE from Sasha! Sasha has Bianca handspring SPLASH on Bayley! They get Bayley out hard, but Natty elbows Sasha! Natty spins but into a spin, knuckle lock and lift to a wheelbarrow, but Natty rebounds that for the sit down! Natty steps all over Sasha but Sasha trips her! Sasha has the BANK STATEMENT CROSSFACE!! Natty crawls, endures, but Sasha rolls her away! Natty taps, Banks and Belair win!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair, by submission

The longest reigning and the winningest woman were not better than the champion and the EST! Will this go a long way to determining both the pecking order and the contender’s list at the same time?


WWE flashbacks to 2007!

Vince McMahon was being a Grinch, so to speak, as the WWE was in Tikrit, Iraq. Vince said Santa Claus wasn’t coming, but then Old Santa Cena told Vince he was being naughty trying to sabotage Santa’s sleigh. But the sleigh was built Army strong! Vince exposed it was just Cena in a costume, but that only backfired because he got an Attitude Adjustment for it!


Celebrities from both sports and Hollywood salute the troops!

Drew Brees says it is a privilege and honor to join WWE in thanking the American military for their service. Terry Crews is proud to thank them and Rob Gronkowski wants the soldiers all to know they are greatly appreciated.


Drew McIntyre VS The Miz w/ John Morrison!

The Scottish Warrior and WWE World Champion confronts Mr. Money in the Bank head-on, daring him to try something! Will the Hollywood A-Lister, even with the Guru of Greatness in his corner, stick to the script for tonight?

WWE TTTT returns and the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century *stare off into the distance* make their entrance. The bell rings and Miz circles with McIntyre. Miz gets around to waistlock but McIntyre switches. Miz gets to ropes then elbows and kicks McIntyre back. Miz throws hands but McIntyre throws Miz! McIntyre throws stomps and punches then a CHOP! Miz is stinging but McIntyre whips him to ropes. Miz holds ropes to avoid another chop, and then regroups with Morrison. McIntyre goes out and CHOPS Miz again! Morrison is lurking but the ref tells him to stay back. McIntyre makes sure Morrison is a nonfactor as he TOSSES Morrison over the barriers!

Miz clobbers McIntyre from behind and gets him down for the basement DDT! Miz gets back in the ring as the count is up to 7, but then he goes out to fetch McIntyre. Miz RAMS McIntyre into barriers, then puts him in the ring. McIntyre clutches his back while Miz climbs up, but McIntyre trips Miz up! McIntyre CHOPS Miz, climbs up, but Miz trips him up! Miz throws haymakers to put McIntyre in the Tree of Woe, but McIntyre sits up to SUPLEX Miz away! Both men are down but McIntyre is seething! McIntyre gets up, takes aim, and CLOBBERS Miz! McIntyre rallies with more clotheslines, then whips to OVERHEAD SUPELX Miz again! And again!

The troops are fired up as McIntyre hits the neckbreaker, and the kip up! McIntyre is ready to have some fun now! Morrison grabs at Miz but McIntyre drags them both into the ring! The ref reprimands Morrison but Miz pokes McIntyre in the eye! Miz rolls McIntyre and has the ropes, TWO!! Miz BOOTS McIntyre but McIntyre elbows back! Morrison gets on the apron but McIntyre DECKS him! Miz grabs McIntyre in the full nelson, but McIntyre arm-drags out to FUTURE SHOCK! But McIntyre won’t cover, he just kips up again! McIntyre aims from a corner and gives us a countdown! “3! 2! 1! BOOM!” CLAYMORE!! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The WWE World Champion barely broke a sweat with Miz and Morrison! But while he’s thwarted Mr. MITB for now, will he have to worry about him down the line? For now, McIntyre revels in his win alongside the ThunderDome screens and the great men and women featured on them! Thank you and happy holidays to one and all!

My Thoughts:

A very fun Tribute to the Troops 2020, but there are many reasons as to why this was a far cry from the 2018 edition, the previous one of these to be televised. First off, as my note at the very start of this article said, Fox had a bad way of handling this special. Fox is too busy with NFL, so they just shoved it in where they could on a regional basis! Being in Mountain Time, I basically got screwed by bad guide programming. One night, my cable said TTTT would be 4:30 PM EST. But then without my knowing, it changed to 3 PM EST because of how the NFL scheduling was for my region. It all makes it seem like the event we should all care about and enjoy is just an afterthought now. Couldn’t they have also put this on the Network same day?

Understandably, COVID has gotten in the way of all the great other segments we would’ve gotten this year that were part of other years, but the push-up contest was kinda fun. There should’ve been a better way of keeping track of who was doing how much, this is both the WWE and Fox, so sports scoreboards should’ve been present. And as musical guests go, Hardy was good. And the matches were fun. That 5v5 tag was wild but in a good way, and how great for Montez Ford to get that pin. Banks and Belair VS Bayley and Natty should really be revisited after TLC and given a big match feel so that the winners have momentum in the title chase. I’m already hoping for the Triple Threat of Bayley, Bianca and #BOAT, so a tag match adjacent could work, too. And of course McIntyre wins, with how he’s booked as a beast and Miz-Morrison are booked as dorks.

My Score: 8.2/10

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