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Adam’s WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Results & Review

Hell in a Cell doesn’t have a bloated card and we have 3 cell matches to look forward to! Does WWE knock it out of the park?



Another WWE Pay-Per-View, another Andrew pulling rank with the Buccaneers playing right now. When will I ever learn since UWN is running beautifully now? Anyway, with five or… well I guess Six with the 24/7 Title being defended on the kickoff show announced during the weekend. Miz winning a trial with JBL for the Money in the Bank briefcase, three Hell in a Cell matches with one in a special added stipulation in an I Quit Match within the Hell in a Cell. Hopefully TB12 doesn’t distract me too much from the show… oooo Scotty Miller with—oh wait on the three… Chris Godwin with another Touchdown!

Oh uh… right.

WWE Hell in a Cell. It’s… It’s that right now.


  • Drew Gulak vs R-Truth(c) for the 24/7 Championship:  Truth wins via Jackknife Pin- **–  TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match: Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns(c) for the Universal Championship: Jey Uso quit – **** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Elias vs Jeff Hardy: Elias wins via DQ – **
  • Otis vs The Miz for the Money in the Bank Briefcase: Miz wins Money in the Bank- ** ½
  • Hell in a Cell Match: Sasha Banks vs Bayley(c) for the SmackDown Women’s Championship:  Sasha wins via Bank Statement- *** ¾TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Slapjack vs Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship:  Lashley wins via Hurt Lock- * ¾
  • Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton wins via RKO- ****TITLE CHANGE!!!!



Drew Gulak vs R-Truth

So Gulak wanted to have a little fun in the expense of Little Jimmy, doing holds and having him sit on his lap (and no, I’m not joking). Truth actually gets angry and goes after Gulak but, you don’t brawl a technician because he’ll pick you apart which is what Drew Gulak does best. Truth finally getting a head of steam with a little Five Knuckle Shuffle like his childhood hero John Cena and after getting more of a flurry of speed and offense and after a quick scramble, Truth does to a Jackknife Pin attempt to retain his 24/7 Championship.

Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns

Okay… for everyone reading the review and saying, “Really man? Four plus Stars? He did three spears, there was a leather strap involved. That wasn’t a real match.” No… That wasn’t a match in all honesty. It would be about two stars but everyone loves how Bayley and Sasha had a story? This was a God damn amazing story. Jey had an out, he could have quit and none of this would have happened. The entire thing felt like it was legit and each hit told a story. Roman did enough to take Jey down every now and again to make sure that it didn’t go too far. Being stubborn comes with consequences however and Jey wanted to be resilient through and through. Drive by with steps, hell, the Referee wanted to call the match but Roman didn’t want that. People wanted to see this work out and Jimmy going out at the end of it, getting choked out and having Jey quit the end of the match to protect Jimmy. Roman wins, all hail the Tribal Chief. Don’t believe that? The Wild Samoans do because they gave Roman the lei of being Head of the Table.

Elias vs Jeff Hardy

So after Elias sings about Jeff Hardy hitting with the car from the story five months ago, Jeff interrupts him and starts the match. Very typical Jeff and Elias wrestling match, Jeff high risk and Elias with some power to his offense. After an awkward looking Electric Chair Powerbomb and one of Jeff’s better looking Whispers in the Wind, Elias rolls out of the ring to dodge a Swanton Bomb attempt and grabs the guitar. Jeff sees this, stops him and out of frustration, hits him with the guitar. I guess he misheard guitar with car but whatever, feud continues.

Otis vs The Miz

Otis getting his high powered offense and getting his own music so all things are looking big boi in this one right? Oh Morrison is getting involved I guess that this isn’t all Otis. Otis is coming back after getting hit with “It” Kicks, I guess this is Otis’ match because of the… and in the corner with Morrison hitting him with the—WAIT THE REFEREE SAW THAT WAS GOING HAPPEN?! MORRISON IS KICKED OUT?!?!?! Oh my God, Otis might actually win. Oh wait, there we go. Ashes to ashes. Dust to Dust. Tucky hit Otis with the briefcase to prove he is a bust.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Sasha taking out her frustration and anger early on, kicking the symbolic steel chair out of Bayley’s hands and outside of the cell. Sasha taking it to Bayley heavy until Bayley begins to target Sasha’s neck more and more, even grabbing her neck constantly from it but Sasha doesn’t give up at all. Spraying a fire extinguisher in Bayley’s face to cause separation, hitting a Meteora to the outside on a table and still fighting to the end. Bayley trying to get innovated with weapons in and out of the ring, taping Kendo sticks together, using them to clothesline and hit Sasha in the throat, it becomes more and more devilish as it goes on. Desperation and frustration, Sasha doing a Bayley to Belly on a Ladder but even then, it’s not even enough to put Bayley away. The chair however, is the end of the match. The chair that signified the injury that Sasha had to the neck… put Bayley away with a Bank Statement, chair wrapped around Bayley’s neck and stomping on the leg to close around Bayley’s neck for the victory.

Slapjack vs Bobby Lashley

I guess we need a little bit of filler since we had a handful of matches named on the card so… sure? Bobby and Shane Th—Slapjack… sorry, will fight for the United States title match but it’s like picking meat off of the bone. Slapjack gets a little offense in when Bobby gets a little too cocky and not care of this fight. Slapjack goes to the top rope and gets caught and launched off. Much like clockwork, Spinebuster and Full Nelson. Lashley retains. The mighty might kneel but, not the Almighty.

Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Randy goes to attack Drew early, both men outside of the cell and beating each other up until Drew throws Randy in the ring and the cell is locked for this to start. Drew since the bell rang is dismantling Orton early on, bashing and breaking Orton’s back on the cage walls. Drew getting his frustration and throwing the steps into Randy but Randy moves, dodges a Claymore attempt and swinging a chair at the leg of McIntyre and digging the steel chair into Drew’s jaw.  Orton with control now and goes for Drew’s jaw, head and neck as he beats and breaks McIntyre down more and more. Orton getting his licks in, breaking and hitting Drew hard but McIntyre gets a new head of steam going to take it to Orton, dropping Randy Orton down with a neckbreaker and attempts a Fireman’s Carry maneuver but, Orton slips out to the outside, getting momentum and tossed through a table set on the outside. More back and forth, more destruction and carnage is dealt and Randy breaks the chain to get the cell unlocked, bluffing a leave but climbing to the top of the cell. Drew sees this and answers to the top of the cell for the Hell to become even more… well… Hell.

Orton swings a pipe at Drew but misses and takes Orton down with a takedown. Orton hits Drew low and proceeds to climb down but McIntyre catches up to Randy, fighting on the side of the Cell until Orton strikes McIntyre’s arms and back to make him lose balance and the champion goes through the announce table. Drew actually begins to crawl away after a while and Randy looks, somewhat confused and impressed with the fact that he is still moving. They get back to the ring, Randy is stalking, coiling and… McIntyre somehow hits a Claymore to counter the RKO after trying to replicate the SummerSlam, backslide finish. McIntyre goes to the corner after, readying the Claymore but Orton watched the Peanuts recently and moved himself to hit the RKO to win his fourteenth WWE Championship with a third Hell in a Cell.


Overall Score: 8/10

Um… this was surprisingly very put together. This was a lovely Pay-Per-View, amazingly done. Nearly heaven-sent… which ironic that it’s Hell in a Cell. Had to throw the joke, so sue me. – Editor’s Note: He thinks he’s Funny

That was perfectly done with the Tribal Chief story, granted the story we made on DWI with Bayley and Banks but it was pretty well done. The only thing that I have to double check is the year because I don’t know if Vince knows. Miz with the Money in the Bank, Randy as the WWE Champion… is this 2020 or 2010? It’s near the same time Miz cashed that in November that year. That is the next month and to be specific, November 22nd which happens to be the same date for Survivor… Series. Foreshadowing?

Ah who knows. I’m a writer for Chairshot, not WWE and we shall see what will happen on RAW and forward.

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WWE PPV/Specials Coverage

AJ’s Hell in a Cell Ratings & Review: 6.20.2021

With Roman giving away one match on SmackDown, does that take any of the heat out of Hell in a Cell 2021? Let’s see what AJ thought!



Well I guess Halloween came early because Hell In A Cell is typically in October since it became a standalone Pay Per View (don’t tell my girlfriend that Halloween came early or my house will be covered in darkness) so this should be… different to say the least.

Lashley and McIntyre at it for the last time, Bliss and Shayna continuing their Lilly feud, the SmackDown Women’s Championship is contended in Hell In A Cell and Rhea is going to combat The Queen one more time to make sure the WrestleMania match from last year was just a fluke. Let’s see if the will be a good Pay-Per-View without the Tribal Chief in an official match or if this card will be… well… Hell.


  • Hell In A Cell: Bayley vs Bianca Belair(c) for the SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bianca wins via Kiss of Death – *** ½ – TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Seth Rollins vs Cesaro – Rollins wins via Small Package – *** ¾
  • Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Bazler (w/ Reginald & Nia Jax) – * ½
  • Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens – Sami Zayn wins via Helluva Kick – ***
  • Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley(c) for the Raw Women’s Championship – Charlotte wins via DQ – **
  • Hell In A Cell: Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley(c) for the WWE Championship – Lashley wins via Roll-Up – *** ½ – TITLE DEFENSE!!


Bayley vs Bianca Belair-

Bianca starts it off first, giving Bayley a couple of scoop slams and taking Bayley down with a clothesline and Bayley starts the mind games outside of the ring and brings two chairs in after distracting Bianca. Bayley uses a slow swing with one of the chairs and Bianca takes full control of the match until a Superplex attempt goes wrong for the Champ as Bayley bashes Bianca’s shoulder into posts and starts to target her arm now. Bayley keeps getting a ruthless attack on Bianca until some separation is caused by the champion and now the assault on Bayley comes on the outside but Bayley actually bites Bianca off of her and gets a Kendo Stick to take a shot at Belair and does a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on the Cell Wall.

Bayley now sets the Double Kendo Sticks that she failed to set up last year after that but Bianca waited long enough to put Bayley through the sticks and bashes a chair into Bayley’s back but also takes too much time and gets the chair back into her face and getting the aggression back on the champion, even laughing at Bianca as she ties the long braid on the chair. Bianca now breaks some separation between her and Bayley but gets the hair off the chair and now on Bayley’s wrist to pull Bayley in for close attacks. Bianca unties her hair from Bayley and as Bayley pleads with the ref to leave, Bianca kicks Bayley’s head into the cell and laughs back at her. Bayley introduces a ladder after some more separation and after sidestepping and tug of war with the ladder, more damage is done to the champ in the ladder. Bayley hits her Roseplant finisher with Bianca in the ladder but the knee gives out of the challenger and can’t get the instant pin.

Bianca gets one last gasp of wind with one last separation from Bayley, she lands a Senton Bomb on Bayley on the ladder and then uses the ladder one more time with the Kiss of Death.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro-

Rollins goes at the attack on Cesaro from the entrance, beating each other down before rolling into the ring again and the bell rings. Seth goes for his strieks but it’s not enough for the Cesaro’s strength and even his agility as Seth is reeling from the bat, inside and out. Rollins finally sees and opening against Cesaro’s strikes and gets cheap with the attacks and digging his weight into Cesaro’s face but after a while, Cesaro’s strength comes back with a deadlift Vertical Suplex to get some separation but takes too much time and Rollins comes back to take and fight Cesaro inside and out with knee strikes and some punches as well.

Cesaro gets an attack going from Seth’s strikes and bursts out with some more damage to Seth’s face, takes off the possibly weighted glove of Rollins, punts the glove into the stands (Pat would love that on commentary for the brand) and has Seth reeling again from the strikes and even a scoop slam for a nearfall. Rollins catches Cesaro from the top and gets the fight going for Rollins, kicks, strikes and looking like Osperay with a forearm shot to the back of Cesaro’s head. As Cesaro is dazed, Seth starts to trash talk and goes to more of the offense, more strikes to the back of Cesaro’s head to stun him. Seth, after another nearfall, takes too much time and goes for the Curb Stomp but Cesaro gets a burst of energy to stand up and take Seth off his feet.

After they get back to their feet, Cesaro takes Rollins down and swings him around and places the Sharpshooter in. Seth, crawls over to the ropes but it gets switched into a Crossface. As Cesaro centers Rollins again, they begin a tug of war, a battle for position as a Sharpshooter attempt has Seth catches Cesaro in a Small Package and gets the win finally.

Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Bazler-

Oh wow… this doesn’t look like a supernatural match… Um… okay. Hopefully a fair rating.

Reggie surprises Alexa from the beginning with a distraction and Shayna goes on the attack as Alexa is unphased and attacks Bazler with knee strikes and a senton as Alexa kind of… stuns Reggie in the outside but Shayna takes it to Bliss and Alexa… laughs. Even taking the Gutwrench Slam of Shayna and is also breaks out of Shayna’s different submissions and joint damage but the stomp actually looks to phase Bliss… for few seconds until she laughs and makes people get entranced by a gaze and takes Bazler down. Bliss actually damages and takes Shayna out as Reggie goes to take her down and entrances Nia to attack Reginald on the outside. (There’s the supernatural shit…)

A Sister Abigail but as a DDT instead of a Flatliner and Twisted Bliss and the vexed vixen of Bliss gets the win.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens-

Who will win the millionth fight against the Generic Wrestler and The Bringer of Disaster?

Well Kevin takes it to Sami quickly but it’s vocally apparent that the Nigerian Nails to the throat on SmackDown is making Owens struggle a little. Sami still gets absolutely rocked with strikes and not letting Sami get any offense going until Sami makes it with the ropes. Now that Sami Zayn is taking it to Owens, even clotheslining him to make him cough and gag more on the damage that was previously done. Sami tries a suplex but Owens still fights off Zayn and takes a Suplex with Kevin getting some offense going. Sami now lures Kevin to the ropes and decapitates him and lands a Tope con Hilo on Kevin and Sami has firm control again as Kevin might actually be hurt as the match happens.

Sami strikes over and over before Kevin gets out of the ring and ironically a second wind, another breath of life as Owens takes down Sami but as he continues the onslaught on the outside, Sami gets his knees up from a Senton attempt and gets the advantage again. As both men know what the other can do, the signature moves of each come in, Owens already hit a Cannonball but a Stunner attempt comes in and Sami catches it into a Half and Half suplex and when Kevin rolls back outside, he lures Sami into a Stunner on the outside and gets in after a 9 count to the outside.

As both men get some fight and attacks on each other, Sami capitalizes on weakness to the throat of Kevin Owens and hitting a Helluva Kick to finish off Kevin Owens, still reeled and coughing as he is down for the three count. (Owens actually looks like he messed up his shoulder in that match so, hopefully it’s nothing too drastic as he talked to the Ref as Sami showboated.)

Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte decides to sneak attack Rhea right away before the bell by distracting her with the belt and forcing Rhea out of the ring. Charlotte takes it to the champion a lot, not letting her get an advantage as the match goes on. Charlotte keeps talking about lessons that she’ll teach Rhea with being champion. Flair not quitting on the assault on the Nightmare and after Rhea moves out of the way from an attack to tweak Charlotte’s knee from a landing and the champ starts getting the advantage and takes it to Flair. Flair though gets another quick burst of energy and wind as she hits Natural Selection and goes to hit Rhea more and more with the offense, even going for the moonsault, missing the first but hitting the second rotation on the ground, just being more aggressive than usual onto the Women’s Champion.

Each time Rhea gets a burst of offense, Charlotte answers back with more of the aggression until Rhea lands the superplex and gets a form of momentum. As Charlotte makes a small mistake in the corner and gets hit by a Riptide, she luckily gets her foot on the ropes and breaks the pin. Rhea chases the Queen on the outside and it costs her, taking more damage to the knee and Charlotte takes control again. Charlotte puts the Figure Four on, maybe even the Figure Eight but Rhea is able to drag them both outside and Rhea tosses the table cover into Charlotte for a Disqualification.
(Aftermath: Rhea and Charlotte continue to fight back into the ring after referees try to break them up and Rhea hits a Riptide on Flair.)

Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley-

Lashley goes to get a weapon but Drew makes chase and attacks him on the outside of the ring, shredding Bobby’s face into the steel and doing damage until Drew takes too much time to get the steps and getting attacked. Lashley gets some offense going again but Drew gets a split with a Suplex into the cage and bashing the Steel Steps into Bobby’s face over and over again and continues the relentless assault against the champion. MVP tries to get things situated for Lashley and hands the cane to Lashley through the cage and gets some form of offense going but each time, Drew makes sure he puts Bobby down with destructive moves against the cage and an Air Raid Crash into the steps.

Drew sets up a table on the outside of the ring and goes to do more of the attack to the outside of the ring and into the cell as more and more weapons get added in with chairs. Drew lets his anger full him over time hits moves onto the chairs like a Reverse Alabama Slam and every time Lashley gets some offense started, Bobby gets absolutely rocked and messed up each moment by the Scotsman.

Lashley finally gets some form of separation and an advantage on the outside of the ring and MVP gets involved, sliding a Kendo Stick in between Drew and a cage wall. Lashley gets more and more damage in with another Kendo Stick but as both Drew and Lashley get more and more aggressive in the ring, they take the referee out with a chairshot (ayyyyye we go in the ThunderDome event everyone) and Drew hits the Future Shock.

The ref outside gets the door unlocked to start the count after a Claymore Kick but MVP comes in and suffers after the door is locked back with MVP inside Hell In A Cell. MVP gets rocked by a Claymore and Drew goes back to the outside to dish out more punishment but, Lashley catches him in a Hurt Locker. On the outside, Drew tries to get a separation going, he drives Bobby into the table and cage hard as Drew begins to stand tall again. Driving the steel chair harder and harder each time to Bobby’s back to weaken him until he readies another Claymore but Lashley drops down and catches the wind as Lashley makes more offense on the outside, putting McIntyre into a table and drags the lifeless body in the ring and misses his Spear this time. McInytre hits a Future Shock and readies a Claymore until MVP grabs the leg of McIntyre just to get rolled up by the champion.

Final Rating: 5/10

It was…… okay. The Hell in a Cell Matches were amazing because they could actually do more, Bayley referenced her massive botch from last year and pre-planned which was great telling of that, MVP interfering was predictable but the match was still lived up to the Hell that was within the Cell and the Ring of Honor Alumni matches were great too because there was chemistry, actual storytelling and call backs to either storyline they are in or what happened at an earlier event.

The two things that massively soured me though… You have an MMA Fighter in the ring that can actually do damage, very talented in the squared circle and the octagon. She doesn’t need supernatural crap to be in a story, she’s good already on her own. If you want her in a story, break her off of Nia and Reggie or something, not a doll and Alexa making everyone watch a tape so she can crawl out of a well in seven days. Two, people wanted to cry and complain that Karrion Kross made everyone look weak and In Your House (he didn’t, they just used everything they had while he waited in the shadows in my own opinion) but, Charlotte flat out embarrassed Rhea. Like… that was me fifteen years ago getting a temper tantrum on my brother levels of embarrassment during this match. Was I supposed to feel bad for Rhea? Was that an attempt at a heel turn? Was that… I don’t know what that was other than embarrassing. You’re going into AEW involvement of IMPACT levels of embarrassment. Figure it out, pheasants.

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Mitchell’s WWE Hell in a Cell Results & Report! (6/20/21)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter the Cell!



WWE Hell in a Cell 2021

The WWE goes back to Hell earlier than usual!

It isn’t October yet, but the WWE couldn’t wait to step inside Hell in a Cell! Will Drew McIntyre’s run at the world title come to an All Mighty end?


  • Kickoff Show – Mandy Rose w/ Dana Brooke VS Natalya w/ Tamina; Natalya wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Bianca Belair VS Bayley; Belair wins and retains the title.
  • Cesaro VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins.
  • Alexa Bliss VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax & Reginald; Bliss wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn; Sami wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair; Charlotte wins by disqualification, Ripley retains the title.
  • WWE World Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Bobby Lashley VS Drew McIntyre; Lashley wins and retains the title.


It’s the Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Jerry “The King” Lawler, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting the action tonight.


Sonya Deville joins the panel!

She joins in the discussion on the SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell match, Bianca Belair VS Bayley! JBL wishes she was just Rosenberg’s replacement but maybe next time. But what does Sonya think we’ll see between Bianca and Bayley? Bianca is extremely talented as a pure athlete and as a superstar, but Bayley is playing the same old games. Bianca played the games right back, got Bayley back with them, and that forced Bayley to bring out that vicious side we know well. We know what that Bayley is capable of and will be bringing her best, but Bianca is already a big star in the division.

Rosenberg points out Bayley’s tweet from yesterday, where she promises that Bianca’s “idea of ‘Oh wow, WWE? That would be fun to try!’ becomes an ugly reality.” Bayley says this is her world and will see Bianca in Hell! So Bayley is saying that while Bianca is a great athlete, Bayley is going to prove she’s the better wrestler. Sonya says Bayley plays her mind games when she knows she can. And then when it doesn’t work, she goes back to her core of “vicious, aggressive, ruthless” Bayley. Kayla says Bianca has been on a roll but last Friday night, Bianca dared Bayley to get in the Cell. Bayley’s been in the Cell before, so is Bianca getting overzealous? Too much too fast?

King says this overconfidence could be her downfall. Bianca, not having been in the Cell before, has no idea what that’s like, while Bayley does know. There’s a saying and he’ll paraphrase here, “She who laughs last, laughs best.” And he predicts it will be Bayley. JBL agrees, you have to be careful what you wish for. “Hotrod” Roddy Piper and HBK Shawn Michaels played mind games all the time, but they were two of the all time best. Bayley is in that category now. The mean Bayley that was the longest reigning champion has always been there, and JBL predicts that will help her win.

Sonya cannot fault a champion that has stepped up and raised the ante. She respects Bianca calling Bayley out even knowing the experience edge Bayley has, so she’s going Bianca. We will see soon enough if Bianca’s boldEST move is a smart one!


The Kickoff Show returns, and Sonya talks Alexa Bliss VS Shayna Baszler.

Kayla for one has never seen Shayna this frazzled, so what exactly is going on? Sonya says there is nothing quite as daunting as this Alexa Bliss and her “maniacal ways.” No one can fully prepare for something like this. But that said, if there is anyone that can handle it, it’ll be Shayna and here’s why. Shayna is a decorated cage fighter and unpredictability is her strong suit. Sonya has the same background, she knows what it’s like to be locked into a cage and get hit in the face. Being able to be on the tip of your toes and be ready for anything is something Shayna is skilled in. Sonya chooses Shayna.

Rosenberg isn’t sure what to say about this. Alexa being this demented, Lily is in “timeout” or something, all that. But Sonya is right, Shayna is one of the few people who could stand in a crazy situation like this, with the pure fight experience she has, and come out of it on top. King counters by saying if we’re talking mind games, the recap package is enough to show that Alexa has gotten under Shayna’s skin. JBL adds that if Rosenberg never knows what to say, he can just stay quiet and let JBL handle things. King continues that when it comes to Alexa, he isn’t sure if she’s a witch, but he’s pretty sure her other car is a broom. Something weird is going on here.

Rosenberg tells JBL, “See? This is what we’ve got. Witchcraft!” And Rosenberg gets what King is saying, this isn’t normal stuff. JBL says Shayna’s complaining, sun in her eyes, shoe was untied, “Wah wah wah,” to avoid taking the blame for her own failures. But Alexa, who is a former champion, is living rent free in Shayna’s head. There is no way Shayna can overcome any of this. Rosenberg gets that, too. He feels Shayna is the one who can handle it, and better her than him. Wow, quoting himself, huh? You can’t use yourself as a source! Kayla puts a final touch on this that this will be unpredictable.

But moving on to the Raw Women’s Championship, Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair. Rhea has been a great champion, just like Bianca, but Charlotte has been coming hard to get the title back. The brawl was wild, it took referees and officials to stop it, but then it kept going until Charlotte got a bloody nose. Charlotte is not happy to say the least. Kayla had Charlotte on today’s special edition of WWE’s The Bump, and Charlotte admitted she sees her younger self in Rhea. This could be good or bad for Rhea. Sonya agrees there. Charlotte is one of the most decorated and dominant champions as a 13 time women’s champion. She’s been around the block, has all the confidence in everything she does.

But that said, Rhea has all that, too! Strength, dominance, and no backdown. Others might, but Rhea has the confidence to go out there. It is experience that might get the win. Rosenberg says being in a position like Rhea’s as the new kid, new champion, she’s kicking butt all over the world, doing her thing. But at the same time, she’s in the early stages of learning how to be a champion, and she has to deal with someone like Charlotte who has a lot of experience. JBL agrees with that point, because this is next level. There is always that one match in a champion’s reign, where it is essentially champion VS champion, even if that other person doesn’t have a title.

This is Charlotte Flair! She is not in Ric’s shadow, she is standing on her own. Rhea is a terrific champion, but this could be her coming out party, if you will. She could show she is the champion, or find out that she still doesn’t stand up to Charlotte’s level. But it is very telling that Charlotte sees something of herself in Rhea. Kayla brings up how last year, we saw something like this play out with NXT. Rhea was the champion, she took on Charlotte, and Charlotte took that title from her. Rhea’s grown a lot, she has a title again, surely she won’t let history repeat itself. King says that everyone who gets in the ring thinks they’ll win. If you don’t, then you won’t. You need that confidence first.

Both Charlotte and Rhea are thinking they’re going to win tonight, but you don’t earn the title of “The Queen” for nothing. Charlotte is The Queen of women’s wrestling, King is not betting against the Queen. Kayla is excited, we’ll see if the Nightmare will finally overcome Charlotte tonight.


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Megan Morant asks Sami about his long and storied history about Kevin. Sami asks if Megan knows about “karma.” Yes, karma is when- Sami interrupts and explains, “Karma is the idea that there is an inherent sense of justice in the universe. That things have a way of evening out. And that if you are a good person, an honest person, a truthful person, a liberator, a champion of the people, and dare I say, a borderline saint,” then in this life, you will be rewarded. If you are the opposite, such as a “selfish, backstabbing, corporate co-conspirator piece of trash like Kevin Owens, you will be punished.”

Sami admits he was skeptical about karma after having suffered injustice after injustice. But Sami then saw that karma is real! Because look at Kevin! Look at what’s been happening to him recently! Kevin lost his chances at the WWE Intercontinental Championship, not because of Sami but because of karma! And when Commander Azeez caved in Kevin’s windpipe, that wasn’t thanks to Sami! That was karma! Sami happens to know that Kevin is not 100% tonight! Kevin can barely breathe! If that’s not karma, then what is? So tonight, when Sami defeats Kevin, Sami won’t just be winning a match, no! He’ll get vindication! He’ll be serving cosmic justice! Sami loves karma, but will things turn right back around on him?


Mandy Rose w/ Dana Brooke VS Natalya w/ Tamina!

Stemming from the scrap between the #SexyMuscleFriends and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Golden Goddess looks to take the fight to the Queen of Harts! Will Mandy get her and Dana one step closer to a title match? Or will the #BOAT sink the challengers before they even set sail?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Natty headlocks to a takeover but Mandy headscissors. Natty kips free and resets with Mandy. Mandy headlocks now and hits the takeover, but Natty headscissors. Mandy kips free now and Dana cheers her on. Natty applauds somewhat mockingly, and ties up with Mandy again. Natty wrenches to a wristlock but Mandy handsprings and wrenches back. Mandy has the wristlock, but Natty rolls, handsprings and slips through to back drop! Mandy makes it a sunset flip, TWO! Natty rushes Mandy to get a waistlock. Mandy gets up, throws Natty down and has a wristlock, but Natty headscissors again.

Mandy moves around, gets Natty’s legs and turns her over to then hook the legs for a figure four knot. Natty reaches back to get a chinlock and drags Mandy off the leg lock. Mandy fights up and wrenches out to get a headlock. Natty endures the grind, powers out but Mandy goes up and over in the corner. Things speed up, Mandy rolls and eggs Natty on. They keep moving, Mandy hurdles Natty and drops but Natty jumps over. Natty eggs Mandy on now, then side steps her, only for Mandy to get around and roll her up. TWO, and the two reset again. Natty might be applauding genuinely this time as the two reset again.

Mandy kicks Natty low and fireman’s carries, but Natty fights free to go after an arm! They go around and Mandy gets a ropebreak. The ref counts, Natty lets off but Mandy YANKS Natty into the ropes! Mandy gets Natty in a corner for mudhole stomps! The ref counts, Mandy lets off but comes back to dig her knee in. The ref counts again, Mandy lets off and she taunts Tamina. Mandy stands Natty up to snapmare and drag her to a cover, ONE! Mandy keeps her cool as she brings Natty up, to DECK her with a right forearm! Cover, TWO! Mandy puts Natty in body scissors and squeezes. Natty endures but Mandy even uses a chinbar. Mandy taunts Natty that she CAN do it all!

Natty powers up, turns around and rains down fists! Mandy and Natty fight in facelocks, and Mandy powers out to get a guillotine, only for Natty to scoop and SLAM Mandy down! Mandy still gets up first and goes after Natty with forearms! Mandy hammers away on Natty’s back, drags her back up, and hooks her up for a modified Octopus Stretch! Natty endures but Dana taunts Natty. Natty powers out, gets around, and puts Mandy in a COBRA TWIST! Mandy endures as Natty cranks and SPANKS her! Mandy powers out and puts Natty in the Cobra Twist! Mandy throws down elbows, but Natty hip tosses Mandy!

Both women slowly rise, and Mandy rushes at Natty but Natty shoves her away. Mandy comes back but only gets buckles! Natty gets Mandy for a slingshot atomic sit-down! Natty steps on Mandy then basement SHOTGUN dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Mandy is proving she’s tougher than Natty thought but Tamina says Natty still has this. Natty gets Mandy up, RAMS Mandy into a corner and then fires off forearms! Natty hoists Mandy up top but Mandy boots her away! Mandy adjusts, leaps, and missile dropkicks! Mandy hurries to cover, TWO! Mandy is surprised but she shouldn’t be with Natty’s track record.

Natty sits up but Mandy is on her. Mandy reels Natty in, underhooks the arms, but Natty blocks the lift! Natty wrenches out, reels Mandy in but Mandy cradle counters! TWO, and a DISCUS from Natty takes Mandy down! Cover, TWO! Natty grows frustrated with the “glorified fitness model,” and she drags Mandy up by her hair. Mandy gets around to backslide! TWO, and a KNEE FROM A ROSE!! Cover, TWO!! Natty survives Mandy’s best shot and Mandy is shocked! Mandy goes for another knee but Natty blocks and spins her. Mandy ducks the discus to waistlock, but Natty switches and O’Conner Rolls! Cover, TWO, and Mandy has a schoolgirl! TWO!

Natty and Mandy fight for control, Natty goes for an arm! Mandy scrambles and gets a ropebreak! Natty lets go at 4 and Mandy checks her arm. Natty comes back, but Mandy trips her first! Jackknife cover, TWO as Natty bridges out! They spin, Natty trips Mandy and steps through! Mandy flails but Natty ties her up for the SHARPSHOOTER!! Mandy taps, Natty wins!

Winner: Natalya, by submission

This is why Natty is the winningest woman in WWE history! Will this make Mandy and Dana get more serious about their in-ring ability?


“Good evening, all you hell raisers out there.”

Thank you for tuning into the station of eternal damnation. You already know who she is: “Your villainous voice of choice; your hellish hostess through Hades; the one you can’t escape.” For first-time listeners, it’s okay to be scared. “Actually, if you ain’t scared, you should be!” The All Mighty is giving the Scottish Warrior one last chance at the dance! And here’s a special shout out to the women ready to step inside. “Slay, my lady warriors, slay!” The Queen haunts the Nightmare, and the one who laughs last will laugh b-E-S-T!

Our mysterious MC will sign off now, but before she goes, she wishes everyone standing at the gates of Hell good luck tonight. They’re gonna need it. Here’s one dedicated to you, as Ozzy Osbourne’s Straight to Hell rocks the ThunderDome! No apologies, no love lost, no more waiting! Hell in a Cell is here!


SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Bianca Belair VS Bayley!

The EST wants to finally shut up the rude Role Model once and for all, and is willing to take on perhaps the scariEST match type possible to do it! Bianca has never seen the inside of this sinister structure but Bayley has, is this the boldEST move or the dumbEST?

The Cell is lowered, the introductions are made, and the belt is raised as the blue brand’s gold opens the ThunderDome’s last ride!

Bayley tells Bianca there’s no going back now. But Bianca dares Bayley to bring it already. The two circle, tie up, and Bianca scoops to SLAM Bayley! And scoops to SLAM her again! And then she CLOBBERS Bayley! Bayley bails out and Bianca mockingly asks what’s up. Bayley walks off those slams as Bianca eggs her on. Bianca rushes her at the apron but Bayley HOTSHOTS Bianca down! Bayley hurries to bring out a chair from under the ring! Bayley puts that in the ring, then adds a second chair. But Bianca gets Bayley first, only for Bayley to throw Bianca down by her hair! Bayley smiles as she gets a chair, but they both see the second one!

Bayley kicks the second chair away before Bianca can get it! Not even the fastEST can make up that distance. Bayley taunts Bianca with the one chair, swings, but Bianca drops down to get a sunset flip! TWO, Bianca schoolgirls, ONE! Bayley gets the chair back before Bianca can get it! But Bianca prepares her hair! Bianca forces Bayley to use the chair as a shield to defend against the hair whip! Bayley swings but Bianca dodges, and then shoves Bayley into the corner! Bayley sandwiches the chair between her and buckles, then staggers back into a dropkick! The chair goes into Bayley and Bayley goes down! Bianca is fired up as she dares Bayley to get up. Bayley does, and Bianca RAMS her!

Bianca digs her shoulder into Bayley, hoists her up top, and throws hands on her. Bianca sits Bayley up but Bayley throws furious body shots! Bayley swings but Bianca backflips away! Bianca is right up, stumbles a moment but steadies herself. Bayley still resists, drops down to the apron and SMACKS Bianca off the top of the post! Bayley brings Bianca through ropes to POST her! Then KNEES her into the post! Bayley hurries to cover, TWO! Bianca shows she’s the toughEST, but she’s not invincible as her arm is bothering her now. Bayley is after that arm with a hammerlock, then she RAMS Bianca into more buckles!

Bayley wraps the arm around ropes, clubs away on Bianca, then lets off to watch Bianca flounder away. Bianca tries to hold Bayley off but Bayley CLUBS her down. Bayley steps over the bad arm for a finger-bending mounted armlock! Bayley CLUBS Bianca down, covers, TWO! Bayley gets Bianca back up but Bianca fires off forearms with the good arm! But Bayley has the bad arm for a SHOULDER COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Bianca writhes but Bayley goes out to move the steel steps. Bayley gets the top half up and in, then drags them over to a corner. Bayley goes back for Bianca and drops elbows onto the bad arm.

Bianca rolls towards the steps, Bayley grabs her ponytail and stands on it on the steps! Bayley wants Michael Cole to praise her, but Bianca gets her ponytail free. Bayley mocks Bianca, but Bianca TRIPS Bayley! Bayley lands on her tailbone on the steps! But Bayley snarls and runs to KNEE Bianca in the corner! Cover, TWO! Yep, still the toughEST! Bayley stalks Bianca back towards the steps, grabs the braid again and ties it around the bottom rope! Bianca’s hair is becoming a hindrance now as Bayley has her stuck! Bayley runs, but Bianca uses the rope to trip Bayley! Bayley falls and SMACKS onto the steel steps!

Bayley bails out, Bianca gets free, and she TOSSES the steps! Bayley barely gets out of the way, but Bianca WRECKS her with a dropkick! Bayley runs into a support beam and now she has a bad arm! Bianca digs Bayley’s face into the steel fence to grate her face! But Bayley gets Bianca’s hand and BITES it!! Bianca staggers away in pain and in shock that Bayley would do such a thing! Bayley grabs the bad arm to KICK it against the steel! Bayley leaves Bianca behind to go looking under the ring again. Bayley finds a kendo stick now and mockingly shushes commentary as if it’s a secret. Bianca gets up, and Bayley SMACKS her in the ribs! Wait, that was a DOUBLE stick, two sticks taped together!

Bayley backs off and runs in, to SUNSET BOMB Bianca into the Cell wall! Bayley kicks at Bianca to get out from under her. Bayley says Bianca wanted this match and here it is! Bayley brings out another super kendo stick, like Darth Maul’s lightsaber! And another! Bayley makes the kendo stick line between ring and Cell, just like last year. Bianca comes back with a kendo stick! Bayley dodges but Bianca ROCKS her with a right hand! They play a little cat ‘n’ mouse in and out of the ring. Bayley doesn’t see Bianca waiting, and Bianca gives Bayley a SPINEBUSTER through the double super kendo sticks!! Bianca shoves Bayley back in the ring, covers, TWO!!

Bianca can’t believe Bayley survived, but just because she’s the toughEST doesn’t mean Bayley isn’t tough, too! Bianca finally gets one of those chairs, and she gets in to SMACK Bayley on the back! Bianca sees Bayley go to a corner, runs in at her with the chair, but Bayley BOOTS the chair into Bianca! Bianca is down while Bayley grits her teeth. Bayley gets the chair again, stands it up and puts Bianca’s bad arm through it! Bayley YANKS the arm over and over then JAMS it! Bianca clutches the arm but somehow it still has feeling. Bianca kicks Bayley from below but Bayley grabs the braid to keep Bianca close. Bayley stomps Bianca, then ties the hair to the chair!

Bayley reels Bianca in to then dig her boots in! Bianca endures so Bayley stomps her down! Bayley laughs at Bianca again, and says Bianca is trapped! So Bianca SLAPS Bayley! Bianca drags herself and chair over to ropes. Bayley run sin, but KNEES chair! Bianca got Bayley back and gets up. Bianca is free of the chair and she CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Bianca uses her braid to tie herself to Bayley’s arm! Bianca uses it to reel Bayley in over and over for shoulder after shoulder! Arm-drag and then drag outside, Bayley is thrown into steel! Bianca uses the kendo sticks to SMACK away on Bayley! Then the braid reels Bayley into more steel! Bianca RAMS Bayley into the steel again and again!

Bianca lets Bayley free and slaps her around. Bayley crawls but Bianca has a little laugh now. Bayley wants out but that’s not how HIAC works! Bianca laughs more as Bayley realizes the situation she put herself in. Bianca BOOTS Bayley into the steel! And dribbles her off it! Bayley staggers about, Bianca follows her around the way, but Bayley finds a ladder! Bayley RAMS the ladder into Bianca’s ribs! Bayley puts the ladder into the ring, then she drags Bianca up and into the ring. Bayley gets the ladder, but Bianca grabs the other end! They tug-o-war, and Bianca uses the corner to push off.

Bianca pushes Bayley all the way across the ring, but Bayley moves aside so that the ladder hits post! The ladder jams Bianca in the stomach, Bayley SMACKS Bianca off the rungs! Bayley gets the ladder for herself and she sets it down. Bayley puts Bianca inside the ladder to SLAM it shut on her! Bayley stands on the ladder to squeeze Bianca! Bayley drags Bianca up for a ROSE PLANTER!! But that’s a bit double-edged as Bayley’s leg takes some damage! Bianca rolls away, Bayley drags her back inside the ropes and covers, TWO!!! That was the closEST it could’ve been! Bianca survives and bails out but Bayley pursues.

Bayley drags Bianca in but Bianca sunset flips! TWO, Bayley has the cover and the ropes! TWO and Bayley is furious! Bianca gets back up, Bayley hurries after her, but Bianca blocks the leg takedown! Bianca wants a backslide, Bayley fights it off but swings into a double chicken wing! GlamEST Slam into buckles! Bianca puts Bayley in the drop zone, then presses the ladder down onto her. Bianca is going for broke as she goes up top! Bianca jumps but Bayley rolls with the ladder! Bianca rolls through, comes back and drops a BACK SENTON! Bayley is sandwiched between Bianca and the ladder!!

Bayley writhes and Bianca repositions the ladder. Bianca opens the ladder up, then torture rack lifts Bayley! Bianca aims for the ladder! FULL METAL KISS OF DEATH!! Cover, Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

That was the nastiEST, wildEST and perhaps greatEST win in Bianca’s career! She is still champion and her legacy is still growing, will there be no denying that Bianca is the b-E-S-T yet?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

Megan congratulates her on her win just now, what was her first HIAC like? That thing is brutal! But she had what it takes to keep the title. Bayley did kick Bianca’s butt, but Bianca will never forgive Bayley for how she treated her. Is Bianca finally through with the obnoxious Role Model’s ridicule?


Bobby Lashley and his ladies are partying even now!

MVP wants Bobby Lashley to remember, Drew McIntyre may have skill, and they may be in the Cell, but this is business as usual. The ladies say this is all Lashley! They’re all confident he’ll show McIntyre what’s what, and MVP wants Lashley to get in that zone. Lashley is turning on the Chief Hurt Officer mode, but will it be a little too late against the always-on Scottish Warrior?


Alexa Bliss speaks from the Playground.

“Wow! What a painful night for Bayley. But what a great night for Bianca! Anyway, it’s so nice of you guys to join me tonight in Hell… in a Cell!” Speaking of cells, Lily is still serving her timeout. Alexa says Lily is a little naughty, but not nearly as much as Shayna Baszler. Shayna brought all this upon herself, so don’t blame Alexa for what happens next. But there is a lesson to be learned! One: be careful what you wish for. Two: expect the unexpected. When you knock on Alexa’s door, you’ll never know who or what will answer. Will Twisted Lil’ Bliss make the Queen of Spades sorry that she didn’t say she was sorry?


Cesaro VS Seth Rollins!

The Swiss Superman already bested The Architect back at WrestleMania 37, and then again soon after. Rollins continues to see things with a more-than-skewed perspective, will Cesaro make him see things right after another spin?

But as Cesaro makes his entrance first, Rollins attacks from behind! Just like #WrestleManiaBacklash and thereafter! Cesaro goes after Rollins and he throws Rollins into barriers! Rollins gets up, they brawl, Cesaro puts Rollins in the ring then hurries in. Rollins is after Cesaro again, Cesaro pulls Rollins’ jacket off him! The ref has them both back off long enough for the bell to ring, and then Rollins leaps into a POWERSLAM! Cesaro rains down furious forearms, Rollins gets up and throws hands. The brawling continues, Rollins gets an edge then whips but Cesaro reverses to back drop!

Cesaro roars and glares at Rollins. Rollins gets up, Cesaro is after him and yanks him up by a leg to put him on the apron. Cesaro runs and BOOTS Rollins down! Rollins flounders up as Cesaro goes out after him. Cesaro storms over but Rollins kicks low. Rollins whips but Cesaro reverses to send Rollins into barriers! Cesaro runs side to side to EuroUpper Rollins down! Cesaro puts Rollins in at 7 of 10, climbs up a corner, and leaps to FLYING AX HANDLE Rollins down! Cover, ONE, and Rollins grimaces. Cesaro CLUBS Rollins, then bumps him off buckles. Rollins staggers, Cesaro throws more forearms and body shots.

Cesaro bumps Rollins off buckles again, then brings him around to EuroUpper! Rollins sputters, Cesaro throws more EuroUppers! The ref check son Rollins but Cesaro just throws more EuroUppers! Rollins kicks low, then gets Cesaro for a BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins scrapes Cesaro’s face on the rope! The ref reprimands, Rollins lets off but Cesaro grabs hair! They scrum in the ropes, the ref pulls them apart but Rollins pokes Cesaro in the eye! And ROCKS him with a right! Rollins waistlocks, Cesaro swings an elbow but Rollins spins Cesaro for a DDT! Cover, ONE!! Cesaro sits up while Rollins seethes. Rollins throws hands on Cesaro then digs his boot into Cesaro at the ropes!

The ref counts, Rollins lets off at 4, and Rollins brings Cesaro up to DECK him! Cesaro sits up again as Rollins winds up. “One punch!” Rollins DECKS Cesaro again, perhaps claiming he’s WWE’s One Punch Man compared to Cesaro’s Superman. Rollins whips, KNEES Cesaro against ropes, then whips back the other ay for another KNEE! Rollins reels Cesaro back in, but Cesaro blocks the suplex. Rollins throws body shots but Cesaro still blocks to suplex Rollins instead! Both men are down, Rollins rolls away to the apron and Cesaro crawls over. Rollins gets up, Cesaro swings on him but Rollins shoulders into Cesaro. Rollins shovels Cesaro up and out!

Cesaro gets up and is a bit punch drunk. Rollins leaps to FLYING KNEE! Cesaro goes down, a ring count starts, and Rollins gets Cesaro up and in at 7 of 10. Rollins aims from the apron, springboards, for another FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Cesaro survives and Rollins is a bit frustrated now. Rollins stalks Cesaro, throws haymakers and keeps Cesaro down. Cesaro gets up again, but Rollins DECKS him again! Rollins sits Cesaro up to dig fingers into Cesaro’s bad eye! The ref counts, Rollins lets off, and he watches Cesaro stagger up. Rollins runs but Cesaro blocks the kick to EuroUpper! Rollins DECKS Cesaro again, but Cesaro’s right back up with another EuroUpper!

Rollins ROCKS Cesaro, Cesaro EuroUppers again! And again! Cesaro backs Rollins down with the flurry of EuroUppers and body shots! Cesaro lets off in the corner and catches his breath. Cesaro blocks Rollins’ clothesline to torture rack and SLAM Rollins down! Cesaro pulls of Rollins’ black glove while stomping him down! Cesaro makes Rollins eat his glove before the RAINMAKER?! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives but Cesaro PUNTS the glove! Cesaro runs in to EuroUpper Rollins in the corner! Whip corner to corner, another EuroUpper! Cesaro keeps moving but into a mule kick! Rollins runs but into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Cesaro grits his teeth while he and Rollins are still down. Cesaro gets up, grabs Rollins’ leg, but Rollins flails for ropes. Rollins gets the ropebreak but Cesaro yanks him up and reel shim in! Rollins back drops Cesaro out but Cesaro lands on the apron to DECK Rollins! Cesaro climbs a corner, but Rollins springs right up there to join him! Cesaro holds off the superplex with pure power! Cesaro HEADBUTTS Rollins down! Cesaro adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY but Rollins rolls it to a cradle! TWO!! Rollins dodges a EuroUpper to send Cesaro into buckles! Rollins waistlocks, Cesaro elbows free, but Rollins PELES!

Cesaro staggers and Rollins runs, to ROLLING ELBOW! Rollins reels Cesaro back in, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW!! Rollins shouts out Cesaro’s fellow King of Wrestling! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro survives the knockout shot and Rollins is beside himself! Rollins says, “You’re not gonna earn anything over me! You think you’re better than me?!” Rollins says Cesaro hasn’t earned anything, and he stomps away on the bad arm! And digs his fingers into Cesaro’s face! And then drags him into a FUJIWARA! Cesaro endures the armbar, powers up, and scoops Rollins! Rollins knees free, reels Cesaro in, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! But Rollins runs, BOOMERANG WIZARD! Cover, TWO!!

Rollins is beside himself again as Cesaro still stays in this. Rollins gets up, Cesaro flounders and Rollins aims from a corner. Rollins runs but has to dodge a clothesline! Rollins mule kicks, front kicks and sobats, but runs into a DISCUS! Both men are down but stirring. Rollins crawls to ropes, Cesaro stalks up behind him, and gets him for a SPINEBUSTER! To the SWING!! Around and around Rollins goes for 10, 15, and stops at 18! Cesaro goes for and gets the SHARPSHOOTER! Rollins endures, reaches for ropes, but Cesaro clamps onto that arm for a CROSSFACE! Cesaro rolls to have Rollins in the middle of the ring! Rollins rolls it to a cover, TWO!

Cesaro gets legs again and we’re back to the SHARPSHOOTER!! Rollins fights towards ropes but again Cesaro gets the arm! Cesaro STOMPS the arm down! And then again! And again! Cesaro reels Rollins in but Rollins uses it for a cradle counter! ROLLINS WINS!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, the Architect finds a way to survive Cesaro! Rollins celebrates finally getting one on the board, but is this series far from over?


We return to the Kickoff Panel!

Kayla likes the “hot start” to the night. She recaps the wins we’ve seen so far, how does King feel about the night? Has it gone the way he thought it would? Not exactly, but he just loves the look on the faces of the losers. That scowl on Cesaro, and of course Bayley! A tough night for Bayley, Rosenberg couldn’t believe that KOD onto a ladder. Brutal for sure. Rollins finds a way and JBL dares someone to follow that. This is a loaded card and he is happy to be here in person. Still much more to go, and we have perhaps the most twisted one up next!


Alexa Bliss VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax & Reginald!

Ever since pulling the rug out from under The Fiend, Twisted Lil’ Bliss and her friend, Lily, have been doing whatever they want to the Raw Women’s Division. It got on the nerves of the Queen of Spades, and her disrespecting the “stupid little doll” has set off Alexa. Will there be no running and no hiding from what’s coming?

Sarah interviews Shayna, along with Nia Jax and Reginald, before the entrance. Can they explain in their own words what is going on with Shayna, Alexa and Lily? Shayna tells Sarah to never say that stupid doll’s name around her again. Okay but what is her response to Alexa’s cryptic warning about “expect the unexpected?” Does Shayna look like she cares at all what that lunatic has to say? Alexa has fun playing with dolls, Shayna has fun hurting people. Alexa started this, Shayna will end it! Nia agrees, but there’s nothing wrong with a little luck. Nia has Reggie wish Shayna luck but Shayna slaps him before he can kiss her hand. Nia says it’s fine, and the three head out.

The bell rings and Alexa has a sinister smirk as she and Shayna circle. Shayna hesitates seeing Alexa not even put up her dukes. They circle, Reggie distracts, and Shayna CLOBBERS Alexa! Shayna fires off in a corner, the ref counts and Shayna lets off at 4. Alexa just smirks as she gets up, but then grits her teeth as Shayna stomps her back down! The ref counts again, Shayna lets off at 4, but Alexa grins as she gets up again. Shayna runs in, Alexa dodges and Shayna knees buckles. Alexa contorts herself as she crawls back after Shayna. Shayna tries to shake that off but Alexa ROCKS her, KICKS her, and then runs in to double KNEE her against ropes!

Alexa stalks Shayna and Nia worries. Alexa drops a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Alexa sees Reggie on the apron again but he does his best not to look her in the eyes. He doesn’t want to get hypnotized again! Alexa smirks but Shayna CLOBBERS her from behind! Shayna fires off in the corner, lets off to run back in and KNEE Alexa down! Alexa sits up and laughs?! Shayna is confused, and runs in to get Alexa up for a gut wrench SLAM! Cover, TWO! Alexa survives but is still relishing the fight! Shayna drags Alexa by her arm and wrenches for a double wristlock! Shayna tortures Alexa’s elbow and now Alexa is mad!

Alexa fights up, moves around, but Shayna shifts to a top wristlock! Shayna bends the fingers way back, but Alexa throws knees. Shayna gets up to stand on Alexa’s head! Alexa endures, even as Shayna twists the wrist. Shayna keylocks the arm! And STOMPS it!! Alexa writhes, finally feeling pain! Nia and Reggie applaud, but crying turns to laughter again?! Shayna gets the arm, wrenches it and twists it, but Alexa overpowers her? Shayna still bends the fingers but Alexa shouts, “LOOK AT ME!” Their eyes lock, and is Alexa hypnotizing Shayna?! Shayna resists, but she let go of the hold! Alexa ROCKS her again! And then CLOBBERS her!

Alexa rallies with big forearms then a THESZ PRESS! Fast hands but Shayna shoves her away! Alexa shrieks, gets Shayna up and reels her in, SPIKE DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Shayna survives and now Alexa is throwing a tantrum! That was a glimpse of the old Alexa but she calms down to KICK Shayna right back down! Alexa storms about, runs in and SHOTGUN dropkicks Shayna out of the ring! Nia and Reggie hurry to check on Shayna, but then Nia and Alexa lock eyes. The ring count is climbing and… Is Nia going to be Alexa’s puppet now? Shayna gets in the ring at 5 of 10, and Alexa IS controlling Nia! Reggie tries to snap her out of it, but Nia is used to SLAP Reggie!!

Alexa and Nia shout, but Shayna wraps on the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Alexa gets free to THROAT CHOP! And… TWISTED DDT!! Alexa goes up top for TWISTED BLISS!! Cover, Alexa wins!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall

Nia is shaking off the hypnosis and has no idea what just happened! Though, does anyone really know what happened here? Is Alexa going to make the entire Raw Women’s Division dance to her tune?


Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn!

The Prizefighter admits that he has done awful things to people throughout his career, and the Great Liberator wants him to pay for it all! Sami claims he will triumph over the #KOConspirator with his cosmic justice, but will Sami find out that karma is a two way street?

Sami keeps his distance from Kevin before the bell, and then they start throwing hands with the bell! Kevin backs Sami down to a corner, the ref counts, and Kevin lets off at 4. Sami hurries to ropes for defense but Kevin keeps him in the ring. Kevin DECKS Sami, stomps Sami, and throws more hands! Sami flounders about but Kevin CHOPS him off his feet! Sami goes to another corner, Kevin whips him corner to corner hard, and Sami writhes about. Kevin smirks as he stalks Sami and has him up in a corner. Kevin is still gasping and coughing but he CLUBS and stomps Sami down. Kevin CHOPS Sami, whips him corner to corner hard again, and Sami bounces off buckles!

Kevin takes a second to breathe, and he double stomps Sami in a corner! Kevin gets Sami up, throws forearms, and Kevin whips Sami to ropes to CLOBBER him with an elbow! Then a BACK SENTON! Kevin again has to catch his breath but Sami gets away in that gap. Sami bails out, Kevin goes out the side and comes in around the way. Sami kicks but Kevin blocks to kick the hamstring! Kevin whips Sami into barriers, then puts him in the ring. Kevin gets on the apron but Sami gets him in the ropes with a kick! Sami fires off on Kevin now, but the ref counts. Sami lets off at 4 and Kevin sputters again. Kevin gets up and CHOPS Sami! Sami headlocks to throw a punch!

Sami stomps Kevin, brings him up and whips him to ropes to LARIAT! Kevin scrambles as Sami wants a chinlock. Sami throws clubbing crossfaces, then lets off while Kevin coughs and sputters again. Sami stands Kevin up now, reels him in, but Kevin blocks the suplex. Kevin tries a suplex, and hangs Sami out to dry! Sami flops off, Kevin runs corner to corner to corner clothesline! Kevin gasps but he comes back with a CANNONBALL! Kevin drags Sami to a cover, TWO! And now things get harder for Kevin because of his coughing and sputtering. Sami drags himself to ropes, Kevin stalks over to him.

Kevin keeps Sami from running away with a fish hook in the mouth! But Sami YANKS Kevin into the ropes! Kevin sputters as he bails out, and Sami builds speed to FLY! Tope conjilo hits but Kevin gets up as he sputters and coughs his way to the timekeeper’s area. Kevin gets in the ring, Sami sees he’s vulnerable. Sami wants after Kevin but the ref has him stay back. Kevin holds a hand, Sami wants to keep going, but the ref won’t let him. Sami doesn’t believe Kevin’s arm injury and he BOOTS Kevin down! Sami stomps Kevin over and over, the ref reprimands and Sami lets off. Kevin refuses to give up so Sami stomps him more! And rains down rights!

Kevin can only guard as Sami ground ‘n’ pounds. Sami lets off and Kevin kicks from below! Sami drops an elbow onto Kevin’s throat! Kevin bails out and is hurting all over! The ref has Sami stop and Kevin is struggling just to stand now. Kevin holds the wrist, gasps, but fires off forearms on Sami! Takedown and ground ‘n’ pound! Kevin’s fury is helping him fight through the pain, but only so much. Sami gets to a corner, Kevin stomps a mudhole into him, but lets off as the ref counts. Sami bails out, Kevin pursues and LARIATS with the good arm! Kevin refuses to stop but a ring count is climbing! Kevin gets in at 6, but goes out to SWANTON onto knees!!

Sami and Kevin are both down with a new count climbing! Sami hurries to get Kevin up, in and reels him in, BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Kevin survives with everything that hurts and Sami is furious! Sami stalks Kevin to ropes, throws crossface forearms, but Kevin gets up to ROCK Sami with the good forearm! Kevin still hangs back but Sami goes after him with haymakers. The ref wants Sami to back off but he won’t as Kevin wobbles in the ropes. Kevin hits back now, haymakers and CHOPS on repeat! BOOT! Sami staggers into another BOOT! Sami swings but Kevin kicks! STUN- NO! HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Talk about #JustKeepFighting!

Sami hammers Kevin but Kevin back hands from below, these two won’t stop! It is a scrum and McAfee for one loves it! Sami and Kevin stop as both catch their breath, and Kevin gets to the apron. Kevin SLAPS Sami, Sami hammers and stomps Kevin off the apron! Kevin leans on the announce desk to get up while coughing and sputtering. Sami has a bloody lip, but he storms over, into a kick and STUNNER!! Kevin drags himself up with one good arm to get into the ring! The ring count is 5 of 10 and Sami is still down! Sami sits up at 7, flounders at 8, stumbles at 9, but gets in at 9.99!! Kevin would sigh if not for his hurt throat.

Sami is dazed, Kevin coughs, and yet Sami still throws a jab! Kevin HEADBUTTS Sami! And uses his shoulder! Sami throws haymakers and jabs, Kevin fires off, they’re brawling on their knees! Kevin gets the edge with so many headbutts! Kevin stomps Sami on the ropes in a rage and the ref is counting! Kevin just lets off at 4.5! Sami is half in and half out of the ring, but Kevin storms back over. Kevin drags Sami up with his good arm but Sami HOTSHOTS the bad one! Sami hurries in as Kevin is down, BLINDSIDE SHINING WIZARD! Kevin’s throat hits ropes!! Kevin staggers into a HELLUVA KICK!! Cover, Sami wins!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall

Whether this was cosmic justice or not, this was a grudge match that was out of this world! Sami vindicates himself, but is karma far from done with these two eternal frenemies?


Raw Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair!

Anyone else getting deja vu? The Nightmare was NXT Women’s Champion, the Queen was incredibly confident she’d change that, and it did go the challenger’s way at WrestleMania 36. But a year has made both women stronger, tougher and meaner. There may have been distractions and detours, but these two finally meet 1v1 again. Will Rhea be living a nightmare as history repeats itself? Or will this be a redemption story for the underdog champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who has grown more since April of 2020!

Wait, Charlotte snatches the belt from the ref, throws it to Rhea, then DECKS her! The ref reprimands Charlotte because this is before the bell! Rhea is furious, she demands this go down, and it begins! Charlotte rolls Rhea up, TWO! Rhea gets up but into Charlotte’s BOOT! Charlotte shouts at Rhea as she bails out, “That’s why you’re number two!” Rhea fumes, the ring count begins, but Charlotte eggs Rhea on. Rhea tells her to back off, and then gets in at 6 of 10. They approach, Charlotte kicks low and goes to buckle bump but Rhea blocks to bump Charlotte! Rhea fires off hands, Charlotte ROCKS her back! It is a brawl, just like Raw! Rhea spins and back elbows!

Rhea whips Charlotte to a corner, Charlotte reverses and Rhea hits hard! Charlotte rushes in, Rhea dodges, and then Rhea BOOTS Charlotte down on the return! Rhea snarls while Charlotte checks her face. Rhea goes up top, but Charlotte kicks a leg out! Rhea tumbles to the mat and Charlotte stomps away on her! The ref counts, Charlotte lets off but then digs her boots in! The ref counts, Charlotte stops at 4 and wraps on a sleeper hold. Charlotte thrashes Rhea around but Rhea endures. Charlotte leans on the chinlock but Rhea reaches with legs. Charlotte keeps Rhea from ropes and then wrangles her back down.

Rhea keeps moving, gets up, but Charlotte throws her down by her hair! Charlotte drags Rhea back up, goes to suplex, but Rhea blocks to suplex instead! Charlotte slips out to shove Rhea into buckles! Charlotte runs and clotheslines Rhea out of the ring! Rhea crawls, Charlotte goes out and BOOTS her into barriers! Charlotte applauds herself and then puts Rhea in the ring. Cover, TWO! Another try, ONE! Another, ONE!! Charlotte has a wild grin, apparently amused by Rhea’s resilience. Charlotte drags Rhea up, KICKS her in the leg, and Rhea drags herself as she suffers a Charlie horse. Charlotte CLUBS Rhea down then dares her to get up.

Charlotte keeps kicking Rhea, has the leg and wraps it around the ropes! Charlotte pulls on the leg to go after the knee, but Rhea pulls on hair. The ref reprimands and counts, Charlotte lets off by dropping an elbow. Rhea gets to a corner, Charlotte runs in but into boots. Charlotte blocks them to ROCK Rhea again! Charlotte puts the leg on the ropes but Rhea avoids the knee drop! Charlotte hobbles into forearms! Rhea gets around Charlotte, reels her in and hits a short-arm clothesline! And another! Ripcord but Charlotte breaks free, only for Rhea to bob ‘n’ weave and HEADBUTT! Charlotte wobbles into a SUPERKICK!

Rhea has to get her bad leg moving as Charlotte goes to the apron. Rhea hobbles over, gets Charlotte up but Charlotte ROCKS her! Charlotte shoulders in but Rhea dodges, only for Charlotte to catch the kick! DRAPING KNEEBAR! The ref counts the ropebreak but Charlotte lets go at 4.5! Rhea hobbles again, but still comes back to WRECK Charlotte with a dropkick! Rhea goes out to fetch Charlotte into the ring, and then growls as she goes up the corner! Rhea climbs, leaps, and missile dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Rhea growls again as she hammers and clubs Charlotte. Rhea gets the legs, PRISM TRAP!!

Charlotte is caught, but she rolls to throw Rhea into buckles! Rhea is dazed, Charlotte pushes her out to hit NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, with legs on the ropes! TWO!?! Rhea kicks out and the ref noticed too late, Charlotte is surprised either way! Charlotte goes after Rhea again, scoops but Rhea slips out to waistlock! Charlotte elbows free, runs in but boots buckle! Rhea gets Charlotte for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Charlotte tumbles to the opposite corner and Rhea has to get her bad leg working again. Rhea runs corner to corner, but Charlotte gets her for a BACKBREAKER to BUCKLE SHOT! Rhea is dazed again as Charlotte drags her around.

Charlotte slithers to the corner and goes up top. MOONSAULT! Rhea moves but Charlotte STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! El Idolo’s combo did not help The Queen finish this! Charlotte is after the leg, jams knee into knee and then steps through! Rhea makes it a cradle, TWO! Charlotte runs, boot feint to ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Another El Idolo move but still not a victory! Charlotte rains down forearms on Rhea, then has the leg to KICK it! Charlotte steps through but Rhea boots her to the apron. Charlotte BOOTS back, and then climbs back up. Rhea CLUBS her first! They brawl, Rhea goes after Charlotte’s legs then her shoulders!

Rhea hobbles up the corner to join Charlotte, and stands her up for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Rhea is writhing but also raging as Charlotte survives! Charlotte seems to be grinning through the pain, but Rhea kicks at her. Charlotte and Rhea start throwing hands as they stand and it is fast and furious! Charlotte CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! About time she uses those! Charlotte runs in but only gets buckles! Rhea pump handles for the RIPTIDE!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Charlotte’s ring awareness saves her and Rhea can’t believe it! Charlotte bails out as Rhea shouts in frustration. Rhea wants out after Charlotte but the ref says no.

Rhea doesn’t listen, she goes out the side. She hobbles around the way, but hobbles into a kick to the leg! Rhea hits apron on the way down, goes to the steel steps, and Charlotte dropkicks the bad leg into them! Rhea is shouting in pain as she writhes and rolls. The ring count is 8 of 10, both women get in at 9! Charlotte SPEARS Rhea down! And gets the leg, for a FIGURE FOUR! Rhea shouts at Charlotte, slaps and clubs the leg lock, but Charlotte pushes and bridges. Rhea rolls first to get the ROPEBREAK! Charlotte is frustrated and swings on Rhea, but Rhea drags Charlotte with her to the floor! Rhea is free but shouting in pain.

The ring count has started again as both women get up. Rhea goes to the announce desk, Charlotte runs at her, but Rhea YANKS the desk hood off and it hits Charlotte! The ref calls the match?!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by disqualification (Rhea Ripley retains the title)

Rhea doesn’t even understand that’s what happened, she fires off furious fists and forearms! Rhea puts Charlotte on the apron to hammer away! The ref tells her to stop, the match is done! Charlotte is pissed, too, Rhea gets in and Charlotte tackles her! They just want to fight!! Charlotte claims that DQ was on purpose, but Rhea throws her into buckles! Rhea hobbles up, gets Charlotte in the pump handle, for a RIPTIDE!! Charlotte recovers as Rhea leaves, and while Charlotte says, “You’re learning!” Rhea says, “Just doing what you would do to me!” The Raw Women’s Championship remains with the Nightmare, but will the controversy only keep the door open to the Queen?


WWE World Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Bobby Lashley VS Drew McIntyre!

The Rocky Mountain Machine wants to be done with the Scottish Warrior, and the feeling is mutual. To make it worth both men’s time, they each added a stipulation. McIntyre put this match inside the devil’s playground, but Lashley says that when McIntyre loses, McIntyre can no longer challenge for the world title while it belongs to Lashley! Is that motivation enough for McIntyre to reach the top a third time? Or is there no stopping the All Mighty?

The Cell touches down again, the introductions are made and the title is raised as we see how it all ends for these two titans!

MVP promises this ends tonight for McIntyre as McIntyre and Lashley stare down. They get face to face but then Lashley bails out to go looking under the ring! McIntyre goes after Lashley with haymakers and elbows! McIntyre whips Lashley into the steel, then digs his face into it! Lashley can only endure as McIntyre brings him around for more haymakers. McIntyre hauls Lashley up to RAM him into steel! McIntyre scowls as he brings Lashley around the way and POSTS him! McIntyre gets the steel steps, raises them high overhead, but Lashley kicks his leg out! The steps drop, Lashley RAMS McIntyre into the Cell! Lashley digs his knee into McIntyre’s head to push him into the steel!

Lashley drags McIntyre up, MVP nods and Lashley goes to suplex. McIntyre blocks, to suplex and TOSS Lashley into steel! Lashley tumbles down, MVP checks on him through the fencing, but McIntyre goes back for the steps! McIntyre RAMS Lashley down with them! Lashley is in a daze as McIntyre dares him to get up. McIntyre RAMS Lashley again! McIntyre puts the steps aside to bring Lashley back up. McIntyre puts Lashley in the ring, drags him up again, and underhooks the arms! Lashley wrenches out to ROCK him with a right! But McIntyre BOOTS back! McIntyre hauls Lashley up, clinches and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes!

Lashley flounders out of the ring, McIntyre pursues and MVP hurries to coach Lashley from outside. McIntyre gets a kendo stick and SMACKS Lashley down! McIntyre gets Lashley up and uses the kendo stick in a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP into the steel! Lashley crawls but McIntyre gets a TABLE! McIntyre stands the table up in a corner of the Cell, but MVP slips his cane into the Cell! Lashley gets it to CANE SHOT McIntyre in the throat! And again! Lashley looms over McIntyre as McIntyre gasps for air. Lashley drags McIntyre back up, and RAMS McIntyre into the steel now! Lashley digs his boots into McIntyre then lets off.

McIntyre sputters and hobbles, MVP tells Lashley to stomp McIntyre out! Lashley RAMS McIntyre into the apron, then RAMS him into steel! They go to the base steps, Lashley gets McIntyre up but McIntyre shoves Lashley into the post! McIntyre fireman’s carries, shifts position, AIR RAID CRASH to the STEPS!! MVP panics as he sees his champion down! McIntyre steps up and over Lashley to go looking under the ring. McIntyre finds another table! McIntyre sets this table up near the ring, then fetches Lashley. McIntyre throws punches, dribbles Lashley off the steel over and over and over, then lets him flop to the floor!

Lashley flounders, McIntyre gets him up again, and brings him around the steps. McIntyre lines things up but Lashley throat chops again! MVP tells Lashley to catch his breath quick so he can go after McIntyre more. Lashley gets McIntyre up for headbutt after headbutt after headbutt! Both men are down, exhausted, but Lashley gets up to bring McIntyre around the way. Lashley whips McIntyre into the steel, but McIntyre rebounds to CLOBBER Lashley! McIntyre gets Lashley up and bumps him off the top half of the steel steps. McIntyre puts Lashley in the ring, brings out chairs and shouts, “We’re just getting started!”

McIntyre puts three chairs in the ring, takes one and wedges it in a corner. McIntyre runs at Lashley but gets an elbow for it! McIntyre staggers, gets through a boot to elbow back, and has Lashley’s legs! INVERTED ALABAMA SLAM onto a chair! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre is frustrated but he keeps his focus as he gets the other chair. McIntyre SMACKS Lashley on the back! Lashley crawls, McIntyre goes up top with a chair, for a FLYING CHAIR- NO! Lashley catches McIntyre and wants the full nelson! McIntyre runs at a corner and uses the buckle to knock Lashley away! SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife cover, TWO!!

But McIntyre gets Lashley right up for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Lashley lives and McIntyre is a bit surprised. McIntyre watches Lashley crawl and MVP is stressing out. McIntyre KICKS Lashley out of the ring! McIntyre taunts Lashley to show how badass he is, and then he kicks Lashley down the way. McIntyre gets the steel steps again, takes aim, and RAMS him again! Lashley flounders, McIntyre lifts the steps, but Lashley RAMS them into McIntyre’s face, and steel fencing! And then again! And again! Lashley pushes the steps aside so he can hammer away on McIntyre’s head, and CHOKE him! Lashley lets off as MVP continues to sing his praises!

Lashley finds the kendo stick and brings it over to McIntyre. McIntyre sits up in a daze, MVP says this is what McIntyre asked for! Lashley passes the stick to MVP, and MVP uses the stick to wedge McIntyre into the corner! McIntyre is still defiant with double middle fingers! Lashley fires off haymakers in a rage! And chokes McIntyre against the kendo stick! And fires off body shots! Lashley roars right in McIntyre’s face, then gets space. McIntyre breaks free of the stick! But he runs into a COMPLETE SHOT! MVP says that they hurt McIntyre, and now they will finish him! Lashley puts McIntyre in the ring, and gets one of the chairs.

Lashley sits the chair up, gets McIntyre up, FULL METAL COMPLETE SHOT! McIntyre somehow sits up, but Lashley gives him another FULL METAL COMPLETE SHOT! Lashley doesn’t end it here, he goes to get something more. MVP likes that, he wants Lashley to punish McIntyre! Lashley has a new kendo stick and he SMACKS McIntyre! And again! And again! Lashley eggs McIntyre on as he SMACKS him, and McIntyre is getting mad! McIntyre stands up, and blocks the stick! GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTT! Lashley staggers, McIntyre has a chair and he JAMS Lashley! Lashley pokes McIntyre in the eye! Lashley ducks the blind chair shot, and shoves McIntyre into the ref!

Lashley whips McIntyre at his own corner chair, but McIntyre reverses to RAM Lashley into it!! McIntyre gets Lashley turned around, FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, but the ref can’t call it!! McIntyre sees this, and shouts to another ref to get in as substitute! The ref obeys, opening the cage door. Lashley gets the HURT LOCK! McIntyre fights, arm-drags free, an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes Lashley! Another chair, another JAB and SMACK! Chair TOSS! Lashley flounders, into a CLAYMORE!!! Cover, but where is the ref? There he is! But MVP drags the ref out to stop the count!! Opening the Cell let MVP in, too!

McIntyre glares a hole through MVP and MVP talks trash, but the door is relocked! MVP realizes he’s trapped! He turns around into McIntyre’s hands! McIntyre dribbles MVP around ringside! McIntyre shoves MVP into the ring, and aims from a corner. CLAYMORE FOR MVP!! Montel Vontavious Porter pays for his role in all this, but McIntyre isn’t done. McIntyre has MVP on the outside and is shouting in his face how MVP has brought this upon himself. But Lashley sneaks up behind! HURT LOCK!! McIntyre rams Lashley into steel over and over but he’s still stuck! McIntyre keeps going, they both GO THROUGH THE TABLE!! The one McIntyre left in a corner finally comes into play!!

McIntyre drags himself out of the wreckage, drags Lashley up out of the same wreckage, and they get in the ring. McIntyre drags Lashley to center, but he wants to make Lashley suffer now. Lashley crawls, McIntyre SMACKS him with the chair! Lashley snarls at McIntyre so McIntyre SMACKS him again and again and again! McIntyre aims from a corner, Lashley flounders up, CLAY- NO! Lashley ducks and avoids the kick! McIntyre ends up on the apron, Lashley hurries over and POSTS McIntyre, then CHOKE SLAMS him through the other table!! Lashley goes out after McIntyre to get him up and into the ring again.

Lashley doesn’t bother with a pin here, he wants to finish this off with his one-shot-kill. McIntyre drags himself up, Lashley runs in, but the Spear gets buckles! Backslide, TWO!!! GLASGOW KISS! Lashley staggers, McIntyre gets him up, FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! But McIntyre won’t end it here, and he takes aim from the corner again. Lashley stands, but MVP anchors McIntyre’s foot! Lashley rolls McIntyre up and pulls tights! Lashley wins!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

THIS is how the All Mighty defeats the Scottish Warrior?! If not for MVP, Lashley wouldn’t have lasted this long! But sadly, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss. McIntyre is BLOCKED from challenging for the world title so long as the Lashley has it! And with an insurance policy like MVP, will Lashley ever lose it?

My Thoughts:

Well, another Hell in a Cell, another mixed bag of results. Firstly, for the kickoff show, I did like that Sonya stuck around a bit more, certainly to talk the three women’s matches, but I feel like she still could’ve given general predictions for the men’s matches. It’s not like the men on the panel only talked about the men’s matches and stayed quiet during the women’s matches. If we’re talking equality, let Sonya at least give her ideas on one of the grudge matches we had. The kickoff match being a singles match was actually the best move given how depleted Vince has made the RawDown Women’s Tag Division. The champs, Sexy Muscle Friends and ShayNia are the only teams right now after all the releases, they gotta stretch things out.

Opening with the SmackDown Women’s Championship HIAC made 111% sense to sandwich the show with HIAC matches, and this one was a great one. There was a lot of creativity just on how Bayley and Bianca used Bianca’s braid, and they managed to use the Cell just enough to justify it being there. Honestly, if this were Extreme Rules and not HIAC, I could’ve seen them do a lot of the same spots, like the hair tied to ropes or chairs. But whatever, WWE will do what it wants. Bianca retaining also makes 111% sense, she is building up to be stronger and stronger. Money in the Bank is next, it’ll be the first one with live fans, I’m thinking Bianca will retain there, too.

I almost thought they were going to schedule all the SmackDown matches in a row and then do all the Raw matches in a row, but I suppose a slight shuffle was good enough. Cesaro VS Rollins was on par with their WrestleMania 37 match, maybe a touch better given the story of them knowing each other’s moves better now. Rollins winning and in an inconclusive cradle counter was the right call. These two could easily make it a best of 5, or at least use MITB as part of the story. Perhaps even the rumored return of King of the Ring? They meet in the SmackDown bracket finals, and whoever wins probably defeats even the Raw finalist.

Alexa VS Shayna, and by proxy taking on Reggie and Nia, was certainly more an interesting segment than a good match. There were elements to the in-ring action that made Twisted Alexa feel almost literally like The Fiend, which is still a good thing, but I’m surprised they went away from Reggie as the puppet to Nia. It does make more sense, though, as Alexa would want the strongest one under her power. I wonder if Shayna and Reggie will have to put aside their differences to keep Nia from becoming Lily’s human host body. It seems just the right balance of hokey and actual quality story telling that is WWE’s wheelhouse.

Sami VS Kevin was an awesome match, even without it being in the Cell. We all know Kevin was selling bad throat, but I hope he was also selling bad arm. It didn’t seem to come up that naturally, even with Sami’s tope conjilo landing on him hard. An injury now would really derail this awesome story. Assuming Kevin is good to go, we’re going to get plenty of gloating from Sami and then Kevin will go after him, claiming it is karma back on him. They, too, could even look to use MITB or KOTR to settle this if WWE really wanted fans to show up/tune in for summer SmackDowns.

What was really awkward for this year’s HIAC was for the last two matches, both belonging to Raw we should note, having dirtied up finishes. Everything about the main event was awesome up until the “controversy.” Granted, HIAC matches have no disqualifications, but Lashley doesn’t come out looking that strong when MVP had to help him multiple times. Though to counter back again, this is no worse than Roman Reigns as Universal Champion, really. Could be why Roman’s stopped needing Jey to help, Roman needs to look stronger than other top champions so he stops cheating to win while they start cheating to win. Guess I have to commend Vince on some shrewd tactics there.

I do think Rhea VS Charlotte, being an awesome match, actually benefits in their story for having the Champion’s Advantage finish. Rhea hasn’t had much going for her, so that her beating Charlotte clean almost seems the less interesting move. The brutality continuing after the bell and that little bit of verbal exchange as Rhea left both add some depth back into the story and to Rhea’s character. I don’t think there’ll be a double turn, Charlotte is having too much fun being Cruella da Heel. But if Rhea is becoming a savvier Face, maybe even a Tweener, it could really lend to Rhea taking on anyone and everyone (that Raw has left) over the summer.

My Score: 8.7/10

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